songwriting internships nyc

songwriting internships nyc

We have a wide array of internships available throughout our NYC and Nashville offices.

We have a wide array of internships available throughout our NYC and Nashville offices. These are listed below:

  • BMG Chrysalis Music Publishing, Inc. (New York) – Creative Interns work with our team of writers, producers and A&R executives on the creative aspects of developing new songs for some of the most exciting artists in music today. As an intern at Chrysalis Music Publishing you will have hands-on experience working directly with our team to assist in any way that we can. This includes pitching song ideas to artists, generating initial concepts for songs, developing melodies that suit the artist’s sound as well as helping us brainstorm lyrics for songs. Additionally you may be asked to contribute towards marketing campaigns surrounding these releases or help pitch songs for other projects being considered by Chrysalis Music Publishing Artists *Blaster Music Group (Nashville) – The Blaster Music Group offers emerging songwriters unique opportunities to develop their craft while earning valuable industry connections through various programs including Songwriting Camps and Artist Development Programs.*bbr MUSIC GROUP (Nashville) – At bbr MUSIC GROUP we believe there is power in music and its ability to inspire change in people’s lives! Our goal is not only provide great quality music but also find ways where it can inspire others around us!
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Arts & Crafts Productions Inc

Arts & Crafts Productions Inc. is an independent record label based in Brooklyn, New York. They offer internships for college students seeking to learn about the music industry by working on a wide variety of projects that include marketing, video production, publicity and more.

Interns interested in Arts & Crafts Productions Inc should be prepared to work at least 20 hours per week during the spring or summer semesters or fall semester (to be determined). Interns are able to take advantage of opportunities such as working at live shows as well as being exposed to various artists’ albums while they’re being produced and released. These are unpaid internships but they will provide valuable experience in many areas related to the music industry including marketing, artist development, social media management and more.

BMG Chrysalis

Chrysalis is a music publishing house that was founded in the early 1970s by British entrepreneur Chris Wright. It has since become part of BMG Chrysalis, which is now one of the world’s largest independent music companies. Chrysalis has offices all over the world, including Tokyo, New York City and London.

The company offers internships year-round to students who want to learn more about the music industry or gain experience as songwriters and producers. The program lasts three months (or longer if you prefer) and includes mentorship from experienced professionals in various fields such as A&R or marketing.

Many interns have gone on to become successful songwriters for hire after completing their internship at Chrysalis; some have even been signed by major record labels like Sony Music Entertainment or Universal Music Group! If you’re looking for a place where your skills will be put to good use while networking with other aspiring artists — this could be just what you need!

Blaster Music Publishing LLC

  • Blaster Music Publishing LLC
  • Blaster Music Publishing is a music publishing company that was founded in 2006. The company operates out of Nashville, Tennessee, and is a subsidiary of Big Machine Label Group.

bbr music group

BBR Music Group is a full-service music publishing company and management firm. They represent such artists as Tyler Childers, Brandi Carlile, The Lumineers, Margo Price and others. In addition to artist management and representation of copyrights for songwriters and artists, BBR Music Group also provides creative services for songwriters who are seeking co-writing opportunities with their clients or other songwriters in their network.

Great opportunities to get started in the music industry.

There are many great opportunities to get started in the music industry, whether you’re a musician or someone else who’s interested in working in this field. There are so many different disciplines that can be used to work with music: marketing and social media; publicity; production; management; finance; law (such as copyright law); business administration (like accounting); event planning; digital strategy—the list goes on and on!

You’ll find an environment where creativity flourishes and challenges are rewarded, which makes for a rewarding career path for anyone who wants to learn about every aspect of the business side of things. There will also be plenty of networking opportunities since interns will be spending time around other experienced professionals from all different areas within this industry.

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