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medical internships for undergraduates uk

medical internships for undergraduates uk

British Heart Foundation Summer Placement Scheme

The British Heart Foundation Summer Placement Scheme is a paid summer research internship for undergraduates hoping to gain experience in the field of heart and circulatory disease research. Undergraduates will be trained by a researcher at one of the UK’s leading centres for cardiovascular science, learning new skills and gaining experience in cutting-edge scientific methods.

Why should you apply?

UK students studying A-Levels, International Baccalaureate (IB), Scottish Highers or equivalent can apply to join the scheme. Students with a home or term-time address within easy travelling distance of Cambridge will be given preference over those who live further away.

Imperial College Summer Internship Programme

The Imperial College Summer Internship Programme is based in London, and lasts eight to ten weeks over the summer.

Health Education England – West Midlands Academic Foundation Programme

The Health Education England – West Midlands Academic Foundation Programme is a competitive, paid programme for undergraduates in their final year of medical school. The deadline to apply is December 1st and the application itself comes in three parts: a video (which can be recorded on a smartphone camera), an interview, and written exercise. You must have an unconditional offer for your first year of doctorate study and be able to provide proof of your eligibility to work in the UK.

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The programme takes place from June through September (usually) with one day spent each week at the university as well as two days working directly in hospitals. As part of this internship, you will shadow a team of doctors, develop skills in communication and clinical competence, and receive additional funding for conferences or further medical training programs if needed. The positions are open to all undergraduate students entering their final year at medical school next summer but there are only 9 spots available so competition can be fierce!

After participating on this programme interns may go on to complete their doctorate training at Warwick Medical School.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Medicine and Health

The University of Cambridge has a highly selective, fully funded summer program in biomedical research called the Biomedical Undergraduate Research Opportunities (BURO). It is open to undergraduates with at least one year of study remaining and provides 12-week internships for 15 students each year. BURO is targeted towards university students who are interested in pursuing a PhD in biomedical research. Each student must have an offer from an academic supervisor to be considered for the program.

Students accepted into the BURO will receive a stipend of £2000 per month, as well as accommodation for up to 3 months on campus.

The application deadline usually falls on December 15th each year, and selected candidates will be invited for interviews between March 1st and 31st.

King’s College London – Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) is a paid internship for King’s College London students who wish to gain experience in research projects. The internship lasts 6-8 weeks and takes place during the summer holidays. The UROP positions are open to undergraduate students in any discipline from any college or university (not just King’s College London), and are available in many different areas of medical research. For example, you could be involved in Psychology, Oncology, Nursing, Genomics, Population Health Sciences & Primary Care and many more. To apply for a UROP position, you will need to submit an application in January via the KCL website.

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There are internships for undergraduates in the UK

Medical internship programs for undergraduates in the UK

There are a number of medical internship options available to undergraduates in the UK. Here are some examples:

  • The British Heart Foundation Summer Placement Scheme, which provides students with experience in biomedical and clinical research related to cardiovascular science. Successful applicants spend 10 weeks working on a research project relevant to their personal interests.
  • The Imperial College Summer Internship Programme, which offers a range of opportunities to gain valuable skills at one of the country’s top colleges. Students work on projects related to health and medicine, including those that are interdisciplinary in nature.
  • The Health Education England – West Midlands Academic Foundation Programme, which helps participants develop their professional skills as they get hands-on experience at hospitals across England. Participants work five days per week for 12 months from October through September. During this time, they rotate through five hospitals where they meet doctors and learn about various specialties such as general practice medicine or surgery.
  • The Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Medicine and Health (UROMH), which gives students a chance to experience real-life situations by shadowing professionals such as surgeons or radiologists during surgeries or other procedures like diagnostic imaging examinations (CT scans). Participants also attend conferences related to their field of interest so they can network with experts like doctors who might offer advice about future career paths after graduation from college/university studies; UROMH has many opportunities available nationwide across England’s major cities including London, Birmingham and Manchester among others!

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