Looking For a Summer Internship For High School Students?

Looking For a Summer Internship For High School Students?

Are you looking for a Summer Internship for high school students? Most high schools have lists of internships they offer and some companies even come to schools to hire interns. Check your school’s career center to find a list of companies that offer internships in your area. If you don’t have a list, you can also contact alumni offices to learn about companies that are hiring in your area. A good internship program will be fun and educational, so make sure you do some research before signing up for a summer job.


Google’s summer internship program is a robust one, providing a high school student with vast exposure to software development and a reasonable stipend. For this program, high school students must be in their senior year and intend to pursue a degree in computer science or a related field. Students who are interested in applying must meet these criteria and should prepare a resume that is free of errors. While it may seem like a daunting task, the application process is easy, and students can apply as early as May.

Applicants for CSSI must have a passion for computer science and be available each day to participate in Google’s computer science programming. High school students from historically underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply. All applicants must submit a high school transcript, cover letter, and two written responses to multiple short-answer questions. Those with missing items will not be considered. Those who do not complete the application materials will not be contacted for an interview.

While Google’s internship program is aimed at giving high-school students a taste of what works in a modern company, students can also learn about Google’s culture. This program is part of the company’s ongoing effort to support the study of computer science and software engineering. Although it may be difficult to find a place for a high-school student, it can help students gain invaluable experience. If you’re a student who wants to work at a top-notch company, Google’s summer internship program is an ideal way to gain knowledge.

For students interested in applying for the Google summer internship, they can also consult with their college counselor. Many high school counselors have access to a list of high school internship opportunities in their area. Lastly, they can reach out to family and friends for referrals and recommendations. Ultimately, internships can be beneficial for high school students as they can provide valuable hands-on experience and education. The best way to find the right job is to search for internship opportunities that will allow you to grow into the future.

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For those looking for a summer internship at Microsoft, this program is an excellent choice. The program helps students plan for college and empower their futures through hands-on learning. Students working on technology projects that affect the world can gain first-hand knowledge of how the technology industry works. Applicants must be 16 years old, have legal status in the U.S., and be available for full-time employment for 10 weeks. The program is currently on pause until 2021, but rising seniors can apply when it becomes available.

For those interested in computer science, the Microsoft internship is perfect. Interns will learn fundamental programming concepts from Google engineers and get exposure to cutting-edge technologies. They will also design their own computer application alongside other high school students and present it to Google professionals. For students interested in developing new technologies, the internship program can be a great opportunity to start their careers. In addition to Microsoft internships, Google also offers a summer program that allows students to develop technical skills and experience Google’s work culture. This summer program has moved to the internet because of COVID-19, but it is still a great opportunity for students interested in computer science.

Another program is offered by the Scripps Translational Science Institute (MIT). This internship is designed for high school students interested in STEM fields and involves participating in real research projects. A team of graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and faculty mentors will work with interns to develop their research projects. The program runs from June 6 to August 12 in 2022, but students from other countries can apply until February 11.

Another option for those interested in computer science is the Summer Academy, an intensive program for minority students in computer science. During the 9-week summer program, students will intern at a top technology company while also participating in racial equity advocacy work. They will be exposed to a wide variety of tech sectors, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. They will learn the skills they need to navigate the tech industry and advocate for themselves.

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Air Force Research Laboratory

Interested students can apply for a summer internship at the Air Force Research Laboratory. This 10-week program honors the contributions of Dr. Daniel W. Repperger, a distinguished scientist who mentored many young people throughout his career. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about Air Force research and gain experience while working with highly skilled scientists. Students work in a lab with Air Force scientists, who are carefully selected for their technical knowledge, expertise, and willingness to guide and advise students.

Another great opportunity for high school students is the Richard Louie Memorial Internship for High School Students. This internship will expose students to the art and science of Asian culture. The program requires that the student be at least sixteen years old, is enrolled in high school, and have some interest in Asian art. Interns are also encouraged to conduct interviews with museum staff and participate in virtual arts activities. This program helps students develop leadership skills while gaining valuable experience.

This program is intended to offer students on-the-job training and leadership development experiences that are relevant to their future careers. Students are expected to learn a wide range of STEM-related skills, including engineering, math, and market/scientific research. The internship offers eight projects to choose from, and students must be at least 16 years old. This opportunity is on hold for 2021, but rising seniors can apply if it reopens.

The Summer Research Internship for High School Students is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience and to learn the scientific methods of translational research. Students are paired with a mentor and assigned a research project. Participants are also trained in the research process, and present their findings during oral presentations. Applicants should apply early for this program, as it accepts students on a rolling basis. These internships last for 10 weeks, but they may extend for longer.

The Air Force Research Laboratory’s summer internship for high school students program is a great opportunity for STEM-oriented students. The internship will provide them with real-world experience and degree-related skills in a research environment while supporting the advancement of DoD missions. Students selected for the program will receive a competitive stipend based on their academic level. If you’re interested in this program, please apply today!

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Are you interested in working on a science project at NASA? Consider applying for a summer internship with the organization. This space agency has a diverse range of research projects for high school students. If you’re a computer science major, you might consider applying for a NASA summer internship. This program provides hands-on experience in the field of remote sensing, which collects large amounts of data about the Earth’s processes. Interns in this program must analyze and synthesize that data into usable information.

To qualify for a NASA summer internship for high school students, you must be a high school student or a college student. Applicants must be at least sixteen years old and a current sophomore, junior, or senior. Students who complete their academic levels during the spring are considered the next level up. If you don’t meet the above requirements, you may want to look into other options. Remember, the more relevant experience you have, the more likely you are to land the job.

High school students can apply for a NASA internship through the NASA Pathways program, which offers paid internships that lead to permanent employment at NASA after graduating. Interns can choose from a variety of positions in the organization and focus on various areas. Candidates should be U.S. citizens and have a 3.0-grade point average. While there are several locations in the U.S. where NASA offers internships, GSC requirements vary a lot.

While applying for a NASA internship, students should note that they can apply any time of the year. The application process is the same, but internship opportunities are added regularly by mentors throughout the year. A deadline for applications is November 1, but there is no guarantee that an opening will be available until late May. If you’re looking for a NASA summer internship for high school students, don’t hesitate. Just remember to emphasize any experiences that are relevant to the field.

While NASA has many opportunities available, you can apply for a summer internship through the Office of STEM Engagement. To apply for one of the internship programs, you’ll need to be a US citizen, have a 3.0-grade point average, and be at least 16 years of age. It is recommended that students submit their applications early because competition is fierce. The internship will provide the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and learn a wide range of STEM subjects.

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