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internships for students work from home

internships for students work from home


  • Facebook is looking for a remote intern to help with data analysis. The internship will run from February to August 2020 and pay $15 per hour.
  • The ideal candidate will have experience with Python, R, and SQL as well as experience with machine learning methods such as random forests or gradient boosting trees.
  • The intern will use these tools to gather, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data in order to improve Facebook’s products by improving the accuracy of predictions made by classification algorithms.


If you want to work with a company that is making a difference, then Airbnb may be the right fit for you.

  • What is Airbnb doing to help people affected by the virus?

Airbnb has created an emergency response fund to provide support and relief to those who have been impacted by the virus. They have made it possible for hosts in affected areas to provide free accommodations for medical volunteers and provide additional resources for those traveling abroad who need assistance planning their trips. They’ve also partnered with UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders (MSF), and others on the ground during this crisis.* How do interns fit into all of this?

Interns play an important role at Airbnb because they can offer fresh insight into problems when they don’t have many preconceived notions about how something should be done or what’s needed next.* What are some benefits of working here?

Students will gain valuable experience while building connections in their field of study through working on real-world problems.* How do I apply?


Lionsgate’s internships are available in a variety of departments across the company, which includes film, television and home entertainment as well as interactive businesses. Internships are available in Los Angeles, New York City and London. This is a great opportunity to acquire hands-on experience with one of the most successful content companies in Hollywood while also working from home!

Looking for an internship that works around your schedule? You don’t need to be able to work full time or even 5 days per week at this internship because it’s remote!


BlackRock is a good company to work for. It has a good reputation and offers many benefits, including training and career prospects. The company also offers a healthy work-life balance and provides an excellent environment for interns to learn the ropes of their jobs.

The pay is competitive, with starting salaries around $52K per year. There are also several perks that come with internships at BlackRock: free lunches every day, gym memberships, yoga classes—you name it!

If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity or others like it, sign up on our website or give us a call at 555-555-1234 (TTY users may dial 1-800-7117778).

Tested Recruitment

Tested Recruitment is a global recruitment company that specializes in placing students as interns. They have offices in over 30 countries and offer internships for students from all levels, from undergrads to PhD candidates. Their internship programs are designed to help you gain valuable work experience, build your resume, and develop key career skills that will help you stand out from the crowd when applying for permanent positions later on.

The types of projects interns work on vary greatly depending on their fields of study and interests but often include research tasks such as collecting data or organizing materials. Other tasks may include writing reports or blog posts related to an industry-specific topic (for example: food safety regulations). Interns also participate in weekly meetings where they get feedback from mentors and peers who can provide guidance throughout their time at Tested Recruitment.

Internships last between three weeks up until six months depending upon whether you are an undergraduate student looking for summer work after completing your junior year or graduate student looking for relevant experience before starting a new job after graduation day arrives!

L’Oreal USA

  • Interns will be paid $15/hour.
  • Interns can work from home and choose their own hours.
  • You’ll get to work on projects that align with your interests, so you can explore what you like best and find out what makes you happy.
  • You’ll also get to interact with a variety of people—both online and in person!

These companies are hiring interns to do remote work.

This list of companies is from FlexJobs, a service that helps workers find flexible jobs. They have a directory of over 50 sites where you can search for remote work opportunities.

  • [Company Name]
  • [Job Title] (Remote)
  • Pay: $[your hourly rate] – $[your salary range] per hour
  • Application Deadline: [date]

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