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Internships in Corporate Social Responsibility

Internships in Corporate Social Responsibility

As a student, you are probably interested in the socially responsible activities that companies take, and you may have a desire to learn more. Listed below are several such organizations, including RingCentral, WarnerMedia, Shure, and Warner Music. While you might be tempted to apply for any internship that offers the chance to work on important projects, consider the following instead. Read on to learn more about how you can incorporate corporate social responsibility into your internship program.

Inspiring Interns

Inspiring Interns is a company that places talented graduates with great companies. In the past nine years, it has placed more than nine thousand graduates, with a personal startup capital of PS3k. Ben Rosen is an entrepreneur at heart. He was attracted to this business because of its focus on small businesses and has been looking for the right opportunity for more than a decade. While his background is in finance, Rosen also has a flair for entrepreneurship.

The company has been involved in community projects for the past several years. This has allowed Intern Aware to work with HBO on two separate occasions. Both times, TWR worked with the network to impact local foster youth. Interns from both programs worked in teams of two or three to complete the project. The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students, and interns can apply for the program in late fall or early winter.

Inspiring Interns is one of the largest recruiters in the field. It charges the companies it partners with PS500 a month for the privilege of recruiting interns. The organisation says it gives graduates the opportunity to learn valuable skills in an entry-level job. Inspiring Interns also works with the companies to ensure that they do not violate the minimum wage law, which is often not enforced.

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Inspiring Interns’ video CVs are used to help match candidates with the right jobs. By creating a video CV, applicants can showcase their personality, skills, and contribution to the company. Traditional interviewing can be risky, but Inspiring Interns has proven the benefits of video hiring. So, why wait any longer? Become a part of the Inspiring Interns video team and start boosting your career today!


If you are looking for an internship with a social conscience, look no further than the Shure Incorporated Internships Corporate Social Responsibility program. As a manufacturer of audio electronics and microphones, Shure is committed to supporting the community through various programs and initiatives. Its “Get the Gig” artist relations internship program will select a lucky intern for its summer 2012 program. This internship will broaden your professional skill set and open doors to new career opportunities. Not only will you gain exposure to engineering design, you’ll learn how to outfit talent and manage a team of talented individuals.

As part of its corporate social responsibility and internships program, Shure is hiring summer interns for its internship program. Summer interns will gain real world work experience while earning a competitive salary. In addition, interns will receive a housing stipend to cover their living expenses while working on the internship. Shure is looking for individuals who possess good communication and marketing skills. Candidates must have completed at least two years of college.


If you’re looking for a hands-on, fast-paced internship in corporate social responsibility, look no further than WarnerMedia! The Corporate Social Responsibility team works on cause related campaigns and community screenings, and manages creative assets, including viewer discussion guides and audience resources. Interns will support the team by helping plan events, managing guest lists and signage, and providing strategic recommendations to management. In addition, interns will also be responsible for creating and distributing materials related to the company’s CSR efforts.

WarnerMedia interns will work on projects spanning multiple business functions, from ad sales to corporate social responsibility. The internship program requires students with experience in a variety of fields and is focused on those interested in the media landscape and nonprofit initiatives. Students should also be able to handle multiple tasks at once, but they will be provided with company-owned laptops for the internship program. Those interested in corporate social responsibility are encouraged to apply, and should also be aware that internships are not available for everyone.

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CNNe Digital is looking for passionate storytellers. Interns will work with the social publishing arm of CNN Digital, as well as other parts of its Editorial team. Candidates should have experience in storytelling and be comfortable with data. Those interested in sports media will have the chance to work with Turner Sports’ production staff. If you’re looking for a more hands-on internship in corporate social responsibility, consider CNNe Digital.

The company’s new leadership team is led by Ann Sarnoff, the current CEO. She will lead the newly integrated studios and networks group, where HBO and Warner Bros. are integrated. In addition, she will be responsible for HBO Max’s programming and commercial activities. Another new executive position will be given to Tony Goncalves, who will lead the newly formed commercial unit. In addition to those, the company’s Chief Enterprise Inclusion Officer will oversee global marketing.


Are you a rising talent with a passion for fostering corporate social responsibility? Then RingCentral is the place to be! The company’s marketing team combines data, strategy, and creativity to tell the world what RingCentral is all about. The team is supported by world-class resources to create outstanding work and move markets. If you possess strong communication skills and analytics passion, you might be a great fit for this team.

If you have strong analytical skills and are eager to learn, you should consider a career in the finance team at RingCentral. The finance team fosters an environment where people can grow and thrive. They also encourage a healthy work-life balance by providing daily catered lunches and snacks, along with education and training. Interns will also participate in corporate social responsibility events and volunteer with nonprofit organizations and NGOs.

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The company supports work flexibility for clients, and offers a diverse range of positions, from full-time to part-time, as well as remote positions. Employees are also rewarded with competitive salaries and benefits. Benefits include a 401(k) plan, health benefits, and free lunches. If you’re looking for an internship that is both challenging and rewarding, RingCentral is the place for you.

The company’s UCaaS solution are examples of its corporate social responsibility initiatives. Through these initiatives, the company has partnered with several global leaders in digital transformation. The co-branded UCaaS solution will allow customers to collaborate and communicate more effectively, while improving their workforce optimization. With RingCentral’s corporate social responsibility and UCaaS solutions, Black Box clients will be able to implement a more comprehensive business communication strategy, including video meetings.

Shure Scholars

The Shure Scholars Corporate Social Responsibility internship program provides graduate and undergraduate students with hands-on experience in a range of corporate social responsibility projects. The program pays competitive salaries and includes meaningful projects and department overviews. Additionally, interns receive a housing stipend. Applications are due in early winter or late fall. The selected interns will be notified in late January. The internships last for three months and include a variety of opportunities.

As a corporate social responsibility intern, you’ll work under the Global Corporate and Government Relations Division in a diverse environment. Your duties will vary, from planning to implementing projects. You’ll get first-hand experience with the issues, bureaucracies, and gaps between goals and actual outcomes. While it’s not a prerequisite for an MBA, a strong commitment to social causes and a genuine passion for change are both important qualities for a corporate social responsibility internship.

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