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plexus internships

plexus internships

If you are an innovative, flexible team player with a passion for developing STEM-based solutions that make a difference in the world, you may be a candidate to join our Intern Program.

If you are an innovative, flexible team player with a passion for developing STEM-based solutions that make a difference in the world, you may be a candidate to join our Intern Program.

  • We look for ambitious people who are driven to succeed.
  • We want people who are comfortable with change because our business is always changing.
  • We want team players who want to help make a difference in the world!

Engineering (Thermoplastic and Thermoset)

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing and Management
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Systems and Control Engineering Systems engineers are concerned with how to design, develop, test and use systems that have a multitude of parts. They must be able to understand the interactions between each component and then determine what the optimal configuration should be. The systems they work on can range from large-scale industrial operations such as nuclear power plants to small control systems inside your car or cell phone.

Sales and Marketing

A marketing internship is a great way to get your foot in the door at a company and learn about how they operate. If you want to pursue a career in sales, it’s also a good idea to do an internship where you can gain experience and build connections with potential employers.

You’ll be working with many different departments at the company and putting yourself on display for hiring managers so make sure you’re doing everything from day one! Your responsibilities might include:

  • Marketing: Developing creative campaigns or strategies that help promote goods and services
  • Advertising: Creating advertisements through print or digital media (such as newspaper ads or Facebook posts)
  • Public relations (PR): Communicating with reporters on behalf of your organization
  • Sales: Meeting directly with customers in order to sell them goods/services
  • Customer service: Responding directly to inquiries from customers via phone calls, emails etc., resolving issues where possible
  • Product development: Working with other team members such as R&D on new products before they reach consumers

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

You will be involved in quality control and quality assurance. You will also be involved in identifying, analyzing and solving quality problems. Quality assurance is a process that ensures the application of measures that minimize errors or defects in products and services. You will audit the company’s systems for deficiency identification, correction, or prevention of problems. Another important aspect of QA is continuous improvement where you assess customer requirements against existing standards to determine if these needs are being met by current processes/procedures/workflows etc., If not then improvements must be made to ensure customer satisfaction.

Finance and Accounting

As a Finance and Accounting Intern, you will be working closely with the finance and accounting team at Plexus. You will learn about how to analyze data, make recommendations based on that analysis, and use multiple accounting systems. In addition to these responsibilities, you may have opportunities to attend business meetings or gather data related to specific projects.

Human Resources

  • Recruitment and selection: Hiring, orientation, employee assessment
  • Training and development: Onboarding, learning management systems (LMS) training
  • Compensation and benefits: Employee compensation plans such as salary reviews, promotion policies, job descriptions and classifications
  • Time and attendance: Attendance tracking (manual or electronic), absence management
  • Employee relations: Employment law compliance including HR information sharing policies; employee handbooks; harassment prevention programs
  • Employee engagement: Performance management tools to stay engaged with employees while they are at work

We have created an environment where interns work on real projects and are treated as part of the Plexus team.

Interns at Plexus are given a wide range of opportunities to learn and grow, including:

  • Mentoring by senior engineers via pair programming sessions, code reviews and project critiques.
  • Assigned projects that are real, challenging and fun. (In fact, some interns have even received awards for their work!)
  • The opportunity to participate in sports activities such as baseball and ping pong with the rest of the team. We also have monthly social events like happy hours!

Additionally, we make sure that our interns contribute back to our local communities through volunteering opportunities such as Habitat for Humanity or Veteran’s groups so they can give back while gaining valuable experience in preparation for their future careers.

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