internships for undergraduates in london

internships for undergraduates in london

Search, apply or sign up for the latest internships and entry level jobs for students in London.

London is the largest city in England, a bustling center of culture, art, finance and commerce, London has attracted students from all over the world for decades. It’s also an ideal location for taking on an internship.

Whether you’re looking to intern during your summer break or even as part of your degree course, there are many companies in London that offer excellent internship opportunities for undergraduates and graduates who are studying at local universities.

You’ll find a range of opportunities available including internships in finance, marketing and IT. The majority of placements will typically last 6 to 12 months – although some companies offer shorter term work experience placements which can last for a few weeks up to 6 months.

Find out more about different business sectors to help you decide which career path is right for you.

To help you choose your future career, and to ensure you find the right one for you, we suggest that you consider the following:

  • Your interests – think about what you enjoy doing and what makes you happy. If possible, try to fit this into your future career path as it will make it much more enjoyable overall.
  • Your skills – think about what skills you have and how they relate to different types of work. This is important because many careers require specific skills, so if these are something that you do not have then it may not be the right choice for you.
  • Your hobbies – think about whether or not your hobbies could be useful in any way in the future. For example, maybe you like collecting stamps; if this is something that interests you then perhaps a job in postal services would suit your needs.

Browse placement opportunities in your closest city today.

  • Find opportunities in your closest city today. Once you’re in our database, browse placement opportunities in your closest city and get priority access to our growing list of internships. This is a great way to see what’s available near you, and what type of industry or role might be most suitable for your interests and experience.
  • Check out where the opportunities are on our map. You can see all the different internship locations at just a glance on our interactive map, allowing you to easily pick which ones are most convenient for you to travel to.
  • Get more information about each company offering internships. Take a look at each company profile page before applying for an internship and learn why that employer offers such compelling reasons to join their business as an intern!
  • Learn more about what you can expect from an internship with us. We have gathered lots of insights from interns who have already taken part in one of our placements, so take some time reading their experiences and reviews before getting started yourself!

Find out what industries are booming and which careers are in demand.

As part of my internship at the University of London, I went to a conference to meet up with some colleagues. The conference was held in Manchester, and for once, my trip had no snags or delays. I was finally there and ready to start up my new job. However, when I asked my supervisor what kind of projects I would be doing at the organization, he replied with a blank stare: “I’m not sure yet.”

This is where data science comes into play: the student who wants to become a data scientist needs an internship based on his or her interests. After all, if they don’t know what they want—and what their future career path will take them—they’ll never be able to find it anyway!

We connect the best talent with the best companies across the UK.

With over 1,700 companies registered on our website, you can be sure that we have the most up to date internships in London. We work with a wide range of companies from all over the United Kingdom, which means that you are bound to find an internship in your chosen field. Whether you want to take part in an IT internship or a marketing internship, we can help you find your ideal placement here at Internship UK.

Interning is one of the best ways for graduates to get ahead in their chosen career fields, and for employers it is one of the best ways to recruit top talent and either hire them after their placement finishes or create long-lasting networks. Both parties benefit from internships, which is why they are such a great option for students who want to make themselves stand out from the crowd when they leave university.

Gain experience, build connections and get your dream job!

Now that you’re familiar with the types of internships available to you as an undergraduate, it’s time to explore your options. Whether you’re looking at paid or unpaid internships in London, there are many benefits to be gained from the experience.

  • Internships can help lead you down a path toward your dream job by providing opportunities to experience what working within a particular field is really like. This is especially helpful if you’re on a career path that requires work experience before applying for graduate school or full-time positions in your field of interest.
  • Internships can also provide valuable professional development opportunities by giving you relevant hands-on experience and helping you build up skills through mentorship, shadowing and other modes of experiential learning.
  • Internships offer great networking opportunities and can help put your foot in the door with a company that may decide to hire you down the line if they liked how things went during your internship position!
  • Finally, internships add valuable experience (and references!) to your resume which will make it easier for companies to see why they should hire YOU out of everyone else applying!

With over 20,000 internships to choose from, we can help you kick-start a career that lasts.

Students these days are lucky to have such a wealth of internship opportunities available to them. With over 20,000 internships to choose from, you’re sure to find one that will help you develop the skills and contacts you need to get ahead in your career.

Internships are only growing in popularity within businesses, and even more so among graduates who are aiming for a job straight after leaving education. Taking on an internship is a good way of building up your CV before you head out into the real world, as well as making valuable connections that might help your career in the future.

Internships aren’t just limited to business sectors either – they can also be found in all areas of arts & culture, fashion and design, health sector and teaching jobs too!

Internships can help you get into your chosen profession

  • An internship can help you decide what you want to do.
  • It provides real world experience.
  • It will build your CV and your network.
  • You’ll build confidence in yourself and learn how to work with people in a team environment.
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