internships for record labels

internships for record labels

A&R (Artist & Repertoire)

The A&R department is responsible for finding new artists to sign to the label. They also work with established artists and help them develop their careers. The A&R department works with legal, production and marketing departments as well. The A&R department is also responsible for signing artists to the record label and establishing an artist’s image or brand identity.[2]

Artist Development

As an intern at an independent record label, you can expect to spend most of your time in artist development. The process of artist development involves training, guiding and mentoring an aspiring artist to help them develop their artistic abilities and marketability. The focus is on cultivating talent, music and image.

In this position you would be doing tasks like creating playlists for artists on the label’s roster; assisting in organizing tours; setting up interviews with journalists or bloggers; attending live performances at venues around town (or sometimes even abroad); organizing listening parties for new albums by artists on the label’s roster; helping plan photo shoots for album covers or promotional materials; managing social media accounts for individual artists’ websites—you get the idea!

Creative Services

The creative services department is the backbone of any record label. This is where you’ll find the folks who design album artwork, websites, posters and any other images that represent your music.

The job of an intern in this department is to learn about how things work on a day-to-day basis at a record label—and if you’re lucky, help out with tasks too. The most important thing is to be flexible! You’re in school so it’s not like your days are going to be packed full of hands-on assignments every single day. You can expect some tasks like editing images or helping out with mailings but there will also be long stretches where nothing gets done because everyone else is busy working on different projects.

Digital Media and Marketing

Digital media and marketing is an important part of the whole process of creating and selling music. It’s about using social media and other channels to reach people, so they can hear your music and hear what you have to say. The more they know about you, the more likely they are to buy your work.

Finance and Accounting

Every record label needs finance and accounting. These are the people who keep track of all the money coming in and going out of a company. They make sure that artists are paid what they’re owed, and help plan for the future by forecasting revenue streams.

The role of finance at a record label is obviously very important, but you shouldn’t underestimate how much you can contribute to this area from an internship perspective! The more experience you have in Finance or Accounting before starting your internship, the better placed you will be to apply that knowledge during it.

HR, admin and other roles

As a record label, you may have roles that need to be filled. These could include HR, admin and other roles. This section will cover each of these roles in further detail and provide some examples of record labels that utilize these roles in their business model.

HR (Human Resources) is an ever-evolving field in the music industry. There are many different types of HR professionals who work at record labels, including:

  • Talent scouts (finding new artists)
  • Talent managers (managing the careers of established artists)

There are a lot of different positions at record labels – everyone works together to bring music to the world.

Most people don’t realize that there’s more to being in the music industry than just being a musician. There are a lot of different roles, and each one has different responsibilities. Rarely do they interact with each other directly; instead, they work together to bring music to the world.

The most important role is marketing because it’s what creates demand for new albums and singles. Without them, no one would buy CDs or attend concerts because there wouldn’t be any way for fans to find out about new releases! Record labels also need artists who can write their own songs; otherwise everything will just sound like the same thing over again! Publishing deals mean that artists get paid when others use their work; this includes remixes from dance acts like Deadmau5 or Skrillex but also covers by bands like Bon Iver or The xx.”

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