london graduate internships

london graduate internships

London is the UK’s largest tech hub, and one of the most exciting and diverse cities in the world.

London is the UK’s largest tech hub, and one of the most exciting and diverse cities in the world. As such, it’s no surprise that there are lots of international companies looking to hire interns with experience in IT.

There are plenty of opportunities for graduate students looking for internships in London – many tech companies offer these roles as part of their entry-level hiring process so graduates can prove themselves before starting full time roles.

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London is home to some of the largest global corporates, as well as hundreds of small and medium scale businesses.

London is home to some of the largest global corporates, as well as hundreds of small and medium scale businesses.

With a diverse business community, there are opportunities in every sector including finance, media and technology.

The city’s economy is growing, with more than 8,600 companies calling it home.

In just over a decade, London has become one of the world’s largest and most important financial centers. As such, it is also home to 8,600 companies that employ nearly 400,000 people. The city’s economy is growing rapidly: In 2016 alone, it grew by 2.4%. In fact, it’s been predicted that this rate of growth will continue into 2020—and beyond!

A thriving hub for business and commerce means there are many opportunities to launch your career with an internship in London. You’ll find a vast array of industries here: finance; advertising and marketing; tech start-ups; film production; media management… With so much opportunity at hand (pun intended!), there’s no better place to get started on your career path than this great city!

As a student looking to improve your career prospects and find a job that gives you the experience you need, it’s crucial to know what companies are out there and what opportunities they have on offer.

If you’re a student looking for graduate internships, it’s important to know what companies are out there and what opportunities they have on offer. When applying for a graduate position, it’s important to make sure you’re applying for jobs that will allow you to get the best experience possible. This can be done by learning about what types of internships exist and which ones will help improve your career prospects.

For example, if you’re interested in finance or marketing-related roles, then an internship at a smaller company could give you valuable experience that would stand out when compared with another candidate who has completed an internship at a large corporation such as Google or Facebook. In fact, many graduates report that completing an internship during their studies helped them secure funding after graduation because potential employers recognised how well they fitted into certain industries based on these periods of work experience

But where do you start?

You’ve got to think about your career goals. What do you want to do? What can you do? Where do you want to be? What motivates you? What are your strengths? And what are your weaknesses? These are all questions that should be answered before moving forward with a graduate internship search.

Once you’ve determined the answers to those questions, it will become easier for you when looking for an internship opportunity in London.

We’ve collated some of the best graduate internships available in London right now.

Whether you’re looking for a graduate internship in London or elsewhere, we’ve compiled some of the best internships available right now.

Here are our top 10:

This list covers all sectors, from finance to marketing, photography and fashion.

The list of industries and careers covered in this guide is wide-ranging, from finance to marketing, photography to fashion. In London, you can find opportunities in a diverse range of industries and sectors. These include:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Photography & Film Production
  • Fashion & Textiles


To compile this list of London internships, we’ve included a range of internships across different sectors. These include technology and engineering, media and communications, finance and business development, media production and design, law and legal services, advertising and marketing. We’ve also included some great options for those looking to take up an internship at the end of their Masters degree or during their summer break.

We’ve chosen these internships because they’re all available now (and probably for the next couple months). And we’ve tried to include a mix of paid and unpaid options so that you can choose one that fits your budget as well as your interests/experience level. If you still want more information about how to get involved in an overseas placement after graduation then check out our post on How To Get An Overseas Internship After Graduation

We’ve selected a range of different industries with a number of unique roles available.

Internships are a great way to gain valuable experience and boost your CV. They can help you learn new skills, build your network and meet new people.

They’re also a good way to get your foot in the door with big-name companies. If you impress them enough during your internship, you could even be offered a full time job once it’s over!

In addition to being fantastic internships for students interested in these specific sector, these roles are also great opportunities to boost your CV, improve your skills and build up your network in the industry.

  • Learning from the best
  • Building your network
  • Boosting your CV and making yourself stand out

London graduate internships are great opportunities to get your foot in the door at big-name companies

In addition to the opportunity to build up your network and work with exciting companies, there are many different sectors represented. You could find yourself working for a top consulting firm, an international organization, or even one of London’s leading banks. If you’re interested in media and entertainment, investment banking or law firms are always looking for interns to help them during busy periods.

You could get involved with projects ranging from fashion design and marketing through to health care and pharmaceuticals; whatever your interests are there will be plenty of scope for gaining experience across a wide range of industries.

Some examples of big-name companies that offer internships include:

  • Deloitte
  • Ernst & Young
  • KPMG LLP (London)
  • PwC

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