paid summer internships

paid summer internships


NASA offers paid internships to students from high school through Ph.D. levels, and they’re available in the summer, fall and spring. Internships are offered at NASA facilities across the country, including headquarters in Washington, DC and all over California.

NASA’s website has a very comprehensive list of opportunities available each year—it’s worth checking out!


If you are seeking a summer internship at Disney, you may be surprised to learn that this particular program is quite competitive. This is due to the fact that there are only so many positions available (although they do accept applications year-round).

The good news is that all internships with Disney are paid and can be in a number of different areas. Most internships are based out of Orlando, Florida and include travel expenses for those who live outside of central Florida. Although there aren’t any specific deadlines for applying for summer internships with Disney, it’s recommended that you apply as early as possible to ensure that your application gets reviewed and considered for one of these coveted positions.

The White House

The White House is one of the most prestigious internship opportunities in Washington, D.C., but it’s also one of the toughest to get into. The application process includes a rigorous public speaking test and an essay about why you’d be great at working for POTUS (President of the United States).

If you do get accepted, though, your work won’t go unnoticed: interns are given plenty of responsibility and have access to high-level officials like presidents, vice presidents and first ladies. You’ll also gain valuable skills like how to draft legislation or write speeches—and if nothing else works out after graduation? Well then maybe you’ll have something on your resume that says “White House intern”!

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Hyatt offers paid summer internships in more than 30 different locations.

Hyatt is one of the best paid summer internships. The company has an excellent reputation and they offer real responsibility and allow interns to work on projects that have a real impact on the company.


Facebook hires for many different types of internships. Facebook is known for its great internship program, so you have to be prepared to complete a lot of work. Facebook interns are paid very well, which means that you can expect an intense but rewarding experience with great compensation. In addition, Facebook is ranked as one of the top places to work and has several job openings every day. The technology industry is constantly changing, so it’s important for students to learn about new technologies and how they can apply them in the field. This internship will provide that opportunity!


Microsoft offers paid summer internships at its Redmond headquarters and across the globe, with opportunities in several different fields. This program is one of the top internships in the U.S., offering interns a meaningful experience at one of the largest tech companies in the world.

As an intern, you’ll have access to a variety of benefits including work flexibility and training opportunities—including hands-on experience working directly with Microsoft engineers on projects that are used every day by millions around the world. In addition to gaining skills applicable to any industry or field of study, interns will also participate in networking events and receive career guidance from Microsoft staff members who help students develop long-term career paths upon graduation from college or university programs:


The NFL is looking for paid college students to intern at its headquarters in New York City. This internship program is designed for college students who want to work in the sports industry or just need an extra source of income during the summer months.

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According to the company’s website, this two-month paid summer internship will allow you to “gain hands-on experience with a variety of exciting projects” while giving back to your community and learning valuable skills that will help you with your future career. You’ll also have access to mentorship opportunities, networking events and other perks such as travel reimbursement or reimbursement for relocation expenses if necessary.

To apply for this position you must be currently enrolled as a student at an accredited university and have completed at least one year of coursework by the time when this program begins (between June 17th and August 7th). Students must also be able to work full-time hours between 9 am – 6 pm Eastern Time five days per week during their time as part of this program (excluding holidays).


It is a ride sharing service that provides an app to connect drivers and riders. Uber has its own internship program where they provide stipends, mentoring, and training to those who qualify. Only a few people are accepted into this program each year. If you do get accepted, then you’ll be given an extra $7000 per month to supplement your income while working on projects that relate directly with your field of study (there are currently internships in San Francisco or Pittsburgh).

Uber’s Paid Internship Program Is Probably Better Than Your Job — and It’s Hiring Now

If you’re looking to start a career in the tech sphere (and who isn’t?), then Uber’s paid internship program might be the perfect opportunity for you. The ride-hailing app has been rolling out internships since 2016, and it just released its latest batch of available positions on June 13 to select cities across the United States.

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What exactly do these opportunities entail? In short: If you’re interested in any aspect of software development or data analytics, Uber wants to hear from you. And if you’ve already got some experience with coding or data science, even better! The company will provide mentorship from some of its engineers throughout your time at its headquarters in San Francisco — one thing that sets this program apart from other internship gigs is that there’s no hiring potential attached; instead, Uber offers this learning opportunity as a way for young professionals to learn more about their interests and build upon them during their summer break.

The benefits aren’t all work-related either — interns get free housing through Airbnb and access to meals at local restaurants like Nekter Juice Bar, which means they don’t have worry about finding affordable places near campus before starting work each day (or paying too much money). Interns also get $10K worth of stock options after completing their paid role as well as $1K monthly stipend until graduation day arrives!

Only a few companies pay summer interns

Internships are a great way to gain experience, but many interns are left out of the conversation when it comes to compensation. Most internships are unpaid, and those that do offer a stipend or salary only cover a small portion of living expenses. This often results in high rates of attrition among interns who can’t afford to work for free for long periods of time.

However, there is hope! A smaller percentage of companies pay their summer interns—but those organizations tend to be larger and more established than their unpaid counterparts. If you’re looking for paid opportunities this summer, your best bet is probably with larger companies in fields like technology or media (where demand is high), as they tend to have deeper pockets than other types of businesses.

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