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Jaguar Land Rover summer internship

Jaguar Land Rover summer internship

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is the UK’s leading manufacturer of premium luxury vehicles. It is a business built around two great British car brands that design and engineer vehicles with an unrivalled combination of performance, luxury and innovation.

Summer internships at jaguar land rover

Jaguar Land Rover offers summer internship opportunities for students to gain practical work experience in the automotive industry. The internships are 12 weeks long, and run from June to September annually.

Jaguar Land Rover has a global footprint and an exciting and challenging future. We have a strong research and development program; we’re committed to investing heavily in our products, plants, skills and people as we strive to achieve planned growth across our business.

How to apply for an internship

Before you apply, you will need to familiarise yourself with the types of roles we have on offer. We also recommend that you attend a university open day or careers fair to learn more about us and ask any questions you may have.

  • To apply online, you will need to submit your CV and personal statement. You’ll also need to complete a psychometric test.
  • If the role requires a portfolio submission, we’ll let you know at this stage.
  • You will then be invited to complete an online interview, which is similar in format to a face-to-face interview but completed in your own time using video technology (this isn’t as scary as it sounds!).
  • If successful from this stage, we’ll invite you down for the final step of our recruitment process: attending one of our assessment centres.

What we look for in students

As an intern, you’ll be a valued member of an exciting team, working on real projects. We look for students who:

  • Have a good degree and relevant skills
  • Have some work experience from previous internships or placements
  • Have the right attitude and work ethic
  • Are adaptable and ambitious
  • Have good communication skills and are team players

How to get a summer job at jaguar land rover

If you’d like to work at Jaguar Land Rover during the summer, that’s great! We’re excited to bring on creative minds to help us innovate and make our technology as helpful and inspiring as possible. Follow these simple steps to guide you through our process:

  • Are you a student at least 16 years old looking for an internship? The first step is creating a Jaguar Land Rover account. You will be asked for information about yourself, including your education and skills.
  • Ready for some hands-on experience in the automotive industry? We offer placements from 3-12 months, depending on your needs and availability. If we think it’s a good match, we’ll send you an invitation via email.
  • When offered an internship with Jaguar Land Rover, you’ll receive information about how much the placement pays (this depends on the length of the placement) and what hours are required of interns. You’ll also select which department best fits your skill set—this could include Electrical & Electronics Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Software Engineering; Business Placement or Finance; or Materials Technology & Corrosion Engineering.
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Once you’ve gone through this process during school breaks or while working toward a degree, it opens up more opportunities at Jaguar Land Rover later on in life—perhaps even full-time employment! Our hope is that students who intern with us will enjoy their time here so much that they want to come back after graduation.

To apply for an internship, or job at the carmaker, first read the information on the website.

To begin the process of applying for an internship at Jaguar Land Rover, or any open position, you’ll need to go to their website careers page. On this page, you can review the different types of available internships and full-time jobs.

If you’re interested in a summer placement, these are also posted on the careers page. From there, if you see one that interests you, click on it and follow the instructions to apply online.

  • For more information about Jaguar Land Rover’s summer placements and internships:

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