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internships for pharmacy students

internships for pharmacy students

Sinai Grace Hospital

Sinai Grace Hospital, located in Detroit, MI is a teaching hospital with approximately 7 miles between it and Detroit Receiving Hospital. This hospital is very busy and high volume of patients come through the doors every day. Pharmacy interns at Sinai Grace Hospital have the opportunity to work with a diverse patient population from all backgrounds and age groups. The pharmacy department at Sinai Grace has a great reputation for training future pharmacists on how to provide excellent customer service as well as educating about clinical pharmacy topics such as immunizations, drug interactions, medication therapy management (MTM) services, medication reconciliation and patient education.

Northville Hospital

Northville Hospital is a nationally recognized hospital with a commitment to provide personalized health care and services. The pharmacy intern will be expected to uphold the mission of Northville Hospital through their work and involvement in departmental activities.

The pharmacy student will be responsible for providing support on clinical, administrative and educational initiatives within the clinical pharmacy department.

This internship provides an opportunity for students to gain experience in a real-world environment while learning how they can affect change within their respective career field.

Oakland Regional Hospital

Oakland Regional Hospital

Oakland Regional is a hospital with over 700 beds and a staff of 1,200. It offers opportunities in pharmacy, emergency medicine, cardiology and oncology. Pharmacy interns will work with pharmacists from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) in their call center or at the hospital pharmacy. The internship is 30 hours per week for 10 weeks. Students can expect to gain experience in clinical rotations such as medical-surgical units; emergency department; surgical services; hematology/oncology; nephrology/urology; cardiology and internal medicine units including intensive care units (ICUs). There are also options to complete rotations within UPMC facilities outside of Oakland that offer unique experiences such as a community pharmacy located inside an inner city grocery store or a general practice office where students can observe primary care providers conducting routine checkups on patients from all walks of life during morning clinics every day except weekends when they would be scheduled for Saturday morning clinic instead

Providence Hospital

  • If you are an unpaid intern, you will receive a stipend to cover your expenses.
  • If you are a paid intern, you will be given a salary for the duration of your internship.
  • You may have the opportunity to rotate through different departments and gain hands-on experience in pharmacy practice settings.

St. Mary Mercy Livonia

St. Mary Mercy Livonia is a hospital in Livonia, MI. The hospital has 734-655-5000 as their phone number and as their website address.

Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital

Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital offers a 10-week internship program. Students participating in the program will have an opportunity to participate in a variety of patient care activities. This includes shadowing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, working with patients, observing laboratory procedures and receiving training on computer systems.

The hospital provides each student with an orientation to the hospital and its programs as well as a certificate of completion upon completion of their internship.

Garden City Hospital

Garden City Hospital is a 313 bed, acute care community hospital serving the needs of Garden City and surrounding communities. The hospital is part of Prime Healthcare Foundation, which includes three other hospitals located in California, Illinois and Nevada.

The hospital is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from qualified individuals who are committed to their profession and who demonstrate a passion for serving others.

Detroit Receiving Hospital – University Health Center

Detroit Receiving Hospital – University Health Center is a great place to learn about pharmacy management. The hospital’s pharmacy serves as a hub for all of the hospitals in Detroit, making it important that they are well-managed and efficient. This internship will teach you how to function in this type of environment, as well as give you the opportunity to see how a trauma center operates firsthand.

If you’re interested in applying for this internship, keep in mind that there are several steps involved before being accepted:

  • Submit an application form with curriculum vitae and cover letter outlining why you want this internship
  • Take an online test (this can be done at any point during the year)
  • Be interviewed by someone from HR

This is a great chance to narrow down the kind of job you want once you’ve completed your training.

This is a great chance to narrow down the kind of job you want once you’ve completed your training. The internships are usually paid, and they can be in any part of the country (or even the world). They’re paid for by a program that’s designed for pharmacy students. You should apply for these internships when you’re in your final year of pharmacy school, but don’t wait until then—apply as soon as possible!

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