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political internships summer 2022

political internships summer 2022

interning in local, state, or federal government

You can gain experience in the political process, learn about the inner workings of government, and get involved with research and analysis. You may also assist with constituent services or legislative issues.

  • Interning for a local government means you’ll be working closely with elected officials to assist them in their duties. These positions are typically unpaid, but if you’re highly motivated to gain valuable experience and knowledge about politics, this may be an option for you. Being able to say that you’ve worked for your city or county’s mayor or council members will look good on your resume when applying for jobs after college.
  • State-level internships are often paid positions because they require more advanced skills than what someone just starting out would have yet acquired through school courses alone (or even months worth of reading). The responsibilities will vary depending on what branch of state government is hiring: however many interns there are working for HR departments at one time might be one example; another could involve research into potential legislation before it gets voted on by legislators themselves later down the line.”
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interning with political campaigns

Campaign internships are a great way for students to get involved in politics. They offer interns a chance to work on campaigns, meet other people who share their political views, and learn more about the inner workings of political campaigns. However, as with any internship that requires long hours and unpaid labor, campaign internships are not exactly easy or glamorous.

  • Campaign interns should expect to be very busy during their time on the campaign. Depending on what role they’re filling (phone banking, canvassing, data entry), they could also be expected to work long hours each day—and possibly over multiple days in a row—without doing much actual campaigning.
  • Campaign interns will likely only receive some form of compensation for their services; this may include a small stipend or even just the satisfaction of having worked hard for something you believe in!

interning in the fields of lobbying, advocacy, or public relations


Making your case to government officials on behalf of clients or causes. Lobbying can be done by individuals, groups and companies alike. It also includes efforts by citizens to influence government officials. Lobbying may be done by paid or volunteer advocates.

interning with nonprofit organizations

You may be wondering what to expect from an internship with a nonprofit organization.

Your experience will vary depending on the organization and the role you fill. For example, if you work in development, your job might consist of researching grant opportunities, drafting grant proposals and fundraising letters and emails. If you’re working in marketing or communications, your tasks might include writing press releases or newsletters; creating marketing collateral such as brochures and flyers; conducting research for potential donors; attending events as part of the speaker program; managing social media accounts; planning community outreach campaigns like food drives or clothing drives; or even organizing volunteer projects such as building houses for families in need during hurricane season. In addition to these responsibilities, there are many other ways to get involved at nonprofits! Nonprofit organizations often rely on interns’ help with special events like fundraisers or galas where they need extra staffing support (think: bartenders). They also frequently have summer jobs available that allow students interested in public service careers to gain valuable experience working directly with clients who come into their offices for services over the course of six months—these positions are ideal if your goal is eventually getting hired by a nonprofit organization after college graduation!

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internship opportunities with corporate and industry groups that have a political interest or focus.

Internships with corporate and industry groups that have a political interest or focus are an excellent way to get your foot in the door. Here are some examples of companies that have a political interest or focus:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon

Political internships are a great way to gain experience and potentially start your career.

Political internships are a great way to gain experience and potentially start your career. They’re important for career development because they give you an opportunity to learn about the field, network with people in the field, and help out at an organization that could be useful for future job opportunities.

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