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publishing internships summer 2022

publishing internships summer 2022

Penguin Random House

What you’ll do as an intern at Penguin Random House:

• Work on publishing projects, including researching and writing reports, inputting data into a database, and conducting interviews.

• Meet with editors to discuss upcoming manuscripts and review marketing materials.

• Help with the planning of launch events and publicity campaigns.

How to apply: Submit your application by March 15th, 2022. To apply, email [email protected] with your resume attached in PDF format before the deadline ends if you’re interested in this position. The ideal candidate will have strong communication skills as well as experience working on marketing campaigns or serving as an editor’s assistant for at least one year prior to applying for this role; however, we’ll accept applications from anyone who meets our basic requirements (see below). The internship is unpaid but offers plenty of experience in exchange for hard work during the eight-week period from July 1st through September 30th

St. Martin’s Press

St. Martin’s Press is a publisher of trade paperbacks and hardcovers in the US and UK. They publish books in the following categories: fiction, romance, and nonfiction; their imprints include Minotaur Books (mysteries) and Thomas Dunne Books (thrillers). St. Martin’s Press is based in New York City with additional offices in London.

St Martin’s Press publishes more than 500 titles each year across their U.S. imprints as well as many worldwide markets including Canada, Australia/New Zealand, South Africa, India/Asia Pacific region including Singapore/Hong Kong which handles further sales outside of North America under its own nameplate into territories that do not have dedicated publishers such as Russia.”

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Macmillan is a major publisher of books and other media, as well as the world’s largest consumer book publisher. They publish more than 180,000 titles every year in over 50 different languages in over 200 countries.

  • Internship programs: Macmillan offers both paid and unpaid internships in publishing, editorial and marketing departments throughout the year.
  • Application deadlines: Applications for internship positions are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year.* Who to contact for more information about internships or other opportunities at Macmillan: For general inquiries about internship opportunities with Macmillan, please email [email protected].

Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schuster is one of the oldest publishing houses in America. In its nearly 125 years, it has published thousands of books and grown a diverse list of authors. Simon & Schuster has a variety of imprints (Atria, Touchstone, Gallery) that publish different types of books—from thrillers and horror novels to children’s stories and cookbooks.

The internships offered by Simon & Schuster include those focused on editing or marketing books as well as those that concentrate on publicity campaigns for particular authors or projects. The internship program offers students valuable experience working in a publishing environment while helping them develop their skills related to writing, editing, publishing and marketing.


Hachette is a powerful publishing company that produces books in all genres, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry and children’s books. This internship is open to college students or recent college graduates who want to learn more about the editorial side of publishing.

The internship is full-time and paid; interns are expected to work 40 hours a week during the summer months (May through August). Hachette offers internships on both coasts: in New York City for East Coast interns and in Los Angeles for West Coast interns.

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You’ll have an opportunity to work on a variety of editorial projects from developing marketing plans for new book releases as well as assisting with photo shoots or author interviews. You’ll also be helping out with accounting tasks like compiling sales reports and calculating royalty checks for authors.


HarperCollins Publishers is a publishing company owned by News Corp. It publishes approximately 4,000 books annually under 19 imprints and has offices in New York City and London.

The company was founded in 1817 as an agent for booksellers to perform their own publishing with the encouragement of UK author, Charlotte Brontë. For over 200 years HarperCollins has been at the forefront of publishing innovation with authors including J.K Rowling, Dan Brown and Harper Lee having published through HarperCollins’ imprints.

These are some places you can apply to for publishing internships.

If you want to be considered for a publishing internship, there are several places you can apply: Penguin Random House, St. Martin’s Press, Macmillan and Simon & Schuster are among the most well-known publishers that offer internships year-round. Hachette Book Group also offers internships in its New York office. These companies publish books that range from nonfiction titles about science and history to romance novels and memoirs by celebrities like Mindy Kaling or former first lady Michelle Obama. HarperCollins is another large publisher specializing in adult fiction and children’s books; it offers publishing internships exclusively in its New York office during the summer months from June through September (some offices also offer fall or spring opportunities).

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