research internships in london

research internships in london

Architectural Association School of Architecture

The internship lasts for 6 months, from October to March.

Students and recent graduates are welcome to apply, but priority will be given to students who have completed one year of undergraduate education or its equivalent. If you’re looking for funding, this is not the right program for you; all positions are unpaid.

Build Up (Architecture & Humanitarian Aid)

If you’re interested in architecture, humanitarian aid and building up communities, the Build Up initiative is a great place to start. The program works with architects, designers, planners and others in the industry to help build up communities in need of assistance.

Architects Without Borders UK (AWB-UK)

What is Architects Without Borders UK (AWB-UK)?

Architects Without Borders UK (AWB-UK) is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve the lives of people in developing countries through the use of architecture and design. They work with local communities to create innovative, sustainable buildings and infrastructure projects.

How can you get involved?

You can volunteer with AWB-UK if you have an interest in architecture, engineering or building design. The organization offers short term placements for up to six weeks as well as long term opportunities of up to two years. If your time isn’t limited, it’s worth checking out their website for more information on how they work and what is needed from volunteers before applying.

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British School at Athens

The British School at Athens was founded in 1886 and has become one of the most prestigious institutions for classical studies in Europe. Located in Plaka, an area that is close to many archaeological sites, it offers undergraduate students the opportunity to study ancient Greek art and architecture as well as ancient history. Students can also gain valuable experience by working on various projects with staff members or researchers, such as excavating at Keros Island or participating in a dig at Mount Athos monastery.

The BSA’s facilities include lecture halls, seminar rooms and a library stocked with over 60 thousand books on cultural topics such as archaeology, history and anthropology. The library also contains journals from all around the world covering topics related to these fields – making it an ideal place for research papers!

The British School at Rome

The British School at Rome is an independent postgraduate research institution based in Rome, Italy. It was founded in 1902 to promote an advanced study of the civilization of ancient Rome, and today it offers a wide variety of courses that cover the classical world from prehistory to late antiquity.

The British School at Rome provides four main types of funding:

Friends of Morrison Hill (Modern Heritage)

Friends of Morrison Hill (Modern Heritage) is a registered charity that is dedicated to preserving and promoting the heritage of the site, which once housed one of the largest industrial estates in Britain. Through their work they aim to educate people about modern architecture and its historical context, as well as raise awareness about the importance of preserving it for future generations.

Friends of The Geffrye Museum & Gardens

If you are interested in pursuing research internships in London, the Friends of The Geffrye Museum & Gardens offers a wide range of opportunities for work experience. You can gain valuable research experience by researching and cataloguing their collection of furniture, textiles and paintings. In addition to looking at the collections they have on display, you may also choose to work with their curators on projects related to exhibitions or publications.

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If your area of interest lies with conservation rather than research, there are also many different possibilities available at this museum that might appeal to you such as working in their library or even applying for a position with one of their curators. If you have an interest in education or marketing there are also many positions available within these departments that would give you invaluable insight into how museums operate while providing hands-on experience as well!

Historic Royal Palaces

More than a dozen internships are available at each of the Historic Royal Palaces sites. Applicants should have a BA or MA in history, art history or related topics, and must have some experience in the museum field. At Hampton Court Palace, interns are responsible for guiding visitors through an exhibition on Henry VIII; at Kew Palace they assist with visitor services, including ticketing and gift shop sales; at Kensington Palace they provide support for events such as royal receptions and garden parties;; and at Tower of London they contribute to research projects on various aspects of its collections.

Historic England (formerly English Heritage)

The Historic England internship is a great opportunity for those studying a Masters or PhD in the UK. The main tasks of this internship are curating and preserving historic buildings, and you’ll be working closely with the team at their head office in London.

The criteria to apply are as follows: applicants must be studying a Masters or PhD at a UK university, have previous experience in heritage conservation projects, and be able to commit for one month (from June–August) of full-time work. This spot is unpaid, but you’ll receive travel expenses while on site.

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Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit

Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit (KARU) is a voluntary organisation that rescues archaeological sites and artefacts from destruction by development. KARU works with the local authorities, developers and landowners to ensure that archaeological remains are not destroyed or damaged.

KARU was formed in 1989 to prevent the destruction of important archaeological sites on the Isle of Thanet coast in Kent. Since then it has grown into a nationwide organisation with members across England, Wales and Scotland.

The purpose of KARU is: To promote and protect archaeology, its interests and values; To educate all sectors of society about archaeology; To encourage archaeology through research; And to encourage best practice amongst those interested in it’s protection

London Public Record Office (PRO) Conservation Department (Link only for information about the work not for applying)

The London Public Record Office (PRO) Conservation Department is a specialist division of the PRO offering conservation and preservation services to archives, libraries, museums and historical societies throughout the United Kingdom. The conservation department provides a wide range of professional services including:

  • on-site surveys, assessments and condition reports
  • treatment recommendations for damaged documents or artefacts
  • repairs, mending and tacking projects for damaged materials such as books, manuscripts, archives etc.

To be considered for a position with this company you must be able to demonstrate prior experience in conservation work, which may include volunteer work at your local library or museum. You should also have knowledge of some of the following topics: paper-based conservation techniques; natural history collections; archival methodology; archival documentation methods; archaeological documentation methods; palaeographic studies (such as hand lettering); research skills (such as computer programming).

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