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Is University Mall Open On Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a significant national holiday in the United States, observed on the last Monday of May each year. It is a time to honor and remember the men and women who have died while serving in the U.S. military. As Memorial Day approaches, many people plan their activities and shopping for the long weekend. If you’re wondering whether University Mall is open on Memorial Day, read on to find out.

University Mall’s Memorial Day Hours

University Mall typically adjusts its operating hours on certain holidays, including Memorial Day. It is essential to be aware of any changes to avoid disappointment if you’re planning a visit to the mall on this day.

Regular Operating Hours

Before we dive into Memorial Day specifics, let’s first take a look at University Mall’s regular operating hours:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Please note that these regular hours are subject to change during holidays, special events, or unforeseen circumstances.

Memorial Day Hours

On Memorial Day, University Mall typically operates under special hours to accommodate shoppers looking for deals and spending time with family and friends. The Memorial Day hours are as follows:

  • Memorial Day: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Importance of Verifying Memorial Day Hours

While the above hours are the general trend observed on Memorial Day, it is crucial to verify this information closer to the date. Businesses may alter their operating hours due to various reasons, and University Mall is no exception. To ensure accuracy, consider the following steps:

1. Check the Official Website

The most reliable source of information about University Mall’s Memorial Day hours is its official website. They usually post holiday schedules and any changes well in advance.

2. Call the Mall

If you can’t find the necessary details on the website, consider calling University Mall directly. The mall’s customer service representatives should be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

3. Follow University Mall on Social Media

Social media platforms are another place where malls and businesses announce any changes to their operating hours. Follow University Mall’s official social media accounts for any updates on Memorial Day hours.

4. Verify with Local News or Directories

Local news websites and directories often publish holiday hours for popular shopping destinations. Check with reliable local sources to confirm University Mall’s Memorial Day hours.

Plan Your Memorial Day Shopping

Now that you know University Mall’s typical Memorial Day hours and how to verify them, you can plan your holiday shopping accordingly. Remember to double-check the hours before heading to the mall to avoid any inconvenience. Memorial Day sales and promotions are common at many stores, so it’s an excellent opportunity to find deals on a variety of items.

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Importance of Memorial Day

Before we conclude, let’s take a moment to reflect on the significance of Memorial Day. It’s more than just a day off and an opportunity for shopping. Memorial Day is a time to honor and remember the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Observing Memorial Day

As we enjoy our long weekend and take advantage of the sales and activities, let’s also find meaningful ways to honor and observe Memorial Day:

  1. Attend Memorial Day Events: Many communities hold Memorial Day parades, ceremonies, and gatherings at local cemeteries or war memorials. Participate in these events to show your respect and gratitude.
  2. Pay Your Respects: Take a moment of silence to remember and honor the fallen soldiers. Visit cemeteries and place flags or flowers on the graves of veterans.
  3. Educate Yourself and Others: Learn about the history of Memorial Day and the sacrifices made by servicemen and women. Share this knowledge with friends and family to keep the memory alive.
  4. Support Veterans: Consider making a donation to veteran organizations or volunteering your time to support those who have served our country.
  5. Fly the Flag: Display the American flag at half-staff until noon on Memorial Day as a symbol of respect for the fallen. After noon, raise it to full-staff to honor living veterans.
  6. Visit Memorials: If you have the opportunity, visit national memorials and museums dedicated to veterans and military history.
  7. Support Military Families: Reach out to families who have lost loved ones in service and offer your support or assistance.

Remember, while Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and a time for fun and relaxation, it is also a solemn occasion to remember the brave individuals who have given everything to protect our nation and its values.

Tips for Safe Shopping at University Mall on Memorial Day

As you head to University Mall for your Memorial Day shopping, it’s essential to keep some safety tips in mind, especially if the mall experiences increased foot traffic during the holiday:

1. Follow COVID-19 Guidelines

If the COVID-19 pandemic is still a concern, follow the guidelines set by health authorities and the mall management. This may include wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and using hand sanitizers.

