Speech Pathology Grad School Acceptance Rates

Speech Pathology Grad School Acceptance Rates

Speech Pathology Grad School Acceptance Rates

Getting into grad school can be a stressful feat. Accomplished applicants spend months completing applications and writing compelling personal statements. But out of all elements of the application, the most difficult to predict is acceptance or rejection. One element nurses, students and online resource seekers would benefit tremendously from is information about acceptance rates for various schools.

Speech Pathology Grad School Acceptance Rates

Acceptance rate: 12%

Vanderbilt University, School of Medicine

Nashville, Tennessee-based Vanderbilt University is a renowned private research institution. It was established in 1873 to improve ties among various communities. The university boasts many well regarded graduate programs with a 12% acceptance rate.

One of the greatest speech pathology programs in the nation, the university’s on-campus MSc in speech-language pathology enables students to earn a CCC-SLP (Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Over the course of two academic years, the curriculum lasts 20 to 24 months.

The program provides interested students with specialized electives and hands-on training at several institutions, including the Monroe Carrell, Jr. Children’s Hospital, the Vanderbilt University Hospital, and the Bill Wilkerson Center for Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences. The Office of Student Financial Help offers financial aid, and annual tuition is $43,287.

Speech Pathology Grad Schools Acceptance Rates
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Boston University, College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College

Acceptance rate: 20%

Famous private research institution Boston University has two campuses in Boston and offers courses in many other countries. 20% of applicants are accepted overall at the Methodist-founded university that was established in 1839.

Their on-campus, two-year speech-language pathology program offers options in academia, clinical practice, and research. The curriculum enables students to fulfill ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) certification criteria and Massachusetts state licensure requirements for clinical practice. Financial aid is offered in the form of scholarships, student employment, and federal aid; the program’s tuition is $58,560.

Northwestern University, School of Communication

Acceptance rate: 9%

The oldest accredited institution in Illinois was founded in 1851 and is a private research university called Northwestern University. It is situated in Evanston, Illinois. It includes 11 schools and has a 9% acceptance rate.

The on-campus MS program at Northwestern places a strong emphasis on learning in a clinical setting and provides hands-on instruction that teaches students how to think critically and make scientific decisions. After two years of coursework, there is a two-year internship. Northwestern Student Financial Services offers financial help and scholarships, and the tuition is $17,699 per quarter.

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New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

Acceptance rate: 21%

The New York State Legislature granted a charter to New York University in 1831, making it a private research institution. The institution accepts 21% of applicants and has campuses, academic institutes, and research initiatives in nations all over the world.

One of the top online master’s programs in SLP that is accredited by the ASHA is this one. It prepares students to care for people with problems of swallowing and speech in a variety of settings. Clinical practice and on-campus practicum are part of the evidence-based training. Financial aid in the form of federal loans is available for the $1,942 per credit tuition.

Speech Pathology Grad Schools Acceptance Rates
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Texas Woman’s University

Acceptance rate: 94%

With almost 15,000 students, Texas Woman’s University (TWU) is the largest women’s university in the nation. Are hybrid graduate programs in speech-language pathology what you’re looking for? Your best option might be TWU. In all academic fields, it accords offline and online education equal weight. With a 94% acceptance rate, it has three campuses: Dallas, Denton, and Houston.

The MS in Speech-Language Pathology program at TWU is a distance learning program where you take certain classes on campus for practicals and others online via Zoom. The program has two cohort types available: one focusing on education and the other on healthcare, and it can be finished in 27 months. The cost of tuition is $5,052 a semester, and there are financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

Speech Pathology Grad School Requirements

Speech Pathology Grad School Requirements

An decent grade point average and a bachelor’s degree are typically prerequisites for graduate school. To improve your chances of being accepted, you will frequently additionally need to achieve a specific score on a graduate entrance exam. A personal statement and referral letters can also be required.

A bachelor’s degree

Here, there are no short cuts. Since the name already suggests that it is a graduate program, a college degree is required for admission. You don’t have to pass a certain college course just to get in, like law school. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association states that although a degree in communication sciences is good, you are not need to have a specific major.

