internships in london law firms

internships in london law firms

summer law internships london

Summer law internships in London are available for students who want to study abroad, and for those who want to pursue post-graduate studies. Students can apply to summer vacation schemes (SVS) offered by law firms in London or can opt for internship opportunities with international companies that have offices in London.

You can also find legal internships for international students in London on our website. We also publish information about how you can participate in an internship program sponsored by a local government agency or non-profit organization, as well as other types of legal internships available throughout the city.

city of london law firms

The City of London is home to many large law firms who offer internships. It’s a great area for students interested in working in the financial sector, as well as those interested in international law. Here are some examples of City of London law firms:

  • Allen & Overy LLP
  • Ashurst LLP * Dechert LLP * Clifford Chance LLP

There are also many other law firms located throughout London that offer internships, including legal practices like Mitie (a multinational company with offices scattered all over the United Kingdom) and KPMG (which provides accounting and consulting services).

legal internship london

To apply for a legal internship in London, you must have:

  • A degree
  • English language skills (there is a requirement that you are either a citizen of an English-speaking country or have strong English language skills)
  • A passion for law and the city of London

international law firms london internships

Being an international student can be both a blessing and a curse. As an international student, you are likely being paid less than your local peers, which may make it harder for you to save money for the future. On the other hand, there are many more opportunities that would not otherwise be accessible to you as an overseas candidate—such as working in London!

Each country has its own rules and regulations regarding immigration and working permits; however, most European countries have reciprocal agreements with each other that allow residents of one EU member state to work in another without requiring any new paperwork or procedures (France is a notable exception). This means that if you’re faced with applying for jobs outside of your home country, such as in London or Paris—two popular destinations for global law firms—the process will probably be much easier than expected!

However: if this sounds like something worth trying out but also feels too scary or overwhelming right now… don’t worry! We’ve got some good news about how easy it can actually be! There are many different types of internships available; some require very little training beforehand while others require more experience from applicants before they’ll even consider hiring them full time upon graduation from law school abroad later down the line.

summer internships in london law firms

Being a lawyer can be a very competitive and exciting career. The list of firms offering summer internships in London is endless. Lloyds, RBS, Barclays, KPMG, Grant Thornton, PWC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and BDO are just some of the names that can provide you with an opportunity to get a taste of what life as an accountant is like. The legal field provides many exciting opportunities for budding lawyers wishing to gain experience before they graduate and start working full time at one of these great companies!

You should research potential summer internships before making any decisions about where to apply as this will make your chances of getting through increase significantly!

internship in london for international students

  • Internship opportunities at law firms in London are available to international students.
  • There are a number of steps that you can take to find an internship in London.
  • To be eligible for an internship at one of these firms, you must have completed your undergraduate degree and have excellent grades.

summer vacation scheme opportunities

What is the summer vacation scheme?

The summer vacation scheme is a structured programme of legal work, typically lasting between 2-3 weeks. The work you do during your time on the scheme will give you an insight into what life will be like in practice and provide valuable experience that can help you decide whether a career as a lawyer is right for you. If successful, you’ll receive a certificate of attendance at the end of your placement and gain a firm understanding of what working in law would be like before starting full-time as an associate.

How can I find out more about these opportunities?

We encourage interested applicants to talk to their careers service or any other professional contacts about internships overseas in 2019/2021. Law firms across London offer summer vacation schemes throughout this period!

legal internships for international students in london

  • Legal internships for international students in London
  • International students undertaking a legal internship in London have the opportunity to work alongside top-tier firms and gain valuable experience. Studying a law degree at an English university or college can help you find employment as a solicitor, barrister or judge after graduation but if you want to get your foot on the career ladder sooner, then why not consider doing an internship? There are lots of different types of internships available but if you want to be involved in actual law cases and real life legal challenges, then why not look into one of our summer placements?

There are many opportunities.

There are many opportunities for students and professionals to gain valuable experience in a law firm in London. Law firms often offer summer internships for students who would like to gain experience with international legal practices. These summer internships are usually unpaid, but they do provide fantastic training and exposure for those interested in pursuing a career path within the field of law.

There are also many opportunities for students looking for internship positions with international companies operating out of London. International graduate schools often require students to complete an internship before graduation from their program, so it is important that you select your internship wisely if you plan on attending an international business school later on down the road. You will be able to work with some of the best minds in business while being exposed to different cultures and traditions, all while learning more about yourself as well!

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