mechanical engineering internships summer

mechanical engineering internships summer 2022

NASA Ames Research Center

NASA’s Ames Research Center is the largest of NASA’s field centers and is located in Silicon Valley. It is home to more than 3,000 employees who work on everything from space exploration to aeronautics research. If you’re interested in an internship at NASA Ames Research Center, be sure to apply for their summer internship program, which offers full-time undergraduate and graduate students 10 weeks of hands-on experience working alongside experienced engineers and scientists on real aerospace projects.

You’ll spend the first half of your internship at NASA Ames working in a team on a project that will help shape our understanding of how humans can survive long distance space travel. You’ll have an opportunity to learn about various aspects of space exploration from experts at one of the nation’s top aerospace research facilities—the kind of knowledge that could be useful when applying for future jobs throughout your career!

Sandia National Laboratories

Sandia National Laboratories is a multi-mission laboratory managed and operated by National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of Honeywell International, Inc., for the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration under contract DE-NA0003525.

The Laboratory is located on Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico; it also operates remote sites for research support such as the Z facility at Sandia Science & Technology Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico; the S&T Research Center in Livermore, California; and the Engineering Research Facility (ERF) at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) near Richland, Washington.

Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne National Laboratory is located just outside of Chicago, Illinois. This site has a variety of internship programs available for graduate students and PHD candidates in mechanical engineering. Interns will be paid, given housing and allowed to do real work during the internship period. Interns are also able to work with leading researchers in their field who are conducting research on topics such as solar cells, batteries and alternative fuels cars.

Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances. It ranks as the world’s largest home appliance manufacturer since 2017. Whirlpool employs over 70,000 people worldwide. The company has manufacturing operations in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific; product sales are made through more than 3,500 retailers in 100 countries. Based in Benton Charter Township, Michigan near Benton Harbor (where its headquarters are), Whirlpool sold $19 billion worth of home appliances in 2018 (excluding professional products).

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Whirlpool was started by Jonas Wabbel after he emigrated to the United States from Germany in 1892 at age 17 with only $7 dollars to his name. He found work as a laborer on farms until he saved up enough money to start his own business repairing farm equipment and manufacturing wagons out of wood from discarded apple crates from local fruit growers who would ship their apples by railcar to Chicago before being shipped overseas for sale as far away as England or Australia

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is a US Department of Energy national laboratory that is an international leader in basic research in energy and advanced materials. ORNL is located on the East Tennessee Technology Park, about 25 miles west of Knoxville, TN. The main ORNL campus surrounds the city of Oak Ridge and has over 11,000 employees.

The CANDU (Canadian Deuterium Uranium) nuclear power plant was developed at ORNL as well as the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC), which would have been the world’s largest particle accelerator had it been built. Many other scientific advancements were made at ORNL including: transistor lasers, infrared sensors for satellites, integrated circuit design software; solar cells; superalloys; liquid metals for space vehicles; composite materials for use in aerospace structures; fuel cell technology for vehicles and stationary applications; nanotechnology investigations into new materials synthesis routes to advance manufacturing capabilities while reducing environmental impact while improving performance characteristics

General Electric, GE Aviation – Lynn, MA

Interns will work on a team that is designing and testing products. In this role, interns will use 3D printing, laser scanning and CAD to design parts of a GE aircraft engine. Those who are interested in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering can expect to gain experience working with the latest technologies.

GE offers summer internship programs in several locations around the US, including Lynn, Massachusetts; Cincinnati; Houston; San Ramon, California; and Atlanta.

Lam Research, Tualatin, Oregon

Lam Research is a major manufacturer of semiconductor fabrication equipment. Lam’s products include tools and systems for deposition, etching and cleaning, with a focus on all steps in the development cycle – from research, through design and layout to manufacturing. Lam’s industry-leading technology serves customers in the fabless semiconductor market as well as OEMs in memory, logic, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), imaging sensors and other markets.

Lam Research was founded in 1969 by Dr. Charles B. Lang who invented the first commercial plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition tool while working at Monsanto Chemical Company in St. Louis, Missouri. The company was incorporated as Lam Research Corporation on February 7th 1970 with offices located at 511 South Main Street West (then known as Sutter County Courthouse) downtown Los Angeles CA 90002 USA where it remains today after selling out to Applied Materials Incorporated (NYSE: AMAT) for $6 billion USD

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The Tualatin facility is located about 25 miles south of Portland Oregon USA which has one of America’s most livable cities according to Forbes Magazine

Cummins Inc. – Columbus, IN

Cummins Inc. is a major American engine manufacturer and industrial corporation based in Columbus, Indiana. Founded in 1919 to provide engines for farm equipment, Cummins has since grown into an international leader in diesel engines for many applications including power generation, construction and mining vehicles.

Every summer, Cummins hosts over 200 interns on their various teams—from research and development to marketing—who work on projects that support the company’s goals while gaining valuable hands-on experience in their chosen field. This summer will be no exception as they continue to grow as a result of increased product demand worldwide while innovating new technologies that will help them meet these needs. As such, this internship provides an opportunity for you to contribute at both a personal level (elevate your skillset) and professional level (gain insight into industry trends).

There are lots of mechanical engineering internship positions available

There are many companies that offer mechanical engineering internships for students, as well as smaller organizations. The requirements for these positions vary and may include a minimum GPA or college experience. This is an excellent way to gain real-world experience in a field you are interested in, while also learning about the business side of things.

It’s important to make sure the company you choose is reliable and reputable, so do your research before signing on!

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