ngos summer internships

ngos summer internships

global health and education

  • Global Health Internships: These internships are designed to provide participants with exposure to global health and development issues as they relate to health, nutrition, and education.
  • Global Health and Education: These internships are designed for students interested in pursuing careers in international development. The program combines an internship placement with a course that introduces students to the theories and practices of international development work. The course includes visits from guest speakers who work on diverse issues such as maternal health, child welfare and education reform.
  • Summer Internship Programs: Summer internships in India offer young people an opportunity to take time off from their studies or jobs back home while gaining valuable experience working on projects that have real impact locally or internationally

ngo in india

If you’re looking to make a difference through an NGO in India, this list of ngo in india should help guide you.

NGOs offer internships (volunteering opportunities) throughout the year and are a great place to start if you’re looking for volunteer work abroad. The following is a list of some of the best NGOs in India with internships available now:

career planning

  • Take time out to think about your career.
  • Develop a plan for your future.
  • Make the most of your time as an intern.
  • Use your timetable effectively.
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internship opportunities

Are you interested in an internship with a non-profit organization?

  • Summer 2019 Internships: We offer summer internships for students and recent college grads who are looking to gain valuable experience in the non-profit sector. Students who are passionate about social impact will learn about our programs, meet our staff and have an opportunity to take on meaningful projects that further our mission. Our paid summer internships include housing and transportation costs (if necessary). Candidates must be currently enrolled at an accredited university or college in the United States or Canada. The application process requires submitting résumé, cover letter, reference letters from one professor/teacher (one page max), a short essay on “Why I want to work for NGOs in India” (150 words max). If selected as an Intern Candidate you will have three weeks after receiving your acceptance email to submit your $350 deposit payment before your place is reserved by someone else. If we do not hear back within this timeframe we will assume you are no longer interested in pursuing this opportunity.”

summer internship

Internships provide a great opportunity for students, recent graduates and experienced professionals to gain exposure in their field.

Internship programs are short-term, usually lasting between 3 – 12 months but can be as short as 1 month and as long as 12 months. Most internships are unpaid positions. Interns may receive academic credit or pay if they work at an organization that is a certified college program sponsor (see below).

Summer internships often focus on gaining hands-on experience, rather than theory or classroom learning. You don’t need any previous experience or skills for these opportunities; however it’s important to note that most summer internships do require you to be able to work full time during the summertime when school is out of session if applicable for your area of study/career path

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healthcare internships

  • [Healthcare Internships]

Internships in the healthcare field are a great way to gain experience in your area of interest, and they can often lead to full-time employment. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a medical professional or other related field, internships can help you learn more about your chosen industry and give you an advantage over others who don’t have that experience.

child education

In short, a summer internship with an NGO in India will provide invaluable insight and experience toward your future career.

If you are currently looking for a summer internship and would like to do something meaningful with your time, then look into this opportunity!

non profit volunteer work

Volunteering abroad with a non profit is a great way to travel, build your resume and gain valuable experience. Many ngos offer volunteer opportunities for high school students and college students. The International Volunteer Headquarters (IVHQ) has a list of thousands of volunteer opportunities worldwide. You can search for internships, short term or long term volunteering opportunities in India as well as other countries. Volunteering abroad is also an opportunity for you to explore different cultures, meet new people and learn about yourself. When choosing an organization make sure that you are comfortable with them before signing up for an internship or volunteering position because often these organizations charge money for their services but don’t always give back what they promise or deliver what was promised by the coordinator at first contact!

ngos summer internships

ngos summer internships

ngos summer internships

ngos summer internships

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ngos summer internships ngos summer internships

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