internships in germany for international students

internships in germany for international students

Students with qualifications in the fields of engineering, natural sciences and technology can apply for internships at the Bosch Group.

Bosch Group, a multinational engineering and electronics company, is one of the largest employers in Germany. Internships at Bosch are available to students who are enrolled in a technical or scientific university and have qualifications in the fields of engineering, natural sciences and technology. These internships take place at various locations throughout Germany as well as worldwide. Internships range from three to six months. This employer also offers summer internships for those looking for a shorter internship period. Bosch interns are paid monthly salaries that vary by location and length of contract, although they may also be entitled to other benefits such as vacation days and language courses depending on their contracts.

The Commerzbank offers German students and students from abroad the opportunity to gain practical experience during their studies.

Those interested in the program must apply online. Successful candidates will be asked to attend an assessment day, where they’ll participate in tests and group exercises, as well as interviews. The process takes two days. Afterwards, candidates may be asked to attend a second interview with their future manager.

One possibility is to do an internship at Volkswagen.

One possibility is to do an internship at Volkswagen. These internships are offered in many departments, including product management, purchasing, sales, human resources and others. There are opportunities for students of many majors and degrees since the company has a great variety of departments.

Internships should be applied for through the company’s career portal. The application process includes submitting an online application that includes your resume, cover letter and references as well as answering some questions about your background and experience. You may also have to provide transcripts or certificates from your university.

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The internship itself will depend on what department you’re working with but could involve assisting with projects under a manager or mentor, providing administrative support to executives or helping with market research into new products or markets depending on which department you’re working in.

Most internships begin in either January or July each year and last between three months and six months in length although there are some positions that can go up to 12 months long depending on their availability each year.

There is no specific degree requirement for these internships although you must be enrolled in a degree program at the time you apply for the position due to German immigration laws around studying during your internship period. Depending on what department you apply for you may also have to take specialized courses related to your field of study like marketing management or human resources management if those aren’t already part of your existing course load at university

BMW Group provides practical experience for students from Germany and abroad – e.g. in a student trainee program or a trainee program for graduates.

BMW Group offers practical experience for students from Germany and abroad, including student internships and graduate trainee programs. You can also get to know the BMW Group in a practical internship or on a working student basis. You can find more information here.

Both skilled workers and graduates can apply. We offer opportunities in all areas of the company, but since we are still a car manufacturer, our focus is on mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and physics as well as computer science. However, we are interested in other degrees that are relevant to us. You can find out which qualifications you need and how to apply here.

The duration of an internship depends on the qualification being pursued and usually lasts between six months and one year (maximum 18 months). For example, you will spend around 12 months with us for dual studies at university/university of applied sciences (FH) or vocational school/academy (BA), six months for an internship during your bachelor’s degree at university or FH and three months for your master’s thesis at university or FH.

In addition to gaining valuable professional experience, interns receive financial compensation from € 1,000 per month depending on the subject area (as of August 2017). For longer projects such as bachelor’s theses or internships lasting more than three months, you will receive a monthly mobility allowance of € 300 net if you live further away than 60 kilometers from your place of work – but no more than 600 kilometers away! This means that if you live more than 300 kilometers away from your place of work (e.g. Munich), both mobility allowances apply: The two allowances add up to € 600 per month in total – regardless of whether you commute daily or stay in Munich during the week before returning home at weekends. If necessary, suitable accommodation will be arranged by us and paid by BMW AG during this time – but please note that there may be waiting periods when it comes to finding accommodation suitable for couples with children etc., so

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Lufthansa offers internships for German and international students in various fields such as commercial management, HR or IT.

Lufthansa offers internships for German and international students in various fields such as commercial management, HR or IT. To qualify for an internship at Lufthansa you must have a university entrance qualification, be enrolled in a German or foreign university, speak German and have completed at least the first semester of your degree. Furthermore, it is important that you have good analytical skills, thinking in economic terms and the ability to work independently. Your internship at Lufthansa will last between 3 and 6 months.

The company also offers foreign language internships abroad in its subsidiaries.

If you do not speak German, you can still apply for an internship abroad. For example, Volkswagen has subsidiaries all around the world. If your command of English is good enough to work in one of these subsidiaries, you will be able to find an internship there as well.

This also applies to other companies that have subsidiaries around the world.

Keep in mind that a foreign language internship is usually just as demanding as a regular one and you should prepare accordingly by practicing the local language intensively before going abroad and continuing the practice while abroad.

Deutsche Bahn provides internships and training placements at several companies.

Deutsche Bahn provides internships and training placements at several companies. If you are studying a business-related subject, you can choose from a number of different areas during your internship. The company offers internships in the areas of finance, human resources, IT, marketing and sales.

Trainee programs last 1-2 years and are usually combined with practical phases in the company as well as theoretical ones at college or university. You will earn a salary during this time that reflects your responsibility within the company and your professional qualification. This will be higher than an internship salary but less than normal pay for qualified employees. Trainee programs can also be completed with a bachelor’s degree or if you have previously undertaken an internship at Deutsche Bahn.

The minimum length of an internship is six months but they can also last up to one year depending on what area you are studying in. If your course includes practical phases, it may be possible to integrate them into the internship period so that you don’t need to undertake two periods of work experience separately.

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Interested parties have the opportunity to apply directly to Deutsche Telekom if they are looking for a suitable internship or student trainee program.

If you are looking for suitable internships in Germany, you can visit the websites of the respective companies. The Deutsche Telekom website is a good example. Interested parties have the opportunity to apply directly to Deutsche Telekom if they are looking for a suitable internship or student trainee program. The requirements are usually not set very high, but it is necessary that an applicant has already gained first experiences and knowledge in his field of activity. In addition, good English skills and some basic knowledge of German would also be desirable in order to be able to cope with everyday life and work in Germany. If you want to find out more about this topic, then read our article on Internships in Germany: Overview & Tips!

The Allianz insurance group also offers internships and training positions in Germany and abroad.

The Allianz insurance group also offers internships and training positions in Germany and abroad. The internship duration is between six and twelve months, with the possibility of an extension. Interns are paid.

There are currently almost 1,000 vacancies for internships in Germany. Interns work in various departments such as finance or accounting, marketing or IT in many different locations across the country. For example, these internships allow candidates to gain experience working at one of the biggest insurance companies in the world at their headquarters in Munich or Berlin.

Interns can apply on their website during a specific application period listed on their website

Knowing German is an advantage

Internships in Germany are predominantly paid, with a few exceptions. Most German companies accept applications from international students as well, which means that you don’t have to be a German national or even speak the language fluently. However, knowing German is an advantage and will help you stand out above other applicants.

Most internships in Germany are offered by multinational companies; hence you will have to demonstrate your language proficiency through one of the certificates mentioned above. The application process for internships in Germany is similar to that for jobs, so it is important for your documents to be complete and error free. A resume must include all of your relevant work experience (including other internship programs), education background, references, and any special projects or skills that make you stand out from other candidates. A cover letter should also offer key information about yourself and why you would be a good fit for the company/position while demonstrating your knowledge of the company itself.

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