Internships For Strength And Conditioning

Internships For Strength And Conditioning

There are many benefits to pursuing an internship in strength and conditioning. An internship gives you hands-on experience, but you need to be aware of the requirements. For example, you should be able to demonstrate proper exercise techniques and teach progressions to others. You should also be able to perform all the necessary warm-ups and post-workout circuits. Besides, this internship will help you to develop your own training regime.

Level 0

While interning at a level 0 strength and conditioning program, you will gain experience coaching emerging, semi-pro, and elite athletes. You will also build a strong foundation of program design and training methodologies. Interns will be guided by qualified and experienced strength and conditioning coaches and learn mobility, flexibility, and dynamic warm-up and recovery portions of athlete training programs. Interns will be given the opportunity to earn SCCC certification from the CSCCa.

In this field, interns learn to differentiate between proper and incorrect techniques for a variety of exercises. They also learn about direct and indirect causes of improper techniques. They also learn how to suggest corrective strategies to address acute and cumulative effects. Interns also receive extensive instruction in group dynamics and teamwork. They are also exposed to the unique needs and concerns of student-athletes and can apply their knowledge to improve the teamwork of their peers.

Interns should be introduced to specific policies and programs. They should learn how to work with athletic trainers and administrators and what a team’s culture is like. Interns should also be made aware of the department’s code of conduct and expectations from the head strength and conditioning coach. As a result, they should be fully aware of their role within the program and understand its rules and policies. These interns will also be exposed to the day-to-day operations of the athletic training program.

An internship is a valuable way to establish your credibility as a strength and conditioning coach. Impressing the supervisors and staff will open doors for you. Internship success often is correlated to how much you contribute to the team. The skills to teach and communicate properly are valuable attributes of a successful intern. Additionally, a strong interest in the sport will help you stand out among other candidates. And, above all, an internship will help you build a strong foundation for your career.

Olympic Strength and Conditioning

The qualifications for an Olympic Strength and Conditioning internship are minimal but highly desired. Candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree in an exercise science-related field, and CPR certification and be willing to devote 30 hours a week to volunteering for the strength and conditioning staff. Strong verbal communication skills, work ethic, and a positive attitude are also important. A successful intern should be passionate about sport and have a desire to learn. Olympic Strength and Conditioning internships are an excellent way to gain valuable experience and advance your career in sport.

Applicants must be highly motivated and hardworking, have a solid desire to become a strength and conditioning professional, and have a specific plan to pursue a nationally recognized certification after graduation. While an internship may not be paid, it does require long hours and early morning sessions. Applicants should include their resume, cover letter, and three professional references with their application. The internship requirements may differ from program to program, so make sure to research each program before applying.

Candidates applying for an internship should be mature, well-educated, and professional. Interns should respect the staff, student-athletes, and the program. They should also be open-minded and self-motivated. They should be able to take initiative and learn the specific needs of the program and contribute fresh ideas and suggestions to make it more successful. A successful intern should be willing to work hard and learn all they can from their experience.

Those who wish to become a coach can apply for internships at Takano Weightlifting HQ. A USAW Hall of Fame Coach, Bob Takano, offers a highly-regarded internship under his tutelage. The internship will give you the necessary tools and experiences to kickstart your coaching career. The internship is available only in the U.S. and includes teaching beginning and intermediate athletes. The internship requires interns to take an exam on program planning and coaching.

Grinder Gym

The Grinder Gym is always looking for bright team players who want to learn about a variety of fitness disciplines and work in the field of health. They offer a wide range of internships in health promotion, exercise science, kinesiology, nutrition, recreation, and strength and conditioning. Here’s how to get started. Read on to learn about the internships available. Then, consider which is right for you.

A fitness coordinator intern position is one of the best internships you can get, as it involves daily supervision and assisting members with nutrition. Interns also help develop community initiatives and outreach materials to spread the Grinder Gym mission. While this internship is heavily focused on sports nutrition, it crosses over into other areas of fitness. If you have a passion for nutrition, you can even help train the team at Grinder Gym by offering nutritional coaching.

While working as an intern, you will assist the management of the gym by conducting and documenting training classes. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about this exciting career path. In addition to teaching group fitness classes, you’ll help deliver a health and wellness educational program, participate in marketing and special events, and help coordinate and implement departmental emergency procedures. You’ll also be assisting with administration work, providing administrative support for personal training, strength and conditioning, massage therapy, and bodywork classes, as well as participating in competitions and group fitness classes.

Another great aspect of Grinder Gym internships for strength & conditioning is teaching interns about strength and technique. This role is particularly challenging and requires a good balance between guiding the interns through the proper execution of exercise techniques and teaching them to think for themselves. You should make sure that the majority of your training is focused on educating the interns about each exercise technique, as this is one of the most important aspects of a successful internship.

Syracuse University

Whether you want to work with professional athletes or train high school athletes, internships for strength and conditioning students at Syracuse University are an excellent choice. These positions are designed to give students hands-on experience in the field while they gain knowledge through lectures, seminars, and minor hands-on activities. Internships for strength and conditioning majors may be found in a wide variety of settings, including athletic training, physical education, and sports medicine.

One of the Syracuse University internships for strength and conditioning students is with the football team, which is currently seeking applicants. This unpaid position can be applied to your degree program in Exercise Science. Interns will perform various duties related to strength and conditioning, including managing daily operations, overseeing safety, and planning workouts. Interns will gain invaluable practical experience with Division I collegiate football. In addition, internships for strength and conditioning students will provide them with valuable preparation for certifications such as CSCS/SCCC.

As an assistant strength and conditioning student at Syracuse University, you’ll work closely with a team’s strength and conditioning coach. You’ll attend team workouts and attend meetings pertaining to research and education. You’ll also work with coaches in other sports, including women’s tennis and ice hockey. Your internship will provide you with valuable insight into the world of strength and conditioning, and help you get a job in the field.

There are many ways to gain experience in strength and conditioning, including research projects. Students may complete a dissertation or independent research project, or participate in an internship. The projects may be sports-specific or focus on methods of encouraging individuals to adhere to an exercise regimen. The possibilities are endless. In pursuing a career in strength and conditioning, internships at Syracuse University will be your best option. They may even become your future employers!


Applicants for NSCA internships must have a degree in exercise science, athletic training, or a related field. The program is open to undergraduate students and recent graduates who have a passion for sports and fitness. Interns will gain valuable experience by assisting with team workouts and conducting tests and assessments. Interns should have experience working with athletes, preferably those in a sport-specific setting. Interns will have the opportunity to work with professional athletes as well.

During their internship, interns will take part in team meetings to brainstorm training ideas and lead training sessions. Interns will also attend strength and conditioning-related professional development. In addition to helping to oversee strength and conditioning programs, interns are expected to assist with physiology testing on athletes and the general population. Interns will have the opportunity to analyze all pillars of athletic performance. Interns should be flexible and available during the day and evening to attend training sessions.

Applicants for NSCA internships should apply by e-mail and include a cover letter, resume, and three professional references. Interns will work with various clientele, athletes, and coaches, as well as learn about the industry. Once hired, they will receive a free membership to the NSCA for a full year. There are three intake dates each year. Applying for one will give you plenty of time to consider your options.

In order to apply for an NSCA internship, applicants should have a degree in exercise science or a related field. At a minimum, applicants should have CPR and AED certifications, as well as relevant certifications. Interns should also be willing to work as team assistants. They should be able to meet the training schedules of the athletes, which is usually around 20 hours a week. In addition to assisting with team workouts, interns must take part in daily professional development assignments, such as attending a strength and conditioning conference.

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