Internships in Environmental Science

Internships in Environmental Science

Interested in internships in environmental science? Internships in the field are available at leading government agencies, private companies, and not-for-profit organizations. Some examples of these internships include internships with the National Park Service, which preserves the history of national parks and provides maintenance of these areas. The National Park Service offers internships in the Mosaics in Science program, which is open from Dec 1-Feb 1 for the following summer.


The internship program at Terracon includes company-paid training for industry certifications and hands-on lab and field experience. It is also structured to offer incentives for returning interns and those who transition to full-time employment. Interns get a chance to work with senior professionals, gain insight into Terracon’s diverse service lines, and influence the future of the program. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a Terracon internship in environmental science.

A Terracon internship in environmental science is available for those with a BS in science. Terracon places a high value on safety and offers flexible working hours. This role involves assisting professional staff and technicians with routine tasks, such as field monitoring and data collection. Candidates should have experience working in the environmental field. Moreover, candidates should have a background in biology, geology, or engineering. Terracon has several environmental internship opportunities for students in all fields.

A Terracon internship in environmental science can lead to a full-time position. Chad Kelly, an environmental scientist, has diverse work experience. He previously worked for the Fox Valley Park District in Aurora, Illinois, and then at a Terracon office in Nebraska. During his internship at Terracon, he worked on projects such as archeological field tests and threatened species surveys. He also completed reports and preliminary data maps.

American Honda Motor

Looking for internships in environmental science? The American Honda Motor company has a variety of opportunities available to students and graduates. Many of these internships take place in the summer and will give students real-world experience in their field. Honda offers internships in environmental science at the company’s Parts and Service division, where interns will work in a variety of departments and get hands-on experience in product development and environmental management. Alternatively, students can apply for a Co-op program through Honda R&D Americas.

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To qualify for an internship with American Honda Motor, students should have a degree in environmental science or a related field. The minimum cumulative GPA for candidates pursuing environmental studies is 3.0. Internships are paid and can last for several months. You must also be actively pursuing a degree in environmental science or related fields. If you are still in school, apply for internships at other companies that offer the same or similar positions.

Many companies offer internships in environmental sciences. It’s important to find an opportunity that meets your interests and skill level. The United States Department of Transportation offers internships in thirteen different administrations. Other opportunities for interns are with Advanced Energy Industries, an industry leader in green technology. The internships are available all year round. However, be sure to apply early to ensure you have the best chance of landing the internship of your dreams.

Carver County

If you are interested in pursuing an internship in environmental science, you might consider a position with AECOM. This company offers both full-time and part-time positions and provides students with accident insurance. This internship focuses on building essential hands-on skills while enhancing the transition from student to professional. Additionally, interns will be assigned a broad-based learning experience. For those interested in studying environmental engineering, this is the ideal internship opportunity.

You will work with the Carver County Water Management Organization, which manages and protects water resources in the region. As a part of the organization, you’ll help implement the organization’s solid waste program and coordinate education programs with local schools. In addition, you’ll support staff in various environmental regulatory programs, such as investigating complaints and inspecting the Open Burn Permit program. For more information, visit the Carver County Environmental Center website.

As an Impact Intern, you’ll work with a team of scientists to solve problems related to water and air quality. While you’ll be working with a team of scientists, you’ll also learn about environmental science from the hands-on experience provided by the internship. The internship is designed to be challenging, but you’ll gain experience in an exciting and challenging environment. By applying early, you’ll be on your way to a rewarding career in environmental science!

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Students who have an interest in environmental science may be eligible to apply for a Fermilab internship in environmental science. Undergraduates must be enrolled in a four-year college in the United States. The SIST internship program is designed to increase the number of underrepresented groups and women in scientific research and the engineering workforce. The program provides partial subsidized housing. Interns will conduct research under the supervision of a scientist at Fermilab.

The Helen Edwards Summer Internship program offers a unique opportunity for students to work with environmental scientists at Fermilab. This 12-week paid summer internship provides hands-on experience with environmental compliance and evaluations and shadows environmental professionals. Interns may assist in the analysis and review of Environmental Review Forms, conduct groundwater sampling and analysis, and assist with sustainability measures. Interns also gain valuable leadership and research skills.

Undergraduate Cooperative Education provides students with a unique opportunity to work with world-class scientists and engineers at Fermilab. Throughout their time at the lab, interns apply their academic knowledge to cutting-edge experiments and projects that are vital to the scientific mission of Fermilab. Many internships are virtual, and others may be onsite. But regardless of the location, a Fermilab internship can be a rewarding experience for students who want to pursue a career in environmental science.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency

If you are a recent graduate interested in working in the environmental sciences, the EPA is a great place to get an internship. The agency hires recent graduates in almost every field, from biology to environmental engineering. If you want to work for the agency, you can filter your search using the word “recent graduates” on the website. The EPA also offers internships at various locations throughout the country.

Students interested in pursuing a career in environmental science can find internships at EPA in New York City. While the internships are unpaid, they may be college credit-eligible. The EPA has many different opportunities for students, including internships at environmental research centers and fellowships for graduate students. Internships aren’t available year-round, so it’s important to start early.

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The EPA’s Office of Research and Development hires students at locations across the country. Students have worked in the DC area, Duluth, MN, Gulf Breeze, FL, and Las Vegas. Fellowships are also available and advertised on the EPA career website. The EPA also welcomes applications from the public. These internships are rewarding and flexible, so consider applying today! You’ll be a part of an agency that has many benefits for its employees.

Although it may seem difficult, internships provide hands-on work experience. While internships are unpaid, they can help students earn college credits and meet class requirements. As a result, they’re an important part of your education, and an excellent way to gain valuable experience while working in a field you love. And who knows, you might even get hired on the spot after graduating from an environmental science internship.


If you’re interested in studying the environment or working with natural resources, consider one of these UW-Madison internship opportunities. Students can work with the Wisconsin Environmental Council, or take part in one of the many summer internships in environmental science and conservation. Some internships are paid and some are unpaid, but all offer an excellent experience. You can learn more about the programs available by reading the descriptions below.

If you’re interested in a career in the environmental sciences, check out the many job listings posted online. Several of these internships are free and open to any major. Students can also attend a virtual career fair, Handshake, where alumni will share their stories and advise you on how to find a job. Handshake is a career management platform that connects students with internships and employers.

Depending on your degree program, a UW-Madison internship may be a great way to gain hands-on experience and build a portfolio. Most internships offer credit during Summer Term. In addition, many internships have additional funding available. Visit Scholarships@UW to find out more about funding options. And don’t forget to check the school’s website for details.

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