internships in vancouver

internships in vancouver

Where to find Vancouver internships

Now that you understand the process of finding and applying for an internship, it’s time to start looking! Here are some Vancouver-based websites where you can look for internships:

  • Internships Canada is a website dedicated exclusively to internships. It features internships from all over Canada, so you’ll have to search for Vancouver specifically. You can set up email alerts so that Internships Canada will send openings matching your criteria directly to your email inbox.
  • Glassdoor is a jobs website that specializes in posting jobs at well-known companies. Some major Vancouver employers like Microsoft and Amazon are featured on the site; just make sure when using this resource that you filter by job type (“internship”) as well as by location (Vancouver).
  • Indeed is another job listing site with a long list of internships at well-known companies. Unlike Glassdoor, Indeed doesn’t only feature big employers—you can also search through smaller businesses in the area. If you’re interested in working for a small business or startup, this might be the place for you!
  • Simply Hired works similarly to other job sites; it aggregates listings from multiple sites into its own database. If some of the other options don’t work out, simplyhired may be worth checking out every once in awhile since it pulls job listings from all over the web.
  • Craigslist is less reputable than other websites mentioned above but still worth searching every once in awhile if nothing else works out (or if there isn’t anything new posted on Craigslist yet).
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Since no single site holds all potential opportunities, it’s important to check each one frequently (ideally every day) so that you don’t miss anything! Doing so can add up quickly though; subscribing to our newsletter will mean we do this work for you and deliver new postings straight to your inbox every morning!

Internships Canada is a site where you can build your own profile and connect with employers who are looking for interns.

Internships Canada is a site where you can build your own profile and connect with employers who are looking for interns. The site is free to use, so it’s really easy to browse what the different companies have to offer and apply if you’re interested. If you want an internship in Vancouver or another Canadian city, this site is a good place to start.

Companies with Vancouver internships posted include: Government of Canada, University of British Columbia, Translink, ICBC, BC Hydro, etc.

The companies with Vancouver internships posted include: Government of Canada, University of British Columbia, Translink, ICBC, BC Hydro, Canada Revenue Agency, WorkSafeBC, Coast Capital Savings Credit Union, Vancity Credit Union and Deloitte.

There are also many more companies offering internships in Vancouver through Internships Canada. For example: SAP Labs Canada Inc., Hootsuite Media Inc., BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc., The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (Fairmont Hotels & Resorts), Venture Communications Ltd., etc.

Glassdoor, Indeed and SimplyHired are good sites for finding jobs, including internships in Vancouver.

You should use Glassdoor, Indeed and SimplyHired to look for internships in Vancouver.

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Glassdoor is a good site for finding jobs and reviews of employers. Check their site at [].

Indeed and SimplyHired are other sites you can use to find internships and jobs in Vancouver. Check Indeed’s site at [] and SimplyHired’s site at [].

Glassdoor has a section for internships in Vancouver at [,7_IP1_CLCity%7CJobTitle%5B1%5D].

Indeed has a section for internships in Vancouver at []

SimplyHired has a section for internships in Vancouver at [].”

Craigslist is also a good source for job postings.

Craigslist is a good source for job postings, too. It’s a classifieds site that allows you to search for jobs in the Vancouver, BC area. You can find postings for internships and other jobs there. To be cautious, avoid applying to anything that looks suspicious or spammy.

Make sure that you are only applying to legitimate places where you’ll be safe and treated well.

Your internship is your chance to make a difference. Whether you’re trying to figure out what career path is right for you or evaluate different companies, an internship can be the first step toward landing that dream job. But not all sites that advertise internships are legitimate. Some charge a fee to access the postings, and many offer unpaid internships when you could be getting paid at another company with similar experience.

Because some postings are actually scams, it’s important to read the fine print on any internship listing before applying; here are some questions you should ask:

Are there fees involved? A reputable site will never require a fee from applicants in order to see listings or apply for an internship. Any request for such information should raise an immediate red flag and should be reported as soon as possible so others do not fall prey to this scam.

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Is the company real? Make sure that any business listing an opportunity through your chosen website is legitimate and based in the United States; if this information cannot be verified, do not apply! If a Google search reveals nothing about the company but there is still something that seems off about the listing, contact either your program coordinator or the recruiting team of your chosen website immediately by phone and let them know why you believe something may be amiss with this particular opportunity.

It might take work to find a good internship but there are resources that make it easier.

With all of the top companies in Vancouver, there are many great options to choose from. It may take some time and effort to find the right internship but with a little research it will become clear which opportunities are available to you. There are many resources available online that can help narrow down your search. When searching for internships, look for positions at places where you can do things that you enjoy.

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