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Kpmg virtual internship

Kpmg virtual internship

KPMG India, the Indian arm of global audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG International has launched virtual internships for students across colleges and universities in India.

In early 2017, KPMG India launched virtual internships for students across colleges and universities in India. The internship is meant to give a learning platform to students by giving them a chance to work on real-life business problems.

The virtual internship will provide an opportunity for the participants to showcase their talent in a live environment, with real clients and on real-life projects. Those who will make the cut will have multiple projects to work on, including one live project with a client from various industry segments. The participant’s solutions will be reviewed by KPMG professionals and the best performers would be offered full time jobs at the end of the program.

The entire process of selection has been designed keeping in mind that students cannot be expected to clear every hurdle and get perfect scores at every step; hence an innovative system has been designed wherein those who don’t necessarily perform well on one or two steps may still qualify at the end of the day if they were able to show potential or demonstrate ideal fit during later stages of selection process since, as we all know, there are many different paths towards success!

The virtual internship is aimed at giving a learning platform to students, employees and consultants who will be able to work with mentor’s guidance on real-life business problems.

Since students are the future of any organization, most companies give them an opportunity to work with mentors and solve real-life business problems. But there’s trouble on that horizon. Students need a platform where they can learn how consulting actually works, without having to go through technicalities of it all. This is where kpmg virtual internships come in.

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Persons employed by KPMG also get their fair share of learning about products and services and maintaining relationships with clients but most importantly, they get to learn from their mistakes as well as their successes in order to become better at what they do. With this in mind, KPMG decided to create kpmg virtual internships for students so that they can have a head start into their career by working hands-on with some of the best people in the business.

The concept was heavily welcomed by students across colleges and universities; however, the response has been overwhelming. This service is available for 34 countries across Asia Pacific region and registered interns will be awarded a certificate at completion of the internship program.

It’s highly recommended that applicants be aged between 18 years-old or 22 years-old (upgradable)

The internship also intends to give a head start to the career of the interns by giving them a certificate on successful completion of the internship.

Every now and then, a company or organization offers to pay you for your time and expertise. If you’re eager to get your foot in the door at a certain corporation or firm, taking an internship is one of the smartest ways to do so.

In addition to work experience that can help you land a full-time job after graduation, internships may offer additional benefits as well as long-term career assistance. Many organizations are willing to give interns a certificate upon successful completion of their internship. This certificate can be used as proof of your training with that company, making it easier for you to apply for jobs with other companies and organizations down the line.

  • Organizations often have an online presence where they post information about their internships. You can find this information on their website or by searching the web for “internships + name of business” (e.g., “internships + kpmg”).
  • Make sure that you check if there are any age requirements for applying for an internship with a particular organization before you apply for one! Most internships require prospective interns to be at least 18 years old in order to sign up and take part in the program—some even require students to be at least 21 years old before they can complete an internship program!3.. Finding opportunities through social media channels like LinkedIn is also effective—if someone has taken part in an internship program with that firm previously, they may be willing to share advice on how others can get involved too!
  • . Once you’ve found posts about current open positions available with organizations that interest you, make sure that you read up about what’s required from applicants for each type of internship offered by them! For instance: some require applicants who want to participate in their intern program must submit letters of recommendation from prior employers; some ask interested applicants send along resumes highlighting past job experience; others may require students who want a position spot fill out applications detailing why they want one – and more! It’s important
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“We have received an overwhelming response from students across colleges and universities in India.

KPMG, one of the Big Four auditors and accounting firms in India, has received an overwhelming response from students across colleges and universities in India. A total of 7000 applications were received for the internship with KPMG this year. This is the first time that KPMG has done a virtual internship with students.

KPMG has taken a bold step to bring top notch learning opportunities to students enrolled in colleges and universities not only across India but also globally. Students can now gain knowledge and skills by working on some of the most important business cases coming up at KPMG.

“This program is aimed at giving a learning platform to students, employees and consultants alike” said Viral Joshi, Executive Director- Learning & Development, KPMG in India. “Such opportunities will allow freshers as well as seasoned professionals to contribute their best towards our organization”.

It is good to see that the youth of today are looking forward to gaining first-hand experience in consulting through this initiative.”

Our youth have shown the foresight to embrace technology and its benefits, and KPMG India has seized on this opportunity to pioneer virtual internships in the country, a move that will surely be replicated in numerous other consulting firms.

“With this unique platform, we are giving our employees, interns and students an opportunity to learn from each other,” says Ashish Gupta, Partner & Head – HR Advisory at KPMG India. “The internship is aimed at giving a learning platform to students across colleges. It will give them a head start for their careers by giving them a certificate on successful completion.”

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“At KPMG India we have always taken pride in believing that our people are our biggest asset,” said Shubhodip Pal, Chief Marketing Officer & Head – People Function, KPMG India.

As we have grown from a small, India-based firm to one with India-domiciled branches and offices in over 40 countries, we cannot forget that the biggest asset for any company is the people. Our employees are our greatest resource. And the best part is that we believe in empowering them by providing equal opportunities and training to all our employees irrespective of their background or field.

These are some real-life examples…

The youth of today are looking forward to gaining first-hand experience in consulting through this initiative

The youth of today is a demographic that looks forward to gaining first-hand experience in a particular field through an internship. KPMG, a professional services firm, is taking advantage of this by partnering with universities across the country to provide students valuable work experience through the KPMG Virtual Internship Program.

What makes their program unique among other similar programs is its emphasis on providing students with structured learning and challenge. By pairing their virtual interns with professionals in various roles at the company, both parties can benefit from the internship by getting ahead on projects and gaining insight into how things are done within specific industries. Students learn about communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills as they work together to complete assignments that are relevant to real-world situations within their respective fields. The structured environment allows for successful teamwork even if it’s done remotely and for those who aren’t used to performing well in group settings.

For companies such as KPMG that value performance over previous experience or connections when looking for interns, this program provides them with access to talented individuals from diverse backgrounds who have received an education in relevant curriculum while building up practical skills over time. In addition, it gives students an opportunity to be seen by potential recruiters as early as their freshman year within college instead of having to wait until graduation, saving both parties time during the application process.

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