A certain grade point average

The likelihood that a person will be accepted into the program depends on the average grades they must obtain. The minimum GPA varies for various degrees, though. Because of the resources needed to get there and proceed from there, what can be expected from one will significantly differ from the other. Despite the fact that GPAs can differ, a competitive GPA of 3.0 is a requirement. Your GPA and GRE results can be useful during the application process.

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A GRE General Test Score

Since just a few programs and colleges offer this test, it is not required. It helps to have this additional credential, though. If anything, it boosts your chances of being accepted since people would think more highly of you and believe you have what it takes to succeed in the industry. Your chances of getting into a graduate school increase with your test score.

Several letters of recommendation

When applying to graduate programs, having a positive recommendation from a professional who is familiar with you and has already worked with you can be quite advantageous. It is unquestionably very helpful to have letters of recommendation to support you and boost your qualifications. You might ask school counselors and even SLPs you may know for recommendations.

A personal essay

Admissions officers for graduate schools are interested in more than simply your GPA and test results. What made you decide to become a speech-language pathologist? What inspires you? Why are you a perfect fit for their program, specifically? These are a handful of the inquiries you could be required to respond to during the application process. The majority of courses and institutions give you starter questions and prompts. Others, though, could need you to select your own area of interest.

Speech Pathology Grad Schools Acceptance Rates
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How to Get into SLP Grad School

Although applying to graduate school may seem frightening, those who are motivated to study hard can become speech-language pathologists. Here are the basic actions you’ll need to follow to go along this professional path.

First, complete your college degree.
You must obtain a bachelor’s degree in order to apply to graduate school, even though a specific field of study is not necessary.

Don’t forget to take the GRE General Test.
Despite the fact that it was previously stated that it is not required, a GRE score can enhance your credentials, particularly if you have a bachelor’s degree that is unrelated to the sector you are applying for. Additionally, you have a year to take this test as many times as you’d like—up to five (5) times.

Watch how various speech-language pathologists perform their duties.
You should observe numerous SLPs before enrolling in a graduate degree in SLP to make sure you appreciate the work. Preschools, colleges, private clinics, corporate services, the armed forces, and even the US Public Health Service are among the places where SLPs can work.

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Create a network with speech-language pathologists in it.
Even though it could seem repetitive, it’s crucial to emphasize that the people in your network can assist you achieve in your profession. These are the same folks who will eventually recommend you to organizations where you can work and stand by you.

Additionally, developing relationships and connections with real professionals in this sector can lead to a lifetime of mentors who can improve you not just as a professional but also as a person.

Volunteer your time.
Volunteering can help you develop your professional network and is a fantastic addition to your resume as you apply to graduate programs. Part-time volunteering is sufficient; full-time employment is not required. Additionally, it enables you to decide whether you ultimately want to pursue a career in speech-language pathology.

Advantages of Studying Speech Pathology

Opportunity to Help Others: Working closely with patients, determining their limitations, and assisting them in bettering their quality of life are all aspects of the speech pathology career. Helping others will give you a lot of job pleasure.

Flexible Schedule: Speech pathologists frequently operate on their own schedules rather than adhering to standard office hours. Depending on your inclination, you might be able to work Monday through Friday, a few days per week, or even on the weekends and in the evenings.

Working with Children: Many speech-language pathologists work in schools where they get to spend their working days with children. You will find the job exciting, enjoyable, and very gratifying if you love kids.

Drawbacks of Speech Pathology

Arduous Paperwork: Managing a variety of papers and keeping track of clinical and therapeutic activities are common tasks for speech-language pathologists, which can be time- and labor-intensive.

Holiday Work: Working at a hospital or other healthcare facility frequently entails working after regular office hours. Speech pathologists typically work on a rotating schedule, which includes weekends and holidays, as a hospital is required to provide services 365 days a year.

Long Gaps Between Assessments: Long Intervals Between Evaluations A speech-language pathologist who works in schools is often evaluated every two to three years rather than every year, and you may wait to receive a pay raise while you wait for your evaluation.


The factors that affect grad school acceptance rates are virtually endless— which is why we’ve done all the homework for you. Browse our scatter shots illustrating the odds of acceptance by field, cost of attendance, GRE requirements, and more. With this information at hand you’ll arrive at a much better understanding of what to expect when applying to grad school– and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree it’s worth the extra effort.

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