marketing agency internships

marketing agency internships

What is an agency?

A marketing agency is a company or organization that provides marketing services to other companies. Sometimes, these services are provided on a contractual basis and sometimes, they’re provided as an employee of the client company.

Examples of marketing agencies include advertising agencies, public relations firms and digital marketing companies. A creative agency typically focuses on developing creative concepts for marketing campaigns while a digital agency focuses on web design and development for clients

Agencies provide a solid learning ground.

  • Agencies provide a solid learning ground. Learning from the best can be the difference between being average or great in your career. Interning at an agency is a great way to get exposure to multiple clients, industries, and marketing channels.
  • Agencies are creative problem solvers. They work with brands on different budgets and timelines; they have to be creative in how they solve problems for their clients’ marketing needs.
  • Agencies are results-oriented problem solvers? Being results-oriented means that they don’t waste time on things that don’t necessarily move the needle (or even worse: waste money). This is an important skill because it helps you become efficient with your time when working on projects as well as understanding why something has failed or succeeded in order to improve upon it in future attempts at solving similar problems
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Marketing agencies are different from traditional in-house marketing teams.

There are many differences between marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams. Some of these differences are obvious, but others are not as apparent. For example, marketing agencies have different skill sets than employees at a company that isn’t doing any external work. In addition to this, the way they think about their work is also different; they don’t look at things like projects or campaigns in the same way that someone who works inside a company would.

The ways in which marketing agencies do business with clients can be very different from those used by internal teams (e.g., charging for meetings instead of having them be part of an employee’s time). This can make for some uncomfortable conversations when you first start working with your agency partners! They also tend to have unique approaches when it comes to developing ideas for clients and implementing strategy (e.g., testing one idea against another rather than just picking one).

Four things to look for in a marketing agency internship:

To make sure you’re picking the right agency, consider these four things.

  • The internship program is hands-on. You should be doing real work for actual clients, not just learning about strategy or marketing tactics from afar. If a company is offering an internship that doesn’t involve any client work, it’s likely because they don’t have enough business to justify hiring someone to help out for the summer.
  • The environment is collaborative, rather than competitive. Agencies are all about teamwork and collaboration—you should expect this from the culture at your agency as well. A competitive office or one where employees aren’t working together effectively isn’t going to be worth your time (or theirs).
  • The top talent works there—and they’re accessible! If your dream career includes working with some of the best talent in marketing today and learning from them every day, then you want to seek out an agency that has a track record of hiring industry leaders and getting them on board with their company’s mission and vision longterm (rather than just hiring them temporarily). This both proves that your potential new boss has good taste in who she chooses as colleagues—a sign of quality leadership—and also means that if something happens between now and then (like being promoted), there could be opportunities for advancement within this organization once again down the road!

The mentor program is incredibly important: it shows how much emphasis they place on mentorship within each department so make sure yours offers one before committing yourself!

1. Hands-on experience

  • Try to get involved in as many projects as possible. This will give you a better idea of what it’s like to work with real-world clients, and what types of projects you enjoy most.
  • Learn from real-world projects. The best way to learn about the different aspects of business is by working on real-world projects alongside your team members, who have years of professional experience under their belts. You’ll also get a sense for how people work together when there are multiple stakeholders involved—and this can only help improve your own communication skills!

2. A collaborative environment

As an agency intern, you’ll have the opportunity to work on projects from start to finish. You’ll be able to see a project from conceptualization all the way through production and distribution.

You can also learn about how different departments within an agency function together, giving you a more holistic view of how marketing works in general. At an in-house company, there isn’t always as much collaboration between departments because they’re all under one roof.

3. Working with the best

Interning at a marketing agency is a great way to learn from the best. It’s important to note that learning from the best doesn’t just mean sitting in on meetings where they make decisions about campaigns. You can gain valuable experience by observing how they go about making those decisions, and then learning from the process yourself. If you are fortunate enough to work with an industry expert, ask them questions and listen carefully when they answer them. The most important thing you can do as an intern is absorb all of their knowledge and put it into practice.

If you’re an industry expert or have mastered some skillset that others are trying to master, teaching others is another way of gaining experience—and it’s often more fun than learning by yourself! The best teachers understand their audience completely before they begin teaching; this will ensure that no one gets bored while you’re talking! So whether it’s because your boss asked or because someone asked for help with something specific (e.g., social media strategy), offer up your expertise whenever possible during your time as an intern at a digital marketing agency

4. A mentor program that’s important to the agency

A mentor program is an excellent way for interns to learn from experienced professionals. Mentors can help guide you on your path and teach you how to do things the right way. They’ll also provide emotional support, which will be especially helpful if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your internship experience.

As an intern at a marketing agency, you might not have much time to meet with a mentor regularly. However, the agency should make sure that there are multiple mentors available so that interns can pick up the phone whenever they feel like it—which will be more often than not!

Marketing agency internships are a great way to get a taste of all aspects of business, from company culture to client work.

If you’re interested in becoming a marketing professional, an internship at an agency is a great way to get the experience that will make you more attractive to employers.

Agencies are different from other types of businesses because they have a culture that is all their own. They tend to be more flexible and hands-on than other industries, giving interns the opportunity to work on projects as varied as social media campaigns or writing copy for advertising flyers (and everything in between).

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