Online law internships for high school students

Online law internships for high school students

ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund

The American Bar Association (ABA)’s Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund provides $5,000 a year, up to three years, to 20 students entering law school and demonstrates dedication to diversity in the legal profession. The scholarship is merit-based but also takes financial need into consideration. It’s open to any student who begins their first year of law school in the fall of the year the scholarship will be awarded.

High School Internships at the National Security Agency

The National Security Agency offers a paid internship program for high school juniors and seniors. The eight-week, full-time internship is open to U.S. citizens only who have yet to obtain a security clearance. (The program will not assist with obtaining one.)

WPI Law and Media Internship

The WPI Law and Media Internship (also known as the WPI Law Department’s Media and Entertainment Internship) is an opportunity for high school students interested in law, media studies, or entertainment to learn about the legal field under the supervision of a practicing attorney.

This unique program offers a unique experience for both students and employers. Employers can take advantage of our intern’s demonstrated interest in law and media while students are able to gain first-hand knowledge of working at a full-time law firm.

The program is designed for juniors from any high school who will be graduating in or after their Junior year of high school on or before December 31, 2013. The applicant must be at least 16 years of age as of January 1st, 2014. No previous legal work experience is required but applicants must have completed one year of college towards their degree with a GPA above 3.0 prior to applying for this internship/scholarship program (the amount of time spent completing post-high school education does not matter).

For more details about the application process please visit: http://www .wpi .edu/law |#LawStudents

Softimage | 3D Character Animation Internship

For high school students interested in law, this internship will help you develop leadership and management skills and provide tangible research skills. Each year, interns conduct legal research on a variety of criminal justice topics; write articles for our newsletters and other publications; participate in criminal justice site visits; attend professional activities and conferences; meet with representatives of federal agencies, state government officials, judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys; attend criminal court proceedings; and interact with NCCD staff. Interns also obtain experience in grant writing by assisting with grant proposals to support NCCD’s work.

In addition to the substantive work you perform at NCCD, you will learn about the inner workings of nonprofit organizations through your interaction with various departments at NCCD—including finance/administration, human resources/volunteer management, development/fundraising, communications/marketing, program evaluation—and through field trips to visit other nonprofits.

CNN Student News Internship

The CNN Student News Internship is designed to help students interested in journalism and broadcasting as a career. If you have solid research, writing, and communication skills, then this is the internship for you. Those who are chosen will get paid to work 40 hours per week at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. This internship only lasts 10 weeks and is open to college students and recent graduates who are 18 or older.

The Justice Project High School Internships

The Justice Project High School Internships are offered to high school students who are interested in a career in law or criminal justice. The internships are intended to be a hands-on opportunity for educational and professional development. As part of the internship, you will have the opportunity to learn about building cases, develop skills that will help you if you pursue a career as an attorney or other legal professional, and observe court proceedings. In addition, many interns take on the role of investigator on cases that the organization is currently working on.

The exact projects assigned vary from case to case; however, all interns will participate in research activities related to criminal justice issues. Interns also work with experts who provide training in how to perform research tasks effectively and efficiently. In addition, they also learn valuable investigative methods by conducting interviews with witnesses, victims of violent crimes, and family members of people convicted of violent crimes.

High School Law Clerk Program, San Diego County District Attorney’s Office

High School Law Clerk Program, San Diego County District Attorney’s Office

  • Available to students 14 and older
  • Must be able to commit to a minimum of eight hours per week for one academic year
  • Interns are supervised by volunteer deputy district attorneys from the Juvenile Division. They work directly with prosecutors, investigators, and other staff, as well as conduct legal research.
  • Contact: Wendy Morse at or 619-531-3970

Look into these online law internships for high schoolers.

  • High school interns are eligible for their internship during the summer months at this firm.
  • Interns will be working remotely and will not be paid a stipend.
  • This firm is looking for high school students to work as unpaid interns, but they’ll get school credit and real-world experience in return.
  • Interns will work part time on location at this firm.
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