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Motorsport Internships

Motorsport Internships

Motorsport internships can be a great way not only to build your CV but also show commitment to the sport (not to mention, they’re challenging!). While it can be hard for students to get some of the best internships in motorsport, smaller teams are always looking for willing and enthusiastic students with a passion for the sport.

For instance, many teams look for interns who have completed some kind of mechanical engineering degree. If you are doing an MEng in mechanical engineering then this is perfect as it allows you to bring what you’ve learned in your degree into practice during an internship.

Internships could involve anything from making sure all the car parts are properly stocked and working correctly, through to designing new parts that will make the cars go even faster!

Media and Communications

Know the industry. Understand the different organizations and their respective roles, responsibilities and challenges. If you are interested in working within a certain team or specific area of the motorsport industry then you will need to do your research so that you can demonstrate your understanding at interview stage.

Think about what you can offer. What unique skills, experience or attributes do you have that would be of value to a team? How could this help them? It is important to show how your skills and experience link with the job description, person specification and company/team aims.

Communication is key! When applying for an internship it is imperative that your application form demonstrates excellent communication skills in both written English and verbal English (if required). This shows future employers that you have strong communication skills, which are essential in all areas of motorsport.

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It’s important to have a well-rounded skill base as a driver, since you’ll be expected to perform at a high level in several different ways. Team work and communication skills are especially important when you’re working with other drivers and your team—you’ll need to be able to coordinate effectively! While building these skills, it’s also advisable to keep track of the mistakes you make so that you can learn from them.

Mechanical Engineering

Individuals interested in interning with a motorsport company will most likely be asked to assist with mechanical engineering projects. If you are interested in mechanical engineering, your duties may include working on a team to design mechanical components of the vehicle or testing parts of the car that are already fabricated. You may also work with other interns and members of your team to perform research and development tasks, or you may fabricate components. Mechanical engineering internships are typically unpaid, but they can provide hands-on experience and education that will help you learn more about this field so that you can pursue it through formal educational opportunities or an apprenticeship program.


The performance of the vehicle is dependent on aerodynamics. You will gain expertise in these areas by taking courses related to automotive and motorsport engineering, including aerodynamics, thermodynamics, control engineering and experimental techniques.

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