Public Health Internships For Undergraduate Students

Public Health Internships For Undergraduate Students

There are a variety of Public Health Internships For Undergraduate Students, including CDC’s Undergraduate Public Scholars Program (CUPS), the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s OHIP, and Atlantis. Listed below are some of the most notable opportunities in the field. All of these internships are highly competitive and require a significant amount of research. For more information, visit the websites below.

CDC’s Undergraduate Public Health Scholars (CUPS) program

The CDC’s Undergraduate Public Health Scholar’s (CUPS) program provides undergraduate students with a unique opportunity to study the field of public health. Undergraduate students are recruited from underrepresented groups and provided with training in public health and the social determinants of health. These students also have the opportunity to gain real-world experience. The CUPS program also promotes racial and ethnic diversity by facilitating social and professional networks through academic institutions.

The CUPS program involves a research project or community project. Interns complete eight to ten weeks of hands-on fieldwork and apply classroom learning. They also gain valuable experience in health communication. The culmination of the program is a research manuscript or oral presentation. The program provides a stipend, housing on the Morehouse College campus, and course credit. A portion of the grant funds the Student Coordinating Center, which coordinates communication and acts as a central repository for all research and data collected by the CUPS.

The CUPS program focuses on enhancing diversity in the public health workforce. Students are matched with a mentor and undertake an intensive research project. Students typically work with a CDC partner organization such as the National Centers for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention. The internships help students gain hands-on training in various public health fields and foster a sense of purpose in their future careers.

Undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds can apply for a fellowship through the CDC’s Undergraduate Public Health Scholar program. The fellowship program helps students to gain leadership skills and enter the field of public health. Students can also receive graduate training in the field. The CUPS program is sponsored by the CDC and is part of a larger research initiative aimed at achieving health equity.

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The CUPS Program is part of the CDC’s Undergraduate Public Health Scholar initiative, which is aimed at increasing the number of underrepresented minority students in the field of public health. CUPS students participate in intensive public health curricula, attend workshops, and participate in field placements. As part of this program, Scholars are paired with mentors who are professionals in their field. They become part of an enthusiastic community dedicated to improving public health.

CDC’s Occupational Health Internship Program (OHIP)

The Occupational Health Internship Program (OHI) for undergraduates is a national program that connects the skills of students with the needs of working people. The program pairs students with a union staff member or academic mentor. While interns learn about occupational health and safety, they also gain practical knowledge by working in a working environment. They present their findings at an annual videoconference hosted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

To apply, undergraduates must be US citizens or permanent residents. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age and enrolled at least half-time in college. Applicants must also have a passion for public health and have completed two years of study in public health, environmental studies, or public policy. Graduate students are encouraged to apply for OHIP if they’re in a related field. Students cannot have been out of school for more than six months prior to the start of their internship.

To apply for OHIP, undergraduates must be enrolled in an accredited U.S. college or university, have a 3.0 or 4.0 GPA, and be considering graduate studies. Science majors are encouraged to apply, but students with other majors may be eligible for research opportunities as well. Those interested in public health must complete the application process by the deadline.

There are many opportunities available in the CDC. For undergraduate students, the OHIP offers several short-term internship programs. Students will work in one of the divisions of the National Center for Environmental Health. Fellows will be involved in interdisciplinary teams, use state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, and work on a topic related to public health.

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The Atlantis Project provides pre-med students with a chance to gain real-world experience in healthcare and medicine. Atlantis partners with hospitals throughout Europe to provide students with several weeks of intensive job shadowing and group excursions. Fellows are also given the opportunity to become involved in research and participate in a cultural immersion experience. The Atlantis Project has been running internships since 2012 and has received recognition from leading healthcare and study abroad organizations.

To apply for an Atlantis program, you must be an undergraduate student and not have graduated college before Dec. 2014. You must be enrolled in a health-related degree program or experience to be considered. You can also do the language and culture portion of the internship if you’re not planning to major in health care. This program will cost approximately $2000 or more. However, you can save money by not traveling for the program.

Unlike other internships, Atlantis offers a unique and immersive experience. Students work with health professionals on current projects, such as studying new treatment methods. They also work with local residents to provide health education. Besides being a unique learning opportunity, SSB programs are ideal for students who want to develop professional skills while studying abroad. Moreover, a student may even get to travel to different countries to gain exposure to different cultures.

Those interested in studying public health can participate in this program as an undergraduate. In addition to the internship itself, students will also receive a monthly stipend commensurate with their educational background. Participants must provide proof of their health insurance. In addition to this, students do not become employees of the DOE or FDA, nor will they receive employment benefits. If you are interested in applying to this internship, consider applying today.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Students who are considering an undergraduate internship in public health can choose from many different types of opportunities. There are opportunities within the School of Public Health, as well as outside of it. The School of Public Health is located in Birmingham, AL, which offers a diverse set of opportunities. Students can complete an internship at a local organization, work with community organizations, or take on a research project. Undergraduate students can also choose from a variety of internship opportunities at local hospitals.

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To qualify for an internship at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, students must be enrolled in a baccalaureate or master’s program in public health and have completed prerequisite pre-professional courses. A personal statement of 200 to 400 words should also be included in the application. This statement must be uploaded as a supplemental document. It should include the following information:

While working at the UAB School of Public Health, students can engage in projects that serve underserved communities. The Healthy Villages Internship gives students a broad exposure to the programs of the nonprofit organization while engaging in theories of public health and international development. The interns are also exposed to USAID programs in Washington, D.C. Interns will be involved in supporting the government’s programs in health, education, and economic growth. The internship is a great way for students to get work experience in public health and discover if it is the right field for them.

While there are many public health internships available at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, students must be aware that there are very limited spots available. While all internship departments offer dynamic learning opportunities for students, the selection process for each one is highly competitive. Students must complete at least one year of college in order to qualify for the summer program. During this time, students will also participate in an interview with program leadership. Typically, decisions are made within two weeks of the application window closing.

There are also internship opportunities available with the CDC. Undergraduates can participate in the Summer Biomedical Research Program, which involves participating in research in a laboratory environment for nine weeks. During the program, students will be required to write a paper summarizing their research experiences. The program is open to students who are in their sophomore and junior years. Applicants must be serious about a career in public health and apply as early as possible.

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