Investment Banking Internships in India

Investment Banking Internships in India

If you are thinking about getting a job in the financial services industry, you may be wondering which firms offer the best Investment Banking Internships in India. The answer is quite different from the traditional hiring process, as you are judged not only on technical skills but also on leadership and interpersonal skills, as well as your self-motivation. Investment banking resumes are selected by the MD, who then shortlists the candidates and invites them for interviews. Most candidates are screened out in the first round of interviews, which may lead to biases in the decision-making process. The HR briefs the candidates on the expectations of the interview.

JP Morgan

When applying to JP Morgan’s Investment Banking Internships in India, be sure to be well-prepared for an intense and competitive interview process. The company receives a high volume of resumes and applications, and carefully considers each candidate to ensure they’ll be able to perform well in the role. Interview processes vary from program to program, but usually include a series of rounds. After completing the application, you’ll be invited to participate in a video interview. You may also be required to complete a coding challenge. The video will be valid for six months and you can use it for other job applications, as well.

JP Morgan is an American multinational financial services company and investment bank. They are hiring interns from several countries, including India. These internships are available across various profiles. Applying for an internship with JPMorgan will allow you to gain valuable hands-on experience, while also receiving financial training and exposure to a variety of industries. By completing an application on eFinancialCareers, you will have the advantage of being seen by recruiters.

In India, most of the available roles are back-office. Compared to the U.K., India does not have much deal activity, so many IB internships are back-office-focused. Many undergrads work in back-office operations, including drafting pitch books and submitting them to IB Analysts in London and NY. IIM students often join banks as analysts and earn solid compensation.


If you’re looking for an internship in investment banking in India, Citibank may be the perfect place for you. Citibank offers internships in many different departments, so you can choose whichever interests you. The company offers a wide variety of career paths in investment banking, and its interns can gain a wide range of experience while working with experts and leading financial institutions. You can also choose to work in a variety of departments, depending on your interests and synchronization with certain key positions.

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Citi’s recruitment process focuses on identifying diverse individuals, and it carries out a digital test to ensure the best possible candidate. Once you’ve been selected, you’ll have access to a range of training and mentoring programs. The company promotes freshers and works with university programs to help them get the experience and skills they need. Interns will get plenty of guidance, but they also need to go above and beyond.

Whether you’re looking for an internship abroad or just want to gain valuable experience in the banking industry, Citibank’s summer internship program will give you the necessary skills to succeed in the corporate world. Interns will have the opportunity to work in a range of different departments, gain experience from their mentors, and become a part of a diverse team. In addition to the hands-on work experience, interns will also gain access to internal meetings and training sessions conducted by Citi Handlowy employees.

In addition to internships, Citigroup also offers job opportunities in investment banking lite in India, which may encourage other banks to try similar positions. The salary ranges for these positions are similar to the ones for investment banking in the United States, but the pay is higher in the former location. However, it is important to understand the culture of each of these institutions. If you are considering this career option, make sure you find a job with Citigroup Investment Banking Internships in India through a reputable job site like eFinancialCareers.


In Jefferies’ India office, the investment banking internship includes research and writing. As part of your internship, you will contribute to a pitch book that presents a company’s plan to raise capital or sell itself. You will participate in smaller portions of the pitch, such as data gathering for particular slides. You will also be involved in deal execution, such as tracking responses and completing financial models. There are also opportunities to get a first-hand look at the deal execution process through articles related to debt and equity capital markets.

While the internship requires students to work with senior bankers on live deals, it also provides them with an in-depth look at the investment banking industry. You will have a chance to gain valuable work experience and develop diverse analytical and technical skills while interacting with clients and colleagues in a fast-paced environment. The summer program is designed for students who have an interest in investment banking. Jefferies is one of the most prestigious and competitive internship programs.

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Jefferies has a diverse work environment. You can expect to learn about your job’s responsibilities and be trained on the best ways to do it. You will need to listen where needed and remain professional at all times. You should also make yourself stand out from the crowd to impress the bankers. This way, you will be able to differentiate yourself from other interns. This is especially important when it comes to applying for an internship at Jefferies.

In addition to the benefits of working with investment banking professionals, the internship program is a great way to distinguish BS from reality. Those who have a genuine interest in the industry can differentiate themselves from unqualified candidates. In addition, interns must have strong networking skills and a solid resume. However, these skills cannot be learned without an internship. And the most important part of the internship is the chance to learn about the industry and its practices.

Goldman Sachs

When applying for a Goldman Sachs internship, you should understand how the application process works and what to expect during the interview. Recruiters will ask you to answer a series of questions, some of which are situational, and can be challenging. However, these questions are designed to give you an insight into your thinking process and how well you relate to the company culture. Listed below are some tips on how to prepare for the interview.

First, the interview process will be very different from those for other internships. While there are some similarities, the Goldman Sachs investment banking internship in India has a few key differences. Interns must have strong mathematical and financial knowledge. Additionally, they must be able to use Excel spreadsheets, data analysis programs, and the like. Regardless of the type of internship, it is likely that the interview process will require a little more time than the other programs, so make sure to keep that in mind when applying.

During your summer internship, you will spend most of your time with the Goldman Sachs executives. While working for them, you will be surrounded by people who are willing to share their knowledge. You’ll also get access to their mentors, networking opportunities, and cultural activities. This smooths the transition between college and a professional career. If you’re ready to take on the challenge, consider applying for a Goldman Sachs internship in India. There are many benefits to applying for a Goldman Sachs internship in India, and a summer internship in India may be just what you’re looking for.

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The interview process is similar to the one in the U.S., but in India, there are more candidates. A good candidate has at least an undergraduate degree. Interns with a relevant degree and the necessary experience will be a good fit. You should also remember that many of the positions in private equity are more difficult to fill. However, you should still be prepared to take a few rounds of interviews.

Deutsche Bank

If you’re considering a career in investment banking, it can help to apply for a summer internship at Deutsche Bank. The investment banking industry is highly competitive, so the undergraduate experience is crucial. Most interns are able to get into the firm because of their undergraduate experience. For example, over 90% of them want to work in the office this summer. And what’s more, the internships are paid well!

Although Deutsche Bank has strong European roots, the firm is expanding into the Middle East and Africa region. The bank currently has over 400 employees in the region and is looking to expand its presence. In addition to interns, students and professionals can also apply for internships at Deutsche Bank. The deadline for applying for internships is 27 November. Interested candidates can apply for a summer internship at Deutsche Bank by submitting their resumes and essays.

This international bank is a world leader in investment banking, with branches in all major regions. Its first representative office in Australia was opened in 1973. The bank is one of the largest investment banks in the world, with more than $1 trillion in assets under management. The global bank is also known for its inclusive culture, with a focus on building careers for people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ individuals. Moreover, Deutsche Bank offers internships in many facets of the industry, including mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, and private banking.

As part of its diversity strategy, Merrill Lynch made a special effort to recruit women and minorities. The firm’s intern class is the most diverse ever, with 50% of the class being female and 13% black. Last year, Merrill Lynch had a similar ratio of male to female interns. In contrast, the intern class in 2016 was 30 percent white and 6% black. The diversity of its intern class is a testament to its growth strategy.

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