stella mccartney internships

stella mccartney internships

Fashion design

Fashion Design Intern

Design Office, London

6 Month Contract, starting TBC

This internship will provide a unique opportunity and experience to work in an environment that is fast paced at all times. You will be challenged and learn how the design process works and take part in it through being creative, organised and innovative. This role involves working as part of a team alongside members of staff who are passionate about what they do. The role requires frequent communication with other departments and every department within the business.

Fashion design – accessories

The accessories design team works with both men’s and women’s accessories, including handbags, leather goods, shoes and jewelry. We use a variety of materials such as leathers, metals, hardware and fabrics to create our pieces.

Our department looks for interns who are enthusiastic and passionate about the field of fashion design. We want someone who is open-minded enough to learn new techniques that we use in the studio but also strong enough in their skills where they can bring their own ideas to the table. Our ideal candidate should also be flexible with their workload and willing to take on any task that is given to them. On an average day, you could be drawing flats or technical sketches one day but then working on a presentation board or putting together physical inspiration boards another day. We have working relationships with nearly every department in the company so its important for our intern be able to work well with others and communicate effectively.


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Commercial & marketing

Commercial and marketing internships are a great way to learn about the business. You will be responsible for a wide range of projects, from assisting the senior management in planning and executing events, to researching new media opportunities, to maintaining our mailing list.

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You’ll need to be creative and have an interest in fashion. Strong verbal and written communication skills are important, as is an ability to work independently under pressure of deadlines.

Most importantly you should be ambitious, with a strong desire to succeed in your chosen career path and want to know more about what we do at Stella McCartney.

Commercial & marketing – retail marketing & events

Retail Marketing & Events is dedicated to creating compelling communications that support and build the Stella McCartney brand. Working with the global retail marketing team, you will help create innovative and integrated campaigns across all channels including print, mobile, digital and social media.

As an intern in this department your role will be to understand campaign objectives, expand reach and drive traffic into our stores from both current customers as well as attracting new ones. You will also assist the team supporting retail events such as store openings, activations and customer appreciation days.

During your internship you will enhance your skills in: Project management; Teamwork; Creativity; Attention to detail; Self-motivation; Interpersonal skills; Microsoft Office Skills (Word/Excel/PowerPoint).

Commercial & marketing – visual merchandising

As a visual merchandiser, you are creative and organized. You have a flair for design and an eye for detail. Your work attracts customers to the business, encourages them to stay longer, and increases how much they spend.

You’re responsible for putting together window displays and in-store displays. You organize promotional events and you may even get involved with social media content. All the while, you need to keep the company’s image in mind at all times—you must know your brand inside out!

Working as a visual merchandiser is hugely rewarding. It’s also challenging: you’re working on many different projects at once; deadlines are tight; budgets can be tough to stick to; you’re under pressure from senior managers, designers or architects. To make it through your internship successfully, this means being able to work well with others but also informing them if something isn’t going according to plan.

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Human resources

  • Start by identifying the skills and qualifications that are necessary to perform the job.
  • Next, identify where you will advertise the open position. This could be a combination of online job postings, college and university career centers, newspaper classifieds, employee referral programs and recruiting agencies or search firms.
  • Screen the resumes you receive for potential candidates based on their qualifications. Conduct phone interviews with those that pass the resume screen.
  • Choose two or three candidates for in-person interviews. Prepare questions ahead of time so that all interviewers ask similar questions and can compare answers between candidates more easily. Hire your top choice and contact your second choice if negotiations with first choice fail.

Human resources – recruitment and training

Stella McCartney internships are available to those who want to gain experience in the fashion or design industry. Internships with Stella McCartney are a great way to learn about how a company operates and also be part of a professional working environment.

An internship is often unpaid and short term, usually lasting 3-6 months. Interns are generally required to work full time during an internship period and the skills gained will depend upon the role that you apply for.

Interns with Stella McCartney may be given tasks like assisting in carrying out market research, helping with branding activities, supporting marketing teams with events and campaigns, as well as other duties assigned by their manager or supervisor.

If you are interested in applying for an internship at Stella McCartney, keep checking on this page for current placement opportunities.


  • The internship is for a minimum of three months, or five days per week.
  • The internship must be completed in London.
  • Interns are paid £7.20 per hour. * This internship should be undertaken as part of your studies and therefore you should be a student in the UK.


The Legal Department ensures that the Company engages in all its activities in compliance with applicable law. The Legal Department also takes steps to ensure that the Company’s intellectual property rights are protected and enforced.

The role of the Legal Department

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The responsibilities of the Legal Department vary depending on the type of internship being applied for.

Examples of legal internships at Stella McCartney include:

  • Bridging Relationships Between Legal & Marketing – Interns will assist with pre-clearing a range of marketing materials for upcoming campaigns, including drafting rights release forms, coordinating with third party partners and providing general support services.
  • General Business Affairs – Interns will be exposed to a wide range of legal matters pertaining to retail operations and brand collaborations, including negotiating contracts, drafting agreements and managing key business relationships.


Licensing is basically paying a brand to use their name and logo. It’s a way for designers to expand the reach of their brand by partnering with other companies. Stella McCartney has several licensing agreements in place, which allows her design house to use the resources of other brands to produce some clothing items.

In order to better understand how these licenses work, let’s look at an example. Stella McCartney has teamed up with Adidas, one of our parent company’s biggest sports brands, on several sneaker lines since 2005. This collaboration allows us to use Adidas’ factories and materials while making our own designs on their shoes. The partnership has been successful; sales have grown steadily each year since its inception and there are now two separate lines produced by this team-up: one for men’s shoes and another for women’s (StellaSport).

Stella McCartney is looking for interns in all these departments.

Stella McCartney is the eponymous fashion brand founded by the British designer, and daughter of Paul McCartney, in 2001. The brand produces high-end fashion for adults, children and babies and boasts a fully sustainable ethos.

The paid internship will last for nine months, with two days a week given to the role. It is also possible to conduct this internship remotely (as long as you can show proof of eligibility to live and work in London). The internship is offered in partnership with Workfinder, who are an organisation that assists students with gaining valuable work experience whilst they are studying at university or college.

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