legal internships in london for international students

legal internships in london for international students

Legal internships in London for US students

If you are a student from the US interested in doing legal internships in London, here’s how to apply:

  • Search for an internship. There are programs that will help you find one, or you can search on your own. If you’re searching on your own, be sure to exercise caution when looking online and make sure the internship is legitimate by researching the company/website and ensuring that it’s not a scam.
  • Research how much money it costs to do an internship in London before applying. Internship costs vary depending on the program and length of time spent abroad—they can even be unpaid! Keep this in mind as you apply so that way it doesn’t come as a surprise later on when they ask if you have the resources to cover living expenses while interning. You’ll also want to check with your home university to see if they offer any special deals or credits for studying abroad—some schools have established exchange programs that allow students to study at another school for little or no additional cost beyond tuition.
  • Apply! Once accepted, prepare yourself for an incredible experience of learning about another culture through its legal system and working alongside international professionals who may even become lifelong friends.

Legal internships in London for Canadian students

Canadian students can find year-round internship opportunities in a variety of legal fields including international law firms, government departments, NGOs and charity organisations. It’s essential that you find out whether your university offers credit for an internship in London. Check with the study abroad office at your university to determine the application process and to get more information about the logistics of living and working overseas as a Canadian intern. You’ll need a visa to work in London as well as a work permit if you’re applying for an unpaid position or one that lasts longer than four months. You should also be aware of additional costs beyond travel expenses, such as housing fees and transportation costs. If you’re staying longer than three months it’s recommended that you apply for National Health Service (NHS) coverage which will provide access to low cost medical care during your stay in England.

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Legal internships in London for Australian students

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Be over 18 years of age at the time of commencing the internship* Be enrolled in tertiary education
  • Possess a good knowledge of the English language, both written and spoken (if you’re not a native English speaker)
  • Commit to a minimum three month period (at least 5 full days per week)

I’ve noticed that many people who are interested in pursuing law degrees or legal careers don’t know what a legal internship is or why it’s important. So let me tell you about how it works. If you want to become an attorney but haven’t yet passed your bar exam, then an internship can provide experience and help get your foot in the door at firms that might otherwise be inaccessible. A common misconception is that internships are just for young students looking to add work experience before going into their first year of law school; while this may be true in some cases, there are also many older individuals with prior work histories who seek out internships as well! This shows that they’re willing to put themselves out there again–to gain new skills–by working hard on something they love doing.”

Legal internships in London for German students

The following internship programs are available to German students:

  • Hogan Lovells LLP
  • Linklaters LLP

There are many benefits to doing an internship in London as a German student. Some of these benefits include:

  • Getting more work experience than your peers who aren’t interning in London.
  • Participating in a rich and vibrant culture while also working at the same time.
  • Being able to use the skills you learn abroad when you apply for full-time jobs upon graduation. This is especially true if you decide to stay and work in England after graduating from law school because employers will see that you have worked and lived there before, which will make them believe that you can do well on the job.

Lastly, here are some tips for German students looking for legal internships in London:

  • Apply early because positions tend to fill up quickly (especially during summer).
  • Be persistent with your applications and follow up on them after they’ve been submitted so people know how interested you are!
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Legal internships in London for Spanish students

If you are an international student from Spain, you may want to consider applying for legal internships in London. This can be a great way to gain experience, build networks, and expand your horizons. For example, if you are a law student at the University of Barcelona and have always wanted to attend school in the United Kingdom, taking part in a legal internship in London during one or more summers could help you decide if the British academic system is right for you. You can use the same methods that you would use while looking for work back home to find opportunities in London.

You should begin by compiling your CV/resume and writing a cover letter tailored to each job that interests you. You will need to have strong English skills (both written and spoken) as well as certain qualifications or certifications required by specific programs and organizations. In addition, many employers will require proof that your visa allows you to work legally within their country before hiring you for any position at all.

Legal internships in London for French students

If you’re a French student currently in London, you can apply for internships in the United Kingdom like any other citizen. You’ll need a Tier 5 visa because it’s specifically for temporary workers who are sponsored by employers who take on interns. Your sponsor will be the firm that hires you, and they’ll help you obtain your UK Certificate of Sponsorship, which is mandatory to work in the UK. Lastly, if this is your first time working with a Tier 5 visa in the UK, you’ll need to show that you’ve had £945 (~$1,200 USD) diligently saved up in your bank account for at least 90 days before applying for your visa.

Legal internships in London for Italian students

Italian students should be aware that the process of getting a visa is different for them than it is for citizens of countries part of the European Economic Area (EEA). You will need to apply for a Tier 5 Temporary Worker – Government Authorised Exchange visa in order to participate in an internship program.

If you’re interested in legal internships in London, the first thing you’ll need to do is find an internship. Thoroughly research all the options, and then apply to as many as possible. If you have more than one offer at once, don’t accept any offers until you’ve had time to compare them. Once you’re satisfied with your choice, accept!

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Before your interview, prepare as much as possible about the firm and what it does. Make sure that you know exactly when and where your interview will take place so that you arrive early enough. When answering questions from your interviewer, try not to be too nervous or formal—show some enthusiasm!

Be ready for anything and everything on the job; there are no strict guidelines about what interns should do within a law firm’s office. Try not to go overboard by offering help with things beyond your skill set—you could end up making things worse instead of better! Make sure that any work given out by supervisors or partners doesn’t interfere with your original duties though—otherwise they might think twice before giving another assignment next time around

Once you’ve finished working at this company, make sure they have all contact information needed so they can keep up-to-date with what’s going on in your life (and career!). Keeping good relationships throughout their professional network means future opportunities may arise between both parties later down the line

Legal internships in London for Polish students


Legal internships in London for Russian students

For students from Russia, the legal system is likely to be vastly different than in London. This can make the process of finding a legal internship in London that much more challenging. The United Kingdom has a common law system compared to Russia’s civil law system.

The first step will be to find an internship where you can gain experience in these areas. Here is a list of some companies that may be helpful:

The UK Parliament allows students from all over the world with various skill levels to apply for internships. While there are no student-specific positions, it might be possible for an international student studying law to get involved at the UK Parliament through one of the many other roles available, such as those listed under “Research and Information”, which include:

  • Research Assistant for committees related to education, science & technology and work & pensions
  • Parliamentary Researcher (MP) (internship)

Hopefully, now you can get to work on finding a legal internship in London near you.

This list of resources will help you get where you want to go.

  • Internships/Training Opportunities:
  • Allen & Overy (
  • Baker McKenzie (
  • Clifford Chance (
  • Clyde & Co (
  • Dentons (
  • Grants and Scholarships:
  • British Council IELTS Scholarship Programme in UK, 2020-21(
  • Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship in UK, 2020(

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