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Online Internships For High School Students

Online Internships For High School Students

Looking for online internships for high school students? There are plenty of them out there. Some are even free! These programs allow students to gain experience and learn about different career options. Learn more about these opportunities by reading on! Here are some examples:

Smithsonian Internships

The Claudine K. Brown Internship in Education fosters a deeper interest in science and education. It places interns in Smithsonian Institution offices and museums, as well as research centers. Other opportunities for students who are interested in science education can be found at the Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC).

The Smithsonian Internships for High School students are available in nearly every field. From art to science to human resources, the Smithsonian Institution offers internships in nearly every field. Students in grades nine through twelve can apply to be part of the YES! the program, which teaches hands-on science to high school students in the Washington, D.C. area. There are also internships available in the arts and history.

The Adler Planetarium in Chicago also offers an internship for high school students. The program is open to high school students in the Chicago Public School district. Applicants must have completed College Composition 1 or equivalent. If they have a passion for science or art, they may also apply for the Because of Her Story Summer Internship Program. Lastly, if a student has an interest in art, history, or biology, they can apply for a Summer Internship at the Smithsonian Institution.

In addition to assisting in science education, the Science for Success Teen Internship is another option for interested students. Interns in this program learn about science education while supporting the Science for Success instructors. They also get to be role models for the young campers. The internship takes place on the National Mall in the S. Dillon Ripley Center. These internships are open to students who are in their high school years and are looking for a way to make an impact while learning more about science.


Are you a high school student seeking an internship in the renewable energy sector? EnergyMag offers virtual half-time summer internships for high school students. This internship entails research about renewable energy companies and technologies. EnergyMag provides mentors to guide the interns through the research process. A published report from the intern will be published in the magazine. The publication will include a letter of accomplishment. This report can boost your resume and give you a head start on your college application.

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Many schools offer internships for students. Some local government websites have a link to volunteer and offer high school students the chance to gain real-world experience. Internships are great for high school students because they provide hands-on work experience in a field related to their interests. Some employers offer internships for high school students in the city they live in. You can also find internships in the city government by visiting the website of the city you plan to attend.

If you’re interested in advancing quantum computing, apply for an internship at EnergyMag. This opportunity pays for monthly stipends. The goal of this internship is to develop relevant skills and learn how to write compelling and informative articles for their readers. Interns will also be exposed to new technologies and the latest breakthroughs in energy technology. Ultimately, an internship at EnergyMag will give you real-world experience that will be useful in your college application.

For students interested in studying STEM, EnergyMag offers online internships for high school students. The program is free to apply for and matches high school students with potential internship opportunities. The internship includes the study of instructional strategies and the development of relationship-building skills. You will also learn how to facilitate classes remotely. You’ll also receive a $3,600 scholarship. You’ll learn how to conduct online courses and help others learn by demonstrating your talents.

South Middlesex Opportunity Council

If you are a high school student looking for an internship, you are in luck. There are several opportunities for internships online and in the physical world. Internships with the South Middlesex Opportunity Council are an excellent way to get a taste of different job sectors. Many of these internships are paid and you can expect to work full time. Depending on the internship you choose, you might even be able to work on your internship while you are in high school.

The internship will give you quality work experience while also providing the professional skills that employers seek. Students can choose from a variety of fields and can focus on their chosen field for the internship. A $3,600 scholarship is available for students who complete the program. If you are interested, you can find out more about the requirements of the internship. This program is designed for students aged fourteen to eighteen.

There are several opportunities available for high school students to get involved in a company or nonprofit. The Adler Planetarium, for example, offers internships for high school students. These internships typically last five to twenty hours a week, although more can be arranged if needed. South Middlesex Opportunity Council also offers an internship with the Studio Museum in New York City. Depending on the location, students will attend meetings, and workshops, and participate in museum visits.

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Internships can be a great way to get extra income while in high school. Depending on the company, many internships are partially or fully paid. However, most government and private organizations offer paid internships. In addition to providing work experience, internships can help students develop essential personal skills such as time management, leadership, and organizational skills. The online opportunities are a great way to learn more about your chosen career and gain valuable hands-on experience.


High school students can apply for internships with the Smithsonian Institution. The program is open to high school students ages 14 and older and seeks to recruit people with a passion for education and a talent for writing and communication. Interns may work on educational projects such as writing web content or coordinating events, or they may perform administrative duties. If selected, interns can even receive academic credit for their work.

There are many internship opportunities available in Washington DC. Internships with the Smithsonian can help you gain real-world experience in different areas of the museum. Public relations internships in the central office of the museum offer hands-on experience in the field. Some regular responsibilities include research, media relations, and developing communication plans. There are also unpaid internships with the Smithsonian’s Office of Sponsored Projects, which focus on preparing and administering grant programs. While internships are available both in person and virtually, the application process differs depending on location.

Smithsonian affiliates have also partnered with various organizations to create a virtual internship program. The program has a diverse array of benefits, including expanding the number of interns available to the museum and diversifying its involvement with college students throughout the nation. The program has already hosted three students working on topics related to the museum’s collections. Moreover, students can also participate in Smithsonian Learning Labs, which live on the Smithsonian Institute’s website.

During the summer, high school students can apply for a summer internship at the National Museum of Natural History Department of Vertebrate Zoology. The intern would be responsible for assessing the glass containers used to store specimens that are preserved in fluids. The intern would also be responsible for conducting research on preservation techniques and writing blog posts. In addition, interns may be required to perform minor tasks related to the National Anthropological Archives, including preparing and processing photograph albums.

Finance Remote Internship

For high school students, finance can be a great career choice. By participating in a Finance Remote Internship, students can develop the real-life experience they need to succeed in the world of finance. Typically, this type of internship lasts for four weeks and requires 15 hours per week. The internship is geared toward students who have interests in accounting, finance, law, or any other field of finance.

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Creating a portfolio of your work is a great way to signal that you’re the perfect candidate for the internship. It’s also a useful tool for high school students to put together samples, accomplishments, and work documents. When creating your portfolio, remember that your objective is to get an internship as soon as possible! However, keep in mind that your application should be tailored for the position you’re applying for, as this will ensure that you get the interview.

A Finance Remote Internship for high school student program can be offered by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Typically, these internships are in-person, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made them available virtually as well. Students will be trained on several projects and can earn a stipend depending on the length of the program. The program is open to both high school students and college students.

For the most part, an online internship is the most accessible. If you are looking for finance internships for high school students, you can apply directly to companies by sending your resume to relevant organizations. The Internet is a great resource for locating these internships, as well as contacting people you may know in the field. If your network is strong enough, you can even use contacts as your first step in securing a Finance Remote Internship for high school students.

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