2. Plan Ahead

Before arriving at University Mall, make a list of the items you want to purchase. This will help you stay focused and avoid unnecessary time spent in crowded areas.

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3. Arrive Early

Memorial Day is a popular shopping day, so arriving early can help you beat the crowds and find the best parking spots.

4. Stay Hydrated

If the weather is warm, ensure you stay hydrated while shopping. Carry a bottle of water with you to avoid dehydration.

5. Be Patient

Expect that there might be longer lines at the checkout counters or popular stores. Practice patience and remain courteous to fellow shoppers and staff.

6. Consider Online Shopping

If you prefer to avoid crowds altogether, check if University Mall offers online shopping options. Many stores provide the convenience of purchasing items from their websites and picking them up in-store or having them delivered.

7. Park Safely

If the mall’s parking lot is crowded, be patient when finding a parking spot. Avoid blocking other vehicles and ensure you park in designated areas.

8. Keep Valuables Secure

While shopping, keep your belongings secure at all times. If possible, avoid carrying large amounts of cash and keep your purse or wallet close to you.

9. Review Return Policies

Before making purchases, familiarize yourself with the mall’s return policies. This will help you make informed decisions about your purchases.

10. Enjoy the Experience

Finally, take some time to enjoy the Memorial Day shopping experience at University Mall. Look for special discounts, promotions, and unique items that might be available for the holiday.

The Community Spirit of Memorial Day

Beyond the shopping and festivities, Memorial Day is also an excellent opportunity to engage with the community and participate in events that foster a spirit of unity and gratitude. University Mall may organize or support activities that commemorate Memorial Day and honor the military. Here are some ways you can engage with the community:

1. Attend Memorial Day Ceremonies

Check if University Mall or nearby communities are hosting Memorial Day ceremonies. These events often include flag-raising ceremonies, speeches, and moments of silence to honor the fallen.

2. Support Military Charities

Look for local charities that support military personnel, veterans, and their families. Consider making donations or volunteering your time to contribute to their meaningful work.

3. Write Thank-You Notes

Encourage children and adults alike to write thank-you notes to military personnel. Distribute these notes to local veterans’ organizations or send them to active-duty service members stationed overseas.

4. Participate in Run/Walk Events

Many communities organize Memorial Day-themed run or walk events to raise funds for military causes. Participate in these events to show your support and stay active.

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5. Decorate Graves with Flags or Flowers

Take part in “Flags In” activities, where volunteers place American flags on the graves of fallen soldiers. You can also lay flowers on graves to honor the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

6. Visit Veterans’ Homes

Reach out to local veterans’ homes or hospitals and spend time with veterans. Engaging in conversations and showing appreciation can mean a lot to those who have served.

7. Organize a Community Gathering

Host a small gathering with neighbors and friends to discuss the importance of Memorial Day and its significance. Encourage open conversations about patriotism, sacrifice, and the impact of military service.

8. Foster a Sense of Unity

Encourage businesses in the area, including University Mall, to collaborate with local veterans’ organizations or offer special discounts for veterans and active-duty military personnel.

9. Share on Social Media

Use your social media platforms to raise awareness about Memorial Day, its significance, and ways to honor those who have served. Share meaningful posts and use relevant hashtags to spread the message.

10. Educate the Younger Generation

Teach children about the importance of Memorial Day and the sacrifices made by servicemen and women. Share stories of heroism and bravery to instill a sense of gratitude and respect.


As we enjoy the long weekend and take advantage of the shopping opportunities at University Mall on Memorial Day, let’s not forget the true meaning of this holiday. It is a time to honor and remember the brave individuals who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the U.S. military.

By verifying the mall’s operating hours, practicing safety measures, and engaging in community activities, we can ensure that our Memorial Day is both enjoyable and meaningful. Let’s come together as a community to show our gratitude, support, and unity, reflecting the spirit of this significant national holiday. Have a safe and memorable Memorial Day!

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