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Positions in Strategic Foresight Group Internship

If you are looking for an internship position that you can apply to at a top consulting firm, the Strategic Foresight Group may be the perfect place for you. This internship program focuses on strategic foresight and planning, a vital role in today’s economy. IFTF interns work as a team, guided by an Executive Director and Research Manager. They will work together to complete team projects, as well as independently complete individual projects. During their internship, each intern is responsible for their own individual capstone foresight project, which will be presented to IFTF staff at the end of the program.

Positions in Strategic Foresight Group Internship

To apply for a Positions in Strategic Foresight Group internship, please visit the firm’s website. You will need a Covering Letter explaining why your background is appropriate for the position and what you’d like to learn while working in the organization. In your Covering Letter, please mention your educational background, work experience, and any other training you may have. Your Covering Letter should also describe your interest in organizational work, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. The letter should conclude with your vision for the next five years. You must be an Indian citizen or have permission to work in India.

Responsibilities of a Strategic Foresight Group Intern

As an intern with the Strategic Foresight Group, you will work on developing and implementing new foresight workstreams under the SG Lab Futures Initiative. Your primary focus will be to develop and apply foresight methodologies, tools, and services, and to contribute to developing an experiment pipeline. In addition to this, you will work to develop an online resource center that will host reference material on foresight, futures literacy, and futures thinking.

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As an intern, you will work closely with the Strategic Foresight Group’s analysts to help uncover the future of Autodesk. By identifying key forces driving change in the future of the organization, you’ll contribute to decision-making by providing actionable insight and analysis. You’ll analyze data from various sources to uncover critical insights guiding Autodesk’s strategy. You’ll also track global and cultural trends.

The Strategic Foresight Group is seeking an energetic, motivated, and self-motivated summer research intern to join the Risk and Foresight Group, a research and analysis center housed within the International Security Program. Interns will contribute to the research agenda of the group by providing background research on emerging global risks. They’ll also be involved in events and communications missions within the program.

Skills required for a Strategic Foresight Group Intern

The internship will provide the student with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field of foresight. Through hands-on projects, the intern will learn how to conduct research and analysis to identify emerging trends and opportunities. In addition, the intern will participate in design and development of foresight workshops and contribute to the Strategic Foresight group’s Futures Literacy operating system.

To apply, students must be recent graduates with a degree in a social science, natural science, or other related field. Applicants should have a strong interest in organizational work and an assessment of their own strengths. Applicants must be legal residents of India or have a work permit for their country of residence. An applicant must have a valid passport and permission to work in India. If you do not hold a resident visa, you should have an American or Canadian passport.

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