music promotion internships

music promotion internships

Record Labels

Record labels are an essential part of the music industry. They are responsible for the discovery, development and marketing of new talent. Record labels provide a platform where emerging artists can grow their careers by providing them with management and promotion services. As an intern at a record label you will be working directly with staff members who manage artists’ careers.

Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is a great way to get your foot in the door, because it typically involves working closely with other departments. As a PR intern you’ll be able to lend your talents and expertise across many different areas of the company.

You will gain direct experience in:

  • Content creation – You’ll work on creating content that promotes upcoming events or helps spread awareness about a cause or issue. This could include writing press releases, blog posts, social media posts/tweets/pins/shares, advertisements and more!
  • Media relations – This involves building relationships with journalists so they hear about your company from sources other than salespeople trying to sell them something (like stuff). This also includes pitching ideas for stories that would be good fits for the reporter’s publication or website while also providing helpful information that they could use in their piece when writing it up. And if you’re really good at this part of PR then maybe someday those reporters will remember how awesome you were when they need someone who knows what they’re doing!

Music Publishers

Music publishers typically represent the legal rights to songs, which they then license out to other organizations. They can also hold onto these rights themselves and resell them later, or even use them as collateral for loans (this is called “recording industry finance”).

There are several ways of getting started with music publishing: you could register some original songs with a company like BMI or ASCAP (two prominent societies that manage licensing), or pitch your own song(s) directly to publishers. If you’re interested in getting into music promotion internships, however, there are some good options that offer internships specifically related to promotion!

Here’s how we define music publishers:

  • A business entity that creates monetary value from musical compositions through an array of activities including publishing and licensing its own works; providing services such as artist development, industry analysis, copyright protection; and collecting royalties on behalf of their affiliates (artists/songwriters).

Music Management

Music management is a tricky field to break into. You won’t find any entry-level positions, and employers expect that you already have some experience in the music industry before they consider you for a job. If you want to be able to apply for internships and other types of entry-level jobs, there are things you can do now to get your foot in the door:

  • Listen to as much music as you can. The more familiar with different genres and artists’ careers you are, the better prepared you’ll be when it comes time for interviews or conversations with potential employers.
  • Get involved in clubs or groups at school that focus on music production and publishing. This is especially important if there aren’t many opportunities available where you live because these kinds of organizations tend not only provide networking opportunities but also offer valuable skills training that could help out when applying for jobs later down the line.* Get involved in competitions like battle rapping competitions or songwriting contests sponsored by record labels and radio stations.* Make sure that all social media accounts associated with your name are professional looking; don’t post inappropriate content about yourself or others (especially if this includes alcohol consumption).


If you’re interested in the business side of music promotion, an internship with one of these companies will be a great way to learn how it all works. Live Nation is one of the biggest promoters in the country and they operate across multiple genres. Concerts West is based in Las Vegas and has promoted shows for artists like Pink, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga. AEG Live also operates globally with over 45 offices around the world promoting shows for artists like Madonna and U2. C3 Presents promotes concerts for artists like Kesha and Mumford & Sons at venues including Lollapalooza festivals worldwide. LiveStyle provides event production services including lighting design, projection mapping, sound systems and stage design/lighting/rigging services for some very big tours indeed!

Start your music career with an internship in promotion.

Music promotion internships are a great way to get your foot in the door. If you’ve got some experience with social media and online marketing, it’s probably not impossible to find an internship in this field.

But don’t expect much pay. Internships usually offer little compensation other than free room and board, and even then it’s highly unlikely that any sort of expenses will be covered on top of that (like gas).

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