Linklaters virtual internship

Linklaters virtual internship


The application process involves submitting a CV and a cover letter, followed by an online test, and if you pass that you will be invited to a video interview.

After the video interview, selected candidates will be invited to the final assessment stage which consists of two elements:

  • A short presentation which will be recorded via internet based video conferencing software and;
  • An individual case study exercise.

In your written submission for the case study you will present your findings on a commercial problem that we have posed on behalf of one of our clients. This should therefore give us an insight into how you think about legal problems in a business context, how you structure your thoughts clearly and succinctly in writing, as well as demonstrating your ability to think outside of the box. If successful at this stage, we will offer you an internship contract with details of your start date and salary package included within it. The internship lasts for 3 months over summer which is usually June – August but may vary depending on when universities break up for summer holidays.

the task

The task will draw on many skills you’ve gained throughout your university degree, including analytical thinking, time management and critical thinking. You’ll also be using skills that you might have developed in work experience roles or internships, such as commercial awareness, presentation and teamwork.

Soft skills are also crucial for a career in law – these include leadership, problem solving, communication and creative thinking.

You’ll be assessed against the following criteria:

• Analytical Thinking – The ability to understand complex problems and break them down into smaller components to find suitable solutions.

• Commercial Awareness – Having an understanding of the business environment in which a company is operating. These include current affairs and industry trends that may affect or influence business decisions or direction.

• Communication Skills – Being able to convey information clearly while speaking so that it is understood by others.

• Creativity – Having good ideas that can help drive things forward in a team. This could mean coming up with new ways of doing things or finding innovative solutions to problems.

• Critical Thinking – This requires careful consideration of facts before making a decision or forming an opinion about something important, which could involve weighing up potential risks before taking action.

• Leadership – The ability to inspire people through your personality so that they want to work hard for you but also feel motivated themselves – this includes having strong decision-making abilities too!


We suggest you consider the following when applying for a virtual internship at Linklaters.

  • Do your research on the firm, its clients and the industry it operates in. This will help you to understand what makes Linklaters different from other top law firms and why you should work here. You can find out more information by reading our website, company profile, brochures and press releases. The Financial Times also publishes some useful information about law firms including their revenue, lawyers and partners – have a look at our page on their site.
  • Prepare for the case study which will be presented to you during your virtual internship. This is an assessment of your analytical skills so practice makes perfect! If successful, there may also be opportunity to participate in an assessment centre at one of our offices in London or Manchester where you can meet members of Linklaters teams in person. Prepare for this too as it forms part of the overall assessment process.
  • Be ready to discuss your motivations for pursuing a career in law – we want you to share your views with us! We’re looking for people who are genuinely interested in a legal career – so if you’ve had any work experience or additional activities related to the profession then make sure that’s clear during the application process.

the firm

About Linklaters

Linklaters is a law firm that specialises in working with the world’s leading companies, financial institutions and governments. We are operating from over 30 locations covering every major commercial centre. Our primary focus is on core commercial sectors such as consumer goods and retail, energy and natural resources, financial institutions, industry and services, real estate and construction, technology, media and telecommunications.

We are one of the most recognised firms globally advising high-profile clients on the most innovative transactions often involving multiple jurisdictions. Our aim is to provide our clients with a seamless service across their domestic markets and internationally wherever they do business.

case study and presentation

You will be required to complete a case study, and prepare a presentation that you will deliver to us over webcam. You will learn more about this during the programme, but we thought it would be helpful to give you some advice now:

  • Research the firm, so you know what kind of work we do, who our clients are and what makes us different from other firms.
  • Practise your presentation skills: make sure that you have prepared this well in advance and that you get some feedback on your presentation (from friends or family for example). This is a great way for us to meet you face-to-face, so make sure that you practice speaking clearly and confidently. A good idea is to think about how you would structure your presentation; for example if there were three sections, what would they be? How much time do you want to spend on each one?
  • Think about some questions that you might want to ask your interviewer. We are going to tell you all about Linklaters and the vacation scheme application process during the programme but it’s always good if applicants also come with their own questions – it shows us that you have really been thinking about why Linklaters might be right for them. For example “what are the best things about working at Linklaters” or “what do I need to think about when applying for a training contract”. You don’t need lots of these questions – three or four is enough!

There are lots of ways in which we can see your personality through our selection process so remember not just to focus on getting through all of the technical elements correctly (though obviously those are very important!) but also try and show enthusiasm and passion in everything – from answering assessment centre questions to preparing for an interview – being yourself will help us get a sense of who we might be working with!

assessment centre

  • What to expect

This is your chance to shine. It’s a day where you’ll get to see the work we do at Linklaters and speak with some of our people. You’ll be able to talk about what is important to you and explain why you would like to join us. There will also be plenty of opportunities for us to find out more about you

  • What to wear

Business attire, although business casual may be acceptable in our smaller offices (please ask when we contact you). Please note that ties are not compulsory at Linklaters, so feel free to leave them off if you prefer. We will provide lunch on the day.

  • What to bring

Please bring with you any documentation regarding your eligibility to work in the UK if invited for an assessment centre (for example, passport or visa documentation). If it helps, please also bring a copy of your CV and any other documents which support your application (e.g references) but this isn’t necessary as we already have these from when you applied

final questions and advice

What are your top tips for preparing for an assessment centre?

I recommend spending a lot of time researching the firm, even though you may be asked questions that you should know the answer to. It shows that you are genuinely interested in the firm and it is a good place to start conversations with the people around you.

My top tip is to be yourself. You may not know other candidates so well, but if you all share similar interests and passions then this will help break the ice between people. Don’t try to put on an act – everyone will be able to see through it and it won’t make anyone feel comfortable. The best part of my assessment day was getting to meet new people, so take part in as many group activities as possible!

make yourself noticed, take part in everything, be flexible

  • Make yourself noticed. Get in touch with the training team and let them know you’re interested in getting involved. Be professional but friendly and outgoing, and don’t be afraid to ask questions – it shows you’re curious and engaged.
  • Take part in everything!. If you’re asked to help out or get involved, do it! It will give you a chance to see how the firm works up close, show that you have good people skills and are eager for experience.
  • Be flexible. What I didn’t expect was how much time I would have on my own during the internship because of working from home; but this turned out to be a positive thing as I was able to do my own research without any distractions – which is something I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do at work.
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