london creative internships

london creative internships

When it comes to internships, London is one of the most competitive cities in the world. With a huge range of industries, many well-known firms and institutions, and one of the biggest startup scenes in Europe, more and more students are applying to internships in London every year. Landing an internship can take some time, but there are plenty of opportunities out there for creative interns. Sections: Film and TV Internships

London is one of the most competitive cities in the world when it comes to internships, but there are a ton of options for film and TV interns. With so many well-known production companies based here, as well as UK networks like ITV and Channel 4, many people have been able to land an internship in this city. Here are some tips on what you need to know about internships in London’s film and TV industry:

  • Production Companies – There are tons of production companies with interns available all over London! These include everything from large studios such as Twentieth Century Fox to smaller firms like Warner Bros., who both offer paid internships throughout the year and during specific summer periods. Interns can work on a plethora of different jobs within these companies including production management, post-production, visual effects work (VFX), etc. It’s important to research each company before applying so that you’re not wasting your time applying for something that may not be right for you or your skill set.
  • Length – Most paid film/TV industry internships will last anywhere from 3 months up until 6 months long depending on how busy things get at their respective offices over those given periods; however unpaid ones tend to last around 10 weeks maximum due whether they’re just starting out new projects or need additional help finishing them up before moving onto another project altogether.”
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Design and Fashion Internships

  • Opportunities with artistic directors. Interns can get the chance to work with the artistic director at a fashion house, magazine or brand. These positions are highly competitive and require advanced skills in design and development.
  • Opportunities with well-known fashion publications. Interns can also get internships with well-known magazines that focus on international trends in fashion and style, such as Vogue, L’Officiel and Elle UK. These types of positions offer extensive experience in business management, marketing strategies for selling products/services through print media outlets (such as newspapers), working directly with professionals who develop content for online platforms (such as websites) and more!

Social Media Internships

If you’re looking to build a strong online presence, social media internships are the perfect way to do it. You can learn how to use different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as building a professional online profile.

  • Consider taking an online course or qualification in digital marketing if you want to work in this area. There are plenty of options out there that teach the skills necessary for successful use of social media platforms (such as Adobe Photoshop).
  • Apply for internships with companies that have a strong presence on social media!

Digital Marketing Internships

Digital marketing internships are a great opportunity to get hands-on experience in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, retail and travel. The digital marketing field is growing rapidly and becoming more complex every year. As such, companies are eager to hire interns who can bring fresh perspectives and new skillsets to help them navigate the rapidly changing world of online marketing.

While many digital marketing interns focus on social media management or web analytics, here are some of the other top skills you should be looking for:

You can find internships that reflect your interests in a major city like London.

London is a hub for many industries, so there’s plenty of opportunity to find an internship that reflects your interests. If you’re looking for an internship in London, it’s important that you’re proactive about finding opportunities and doing your research on them.

Some resources are better than others when hunting down internships in London. Most people use LinkedIn as their method of choice when seeking out internships or jobs because it allows them to network with professionals across multiple industries who might be able to connect them with relevant opportunities.

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