Planned Parenthood Action Fund Internship

Planned Parenthood Action Fund Internship

Apply for a Planned Parenthood Action Fund Intership! As an intern with the PPFA, you’ll work closely with attorneys on legal research and draft informational backgrounders and talking points. First and second-year law students can apply, but there are specific qualifications to get in. Successful applicants will have strong research and writing skills and have an interest in reproductive justice, health law, and racial and economic justice. Interns will also have the opportunity to receive funding from PPFA.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund

If you are interested in a career in public affairs, planned parenthood may be a great place to work. The organization is currently seeking a part-time organizing intern to work on endorsed political campaigns. This internship would teach you the basics of grassroots organizing and movement-building. You’ll also learn about government relations, public affairs, and other aspects of public affairs. Interested applicants should contact the organization for more information.

Volunteer opportunities at Planned Parenthood are also available. You can volunteer to help out at their monthly volunteer night or call donors for the organization. You can also help with writing mailings, putting together pamphlets, and creating safe sex packs. You’ll be matched with a position based on your skills and interests. You can even become an ambassador of Planned Parenthood!

As an intern, you’ll learn more about the organization’s mission, their community outreach programs, and their work in the community. You can also join the group’s Action Fund Activist Council, which is made up of Planned Parenthood staff members. This group works with the organization to advance legislative priorities and uphold its reproductive justice framework. If you are interested in working for Planned Parenthood, apply today!

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund is a great place for law students to gain experience and knowledge about social advocacy. If you’re an aspiring lawyer, consider applying to a law student internship with the organization’s Washington, D.C., or New York office. The organization works on impact litigation across the country. They’ve led the legal teams in nearly every reproductive rights case to reach the Supreme Court in the past thirty years. As an intern, you’ll be involved with their advocacy efforts and work with affiliates to identify and categorize anti-abortion misinformation.

As the political arm of the organization, PPNNE has a major role in the Granite State. PPAF has previously endorsed Maggie Hassan and will play a key role in the state of New Hampshire as she seeks a second term in the Senate. Recent polls indicate that a GOP challenger is expected to take Hassan’s seat. A recent poll has shown that her opponents are likely to be endorsed by the Republican governor Chris Sununu.

In addition to being a national organization, PPFA is a leading network of local affiliates, and operates nearly 800 health centers across the country. These affiliates provide quality health care to millions of women, with 95% of all visits being preventive. In fact, they are so successful that one out of every five women in the United States chooses Planned Parenthood to receive their health care.

PPAF’s 501(c)4

PPAF is a nonprofit organization that works to protect and promote reproductive rights and health care access throughout the world. As part of the PPAF 501(c)4 internship program, you will gain hands-on experience in political activism and organizing. In addition to federal candidate endorsements, you will be involved in grassroots campaigns throughout Michigan to help elect officials who support reproductive health care. As an intern, you will be part of an innovative team that educates elected officials about the importance of protecting and advancing women’s rights.

As part of your training, ZSR recognizes the power of 501(c)(3) organizations in voter registration and lobbying. To facilitate this program, ZSR pays two-thirds of the stipend of each intern. Ideally, your internship will focus on voter registration or grassroots lobbying, but you may choose to engage in a combination of these activities. You must be affiliated with a PPAF-eligible organization and be a part of some kind of partnership.

The Director of Development will develop and apply analytics to ensure long-term success of print, phone, and face-to-face campaign initiatives. He or she will also oversee design operations and work closely with Development leadership to make sure all facets of the campaign are integrated. Additionally, the Director of Development will provide ongoing direction to paid professional fundraisers and ensure enterprise-wide coordination with other departments. And, of course, they’ll be responsible for ensuring the success of PPAF’s online and print communications.

Its 501(c)4

A 501(c)4 nonprofit organization, Planned Parenthood Action Fund’ is a political advocacy group focused on supporting legalized abortion and sex education policy. The group is a branch of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which offers healthcare services and is the political arm of the organization. While the term “Planned Parenthood” can refer to several different organizations, the 501(c)(4) internship is an opportunity to learn about the organization’s work in government.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund has a new Vice President of Public Affairs, Kaitlyn Wojtowicz. She will provide strategic leadership to the Public Affairs department. She has over ten years of experience in reproductive health advocacy, and previously served as the Director of External Relations at Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan NJ. She also volunteers and is the chapter director of the New Leaders Council of New Jersey.

In addition to interning for the nonprofit organization, you can also help to support their mission by getting involved in their educational programs and organizing for political campaigns. The 501(c)(4) status of Planned Parenthood Action Fund allows the organization to engage in political activities, such as voting, opposing or supporting candidates. However, the organization may also engage in political lobbying and political campaign activities, including the creation of educational programs and advocacy campaigns.

The PPFA is a national umbrella organization that represents Planned Parenthood health centers nationwide. It educates the public about reproductive health and advocates for expanded access to health care. A 501(c)(4) organization, Planned Parenthood Action Fund is the political arm of the PPFA. PPFA has done more than any other organization in the United States to promote reproductive rights.

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