Internships For Therapeutic Recreation

Internships For Therapeutic Recreation

While pursuing an internship in Therapeutic Recreation, you should know what to expect. To be considered for a Therapeutic Recreation internship, you should complete all required orientations and meetings at the hospital. You should demonstrate competency in all clinical paperwork. In addition, you should keep a daily journal that is regularly reviewed by your supervisor. In addition, you should also complete two presentations and develop a group activity protocol. There are a variety of other expectations as well.

NIH Clinical Center

Dr. Robin M. Greenfield is a supervisor and recreational therapist at the NIH Clinical Center for Therapeutic Recreation. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in recreation from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania and a Master of Education in recreation and leisure studies from the University of Georgia. Her research interests include planning intervention strategies to improve physical and psychosocial health and wellbeing. She also enjoys developing and collaborating with other clinical disciplines to improve the lives of those in need.

At the NIH Clinical Center for Therapeutic Recreation, therapists work with individuals with disabilities. She is a licensed recreational therapist with 38 years of experience in the field. She has presented nationally and locally on various topics related to therapeutic recreation. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Tyler School of Art and a Master of Education from Temple University. She is also accredited as an assistive technology provider.

In addition to therapist-led programs, patients can use the patient library, which is a full-service contract library for NIH patients. The patient library is located on the 7th floor of the Clinical Center, near the north elevators. The serene space offers panoramic views and is the perfect place for patients to unwind and use a computer. In addition to books and audiobooks, the library also offers free Wi-Fi and three computers. Patients and their families can use the free wireless network at the patient library.

The NIH Clinical Center for Therapeutic Recreation has also recently hosted a simulated fire drill. The exercise tested the Center’s emergency preparedness. This fire drill took place in the 5SW North patient care unit on June 6. At 1 p.m., the simulated fire drill was announced. During the exercise, the NIH fire department responded to the scene. As part of the exercise, nurses evacuated the “patients,” represented by paper pieces, and placed them in wheelchairs.

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The NIH Clinical Center for Therapeutic Recreation is proud to support several nonprofit organizations that are engaged in research to improve the health and well-being of people with physical disabilities. The Center’s partners in research include Dr. Lynnette Nieman, a senior investigator at NICHD’s Reproductive Biology and Medicine Branch. Her work is reflected in the new display of the Clinical Center’s partners and collaborators.

Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences

The Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences offers an internship in therapeutic recreation at a Mayo Clinic-affiliated facility. This internship is available to people interested in working in the field of physical therapy. This internship consists of learning about the latest trends in therapeutic recreation. Students will also participate in group activities and patient activities. Interns must complete a rigorous application process and meet certain eligibility requirements. The internship is accredited by the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science.

After completing the internship, students will graduate from a college or university. After completing the internship, interns must take the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification test. Those who pass the test will receive the title of Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. This internship is an excellent way to gain valuable hands-on experience in a clinical setting. Interns work directly with patients and complete the necessary paperwork for each.

The internships at Mayo Clinic are conducted at a variety of locations around the country. The majority of clinical experiences take place in the area surrounding Rochester, MN, but interns may be selected to complete a twelve-week clinical internship in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Ariz., or Jacksonville, Fla. The internship at a Mayo Clinic practice site provides a unique experience for students interested in therapeutic recreation.

During the internship, interns will gain experience in various functions of the clinic. They will participate in various medical research projects and gain practical skills. Students who want to work in therapeutic recreation should be aware of the hospital’s history, mission, and values. Interns at Mayo Clinic are trained to provide excellent care for patients. A student can choose any of the many internships that they find on the Mayo Clinic website.

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VA Palo Alto

For a truly unique internship, consider a program through VA Palo Alto’s Recreation and Therapeutic Arts Department. The recreation therapy department has over 70 employees, and interns will gain invaluable experience and knowledge while training in clinical settings. There are multiple options available to interns, including one that focuses on art therapy or music therapy. Below, we will discuss the benefits of a Recreation and Therapeutic Arts internship.

The Craig Hospital is a VA health care facility approved to train recreational therapists, and its Therapeutic Recreation Program provides applied reality-based therapy in the community for veterans. A student intern from Boston College, Amanda Ikard, will be working with the hospital’s Therapeutic Recreation Program this summer. This internship will give interns valuable experience in providing therapeutic recreation to veterans. After completing the program, interns will receive a confirmation email.

The program has developed standards and guidelines for interns. NTRS has also developed a joint training program with the VSA arts. In 2006, the NTRS was recognized as a member of the Alliance for Disability Recreation and Sport. It also received special funding from the NRPA to create the “Therapeutic Recreation–The Benefits Are Endless” project. As part of the project, the organization developed a training program and materials to train recreation specialists. ATRA and NTRS have also created a Higher Education Work Group.

The Center for Rehabilitation Services at the VA Palo Alto Department of Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Recreation has a strong presence in the local community. The Department also maintains inpatient and outpatient clinics where therapists can provide procedural support and distraction during procedures. Moreover, therapists teach patients how to use and adapt therapeutic recreation equipment to accommodate their specific needs. By offering therapeutic recreation services to patients in the community, this program is a valuable resource for the community.

The Center offers an internship in Recreation and Therapeutic Activities. Interns who are interested in working in this area should have experience in Horticultural Therapy or Traumatic Brain Injury. During their internship, interns will assist staff in providing goal oriented leisure activities to individuals with disabilities. They will also gain experience by collaborating with interdisciplinary teams. By joining the VA, interns will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience and knowledge while enhancing their professional development.

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Spaulding Adaptive Sports Center

Students in Therapeutic Recreation degree programs can benefit from internships at Spaulding Adaptive Sports Center. Interns work in community-based adaptive sports and recreation programs while gaining experience working with inpatient and outpatient clientele. Interns are exposed to all aspects of therapeutic recreation and can travel throughout New England to participate in programming. The internship also provides practical training in health care environments, such as a hospital’s rehabilitation department.

A job at Spaulding involves developing new programs and menus for adaptive sports. Those interested in rehabilitation should explore the various activities available in the Nickerson location. One such example is Stephen Leek, who had to have his elbow rebuilt after a mountain biking accident. He now participates in the Nickerson adaptive sports program. The organization’s mission is to help all people reach their fullest potential, including those with disabilities. The centers are committed to helping patients continue their recovery beyond the rehabilitation process, and to expanding the availability of beneficial activities for the community.

Despite the many challenges faced by the participants of the programs, the Spaulding Adaptive Sports Center is a great place for interns in therapeutic recreation. This unique program helps people with disabilities stay physically active while building confidence and self-esteem. The program also enables the intern to network with professionals who care about clients. The internship program is part of a larger organization that works with the community and has many opportunities for advancement.

The internship program requires participants to participate in group and 1:1 intervention activities with clients. The interns teach quality of life through sports. They also teach safety skills. Interns will also gain experience in risk management and assist in marketing services to the community. Interns must commit to a full 14-week term. Interns will be contacted for an interview. While the position may seem like a great fit for some, others may not.

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