internships in the usa for uk students

internships in the usa for uk students

You will need to apply for and get an F1 or J1 Visa.

This visa is required for the purpose of attending a college or university, high school, private elementary school, seminary, conservatory, other academic institutions (including in language training programs), or participating in an exchange visitor program.

The F1/J1 visa requires a full-time course load and can be granted to students who wish to participate in an internship or practical training program that directly relates to their field of study. These internships cannot be used as the sole purpose of your studies and must be temporary.

F1 visas are usually issued for the duration of status (D/S) which means they do not expire upon graduation. J1 visas however do have a maximum length and will expire if you fail to complete your program within this time frame.

In order to apply for an F1 or J1 visa you will need:

  • A passport valid for travel to the United States with validity dates at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States (unless country-specific agreements provide exemptions). If more than one person is included in your passport, each person desiring a visa must submit an application.
  • A non-refundable US$160 nonimmigrant visa application processing fee paid in local currency. This fee is subject to change without notice; please consult the nearest US embassy or consulate before applying for current information on fees and payment procedures.
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An internship in the US can be a valuable experience.

As any job-seeker knows, gaining experience is crucial for getting a good job. An internship in the US can be a valuable experience for your CV (curriculum vitae), and it’s likely that you will also get a lot out of it personally.

It can help you when looking for work

Internship Opportunities Abroad has detailed information about finding a program.

If you’re an international student interested in interning abroad, our Internship Opportunities Abroad course has detailed information about finding a program that’s right for you.

  • Typical application timeline: Most internship programs are offered during the summer, so applications are usually due in February or March. Some have rolling admissions and accept applications through the summer until all spots have been filled.
  • Cost of a typical program: Most programs will cover housing and basic living expenses like food. Some will include travel to and from your host city or country, while others expect you to pay your own airfare. Programs can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $12,000 or more depending on the duration of the internship and where it takes place (i.e., local internships will likely be less expensive than placements abroad). You may be able to find an internship that is paid; however, most are unpaid experiences where you receive college credit instead of money for working.
  • Program length: Summer internships often last about eight weeks, but some may be shorter or longer depending on what type of experience you’re looking for and when exactly your school breaks for summer vacation (some schools break in mid-May; others don’t start again until late August). If you’re not available during the summer due to graduation dates or other commitments, it may be possible to arrange a semester-long internship instead!
  • What’s included: In addition to receiving hands-on work experience in a professional setting related your field of study (for which most students also earn academic credit), many internship programs offer extra activities outside of work hours such as guided tours around town or visits to nearby tourist sites; classes and workshops focused on adjusting to life abroad; language classes specific to the area where you’ll be living; field trips into nearby towns/cities that aren’t necessarily well known among tourists but still contain rich history and fascinating culture; orientation sessions with other students participating in similar programs so you can learn how
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USIT is a great place to start looking for programs that might be able to help you with the visa process.

USIT is a great place to start looking for programs that might be able to help you with the visa process. USIT is an Irish company that specializes in finding internships for students and graduates. They offer internships in multiple countries including the USA, Australia, Asia, Europe, and New Zealand.

The best part about using USIT is that they’re fully licensed to issue J-1 visas (the type of visa you will need as part of your internship). They also have lots of experience making sure their clients are eligible for the visa. Both these things make it very likely you’ll get a J-1 if you use them!

There are more options available to British students than there once were, but you should do your research before applying for any of them.

There are more options available to British students than there once were, but you should do your research before applying for any of them. Some programs are better than others and some are easier to apply for and less expensive. Some also offer more flexibility in terms of timing and the types of internships offered.

Internships in the US may be possible if you do your research before you start, and find one that helps you with all of the paperwork.

Heading stateside for a summer internship is a great way to kickstart your career. America is the country of innovation and tech, after all.

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Internships in the US can be expensive, if you have to pay for everything yourself. It’s important to find an internship that will help you with the paperwork, or else you can get stuck there illegally! We recommend looking into companies like VisaPlanet, who offer a range of different internships in fields such as marketing and software development. They’ll guide you through the visa process and make sure that every step is completed properly so that you’re able to work legally in the United States.

This might sound like something very complex, but it doesn’t have to be! Just make sure you do your research beforehand and check reviews from previous interns. This will give you peace of mind!

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