london hedge funds internships

london hedge funds internships

Millennium Management

Millennium Management is a global investment management firm founded in 1989 that manages approximately $37.1 billion in assets. We are a global investment management firm founded in 1989 by Michael Platt and Robert Kauffman. Our associates, who come from all over the world, share our passion for investing, finance and business and enjoy working within an innovative environment where they can maximize their potential while building long-term relationships with clients around the globe.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management

J.P. Morgan Asset Management is the asset management division of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., a leading global financial services firm with assets of $2 trillion and operations worldwide. Its client focus, strong investment performance and rigorous risk management have earned it a reputation for excellence among institutional investors around the world.

JPMAM offers a wide range of products and services, including equity, fixed income, alternative strategies and private equity investments; investment advisory services; treasury services; research; clearing and trade processing capabilities for the securities industry; trust services; lending activities through its online platform ChaseNet (http://www.chasenet).

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is a global financial services firm providing investment banking, securities and wealth management services to institutional clients, as well as retail clients. The company serves major corporations, governments and individuals around the world.

The interns at Bank of America Merrill Lynch will gain experience in several areas including: investment banking, corporate finance and sales & trading. They are also encouraged to undertake projects with their managers or mentors (who can be senior-level employees). Interns may often work on special projects that require a higher level of expertise than an entry-level employee would have access to.

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Internships are available in London during summer vacation (May/June) or winter break (January/February). Students who apply for internships should have at least one year left before graduation so they have time to complete their coursework while working full-time at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Lyxor International Asset Management

Lyxor International Asset Management (Lyxor) is a French asset management company. It was founded in 1998 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Société Générale, one of the largest financial services groups in the euro zone.

Hedge funds are long/short equity strategies that seek to generate positive returns in both rising and falling markets. Hedge fund managers use various trading strategies such as arbitrage, convertible bonds, emerging markets and special situations investments to achieve their goals.

Deutsche Bank AG

  • Deutsche Bank AG is a multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. It was founded in 1870 as a specialist bank for foreign trade.
  • The bank is present in 58 countries with a large presence in Europe, the Americas and Asia. With approximately 100,000 employees it is active in virtually all financial sectors: asset management (Deutsche Asset Management), private banking (Deutsche Privatbank), corporate finance advisory services (Deutsche Bank Capital Markets) and brokerage services (Deutsche Börse). In Europe it ranks as one of the top 5 banks by market capitalization and total assets.
  • On January 1 2015, Deutsche Bank became one of the 20 companies composing Germany’s DAX stock market index after being demoted from the MDAX index on 30 November 2014


UBS is a Swiss global financial services company, incorporated in the Canton of Zurich, and co-headquartered in Zürich and Basel. It has its primary listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange. UBS currently employs around 60,000 people and has its principal executive office at Baarerstrasse 45 in Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse with additional offices in Frankfurt, London and Hong Kong.

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In April 1917 it purchased Banque de Commerce et de Placements (BCP) to serve as its corporate vehicle for investment banking activities throughout France and continental Europe while U.S.-based operations continued to be handled by their original parent company until 1923 when they were moved to Geneva under then chairman Montagu Norman. In May 1997 it merged with competitor Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC), forming UBS AG as one of two large banks resulting from that merger; the other being Credit Suisse Group AG

london hedge funds internships

In addition to the internships themselves, there are also other benefits that make these programs stand out. One of the most important things to consider is that an internship at a hedge fund will provide you with an opportunity to network with people who can help you in your career path. There are numerous opportunities for networking in London and throughout Europe, but it’s important to note that when you work at a hedge fund, your potential network is expanded exponentially.

It’s also worth noting that many hedge funds offer benefits packages and perks as well—including health insurance plans and even 401(k) retirement plans!

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