Internships to learn programming

internships to learn programming


Facebook founded the Engineering Practicum Internship for undergraduate students who are interested in software engineering and want to grow their programming skills. You will work alongside Facebook engineers as part of a team that is building real products and services used by people all over the world every day. You will develop your skills in solving problems using code while gaining a deeper understanding of how you can use technology to create positive impact in the world.

The goal of this program is to give you practical, technical experience through hands-on projects available at Facebook. Language proficiency requirements vary by location; check your specific location for requirements. The Engineering Practicum Internship is open to students in their first year or second year of college study.

This internship has three locations: Menlo Park, New York City, Seattle, and London (UK).


Research. If you’re going to do an internship, you have to first do research. Start with, which has a detailed job description and a lot more information about what the job is like, the application process and interview process, the benefits of working at Google, the offices, etc.

Prepare for the interview process. It’s not enough that you know how to code; there are plenty of other variables besides coding skills that go into getting hired as an intern at Google or any other big tech company. You need to be prepared for this process as thoroughly as possible so you can impress them from the start and set yourself apart from all those other crap-trucking whinny kids applying for internships who think it’s all about coding skills and name-dropping college alums on their resumes! In order to prepare for the interview process—and really do well in interviews—you should read several articles on interviewing techniques online and make sure you know what they’re looking for when they ask questions (interviewing is hard work!), but also study up on common terms people put into job descriptions (like “design thinking”) so you’ll sound completely fluent if someone asks a question that requires some contextually specific knowledge!

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This may be obvious to some people who’ve studied such things extensively, but I had no idea until I started my own research phase that “design thinking” was one of those terms that gets thrown around in job descriptions by companies who want smart people they value highly to apply..


Microsoft offers internships in a range of disciplines, including programming. Interns can work on some of the most cutting-edge technologies in the field, and they receive mentorship from industry experts. As an intern, you can expect to be treated like a full-time employee with full employee benefits. The duration of the internship is 12 weeks, and it’s paid $12,500 for those 12 weeks. Microsoft makes sure that their interns are challenged and well taken care of by providing them with housing assistance and access to a 24/7 support system to help with any issues that might come up.

Interning at Microsoft is a great way to learn about programming from respected industry professionals who are leading the way in technological innovation.


Students, who attend college full-time or who are actively pursuing a degree at an accredited university, can apply for an internship with Apple. Internships at Apple are generally offered in the summer and last up to twelve weeks, but some students may be able to extend their internships throughout the school year if they only work part-time.

Apple’s internship programs offer students opportunities to work on real projects that make a difference, meet new people and gain valuable work experience.

Apple offers both full-time and part-time opportunities in software engineering and other technical fields across all of its locations worldwide. Some of these positions are listed on the Apple jobs website, so it’s important to check there first for information about specific openings.

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Amazon offers internships in Seattle, the area they call “home”. Amazon has a wide variety of internship offerings to choose from, with different dates and deadlines.

These are some of the available options:

  • Internship 1: software engineer intern

Application deadline: January 12

Salary: $6,400/month + $2,000 sign-on bonus + benefits (health care, tuition reimbursement)

What to expect: you will work on real projects that have an impact on the business

What they’re looking for: ability to learn quickly and adapt to a fast changing environment; attention to detail; ability to take initiative

Perks: free food and beverages at company cafeterias; discounts at local gyms, restaurants and retailers; company stocks

internships to learn programming

If you don’t have formal computer science education, you may wonder how to get the experience you need to break into the industry. Many great computer programmers start out by completing an internship. Internships offer hands-on training with real programming problems and projects by working under a mentor. While some internships are paid, there are also plenty of unpaid internships which often provide housing or other perks (such as free admission to a theme park).

You can find software development internships through your school’s career center, job search sites such as Linkedin and Indeed, or through college internship programs. For example, Facebook sponsors the TechPrep program which lists many of their internship opportunities for students around the world.

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