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Student Internships In New York City

Looking for student internships in New York City? You can start by joining the New York Leaders Student Intern Program. Once you sign up for the program, you will receive a confirmation email and future internship alerts. You can also sign up for their free email newsletter to keep up with the latest news and internship opportunities in New York City. However, if you don’t wish to subscribe to their newsletter, you can opt-out at any time.

Student Internships In New York City

NGO Internships

The international NGO internship offers a unique opportunity to gain real-world experience while helping a nonprofit organization fulfill its mission. New York is home to the United Nations headquarters and thousands of nonprofit organizations tackling global issues. By interning with a nonprofit organization, you can start a global career, focus on topics you’re passionate about, and get involved in an impactful role. In addition, these opportunities will allow you to gain valuable professional experience in the process.

One of the largest health NGOs in New York City is Public Health Solutions. This nonprofit group works with and trains high school students to provide services and meaningful work experiences to low-income communities. Students can get hands-on experience by delivering food to soup kitchens and homeless shelters. Interns and volunteers are needed for four stages of this program. The organization seeks out businesses with leftover food, provides transportation and stewardship of donated food, and consults with corporate partners to reduce food waste.

UNICEF is another excellent opportunity to gain practical experience. UNICEF internships require that students be at least eighteen years old and have no close relatives in the reporting line of authority. You should have a stable internet connection and a computer to complete your internship. You will attend various meetings with representatives of the government and other organizations. You will need to speak at least two UN official languages.

Seeds of Peace is another non-profit organization in New York City. This organization trains students in various disciplines to promote peace in the world. Its network boasts more than 7000 alumni in the Middle East, South Asia, Europe, and the United States. Its internship programme offers part-time, summer, and full-time opportunities. Most interns spend a full-time schedule working in a specific department. However, internships are available for recent college graduates and current college students.

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NBC Universal

NBCUniversal offers several types of student internships in New York City. Students interested in the television industry can pursue a summer internship with the network to gain insight into the production process. These internships are held in New York City and are hosted either on-site or virtually, depending on the business needs. In addition, they are open to current college students who are willing to work up to three days a week for the entire duration of the program.

NBCUniversal Student Internships are unique learning opportunities that prepare students for a rewarding future in the media industry. The internships help interns realize their dreams and provide valuable hands-on experience. At NBCUniversal, interns join a diverse community of passionate innovators, with a passion for entertainment and media. The internship program allows interns to gain insight into a diverse range of businesses and receive extensive leadership exposure. The internship program also provides opportunities for networking and connection.

NBCSports Programming is another popular option for aspiring television professionals. Interns here assist the programming department with a variety of tasks, including data entry, show screening, and program information. They also collaborate with diverse disciplines to produce high-quality sports television projects. They will also have an opportunity to help with the production of live sporting events. These are just a few examples of internships available at NBCUniversal in New York City.

CBS Corporation

There are many possibilities when it comes to CBS Corporation student internships in New York City. You can work in the broadcasting divisions, including The Evening News, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, and Newspath. Other possible departments to intern at include the Press Office, Talent Strategy, and National Desk. Interns can expect to learn news gathering skills, perform research, and assist with production during shoots.

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The CBS News internship is currently accepting applications for the Summer term. This opportunity is available for undergraduate and graduate students. You will be required to complete an application that includes a resume, college transcripts, two letters of recommendation, and an essay. If you’re an undergraduate student or a recent graduate, you can apply to the internship for college credit. You must be a junior or senior at an accredited college. You must have excellent writing skills and submit a cover letter with your application.

The CBS Corporation has many different internship opportunities throughout the United States, from local television stations to broadcasting and online. While the internships in New York City are unique in that they allow you to work with real business professionals and gain hands-on experience, you can also apply for internships at the network’s broadcast division, CBS Television Distribution, which covers local television, cable, and film. Other divisions of the company include CBS Radio, Showtime Networks, and CBS EcoMedia.

ViacomCBS is an entertainment conglomerate that owns CBS, Comedy Central, and Pluto TV. They pride themselves on hiring smart people and value diversity. This company is also known for hosting an annual diversity and inclusion week, and their internship program is open to college students of any major. In addition to interning in the broadcast division, interns can also work for the company’s Radio News station, which provides instant coverage of breaking stories, customized reports, and newsfeed material to their 500+ affiliates.

Embrace Relief

Embrace Relief is a nonprofit that combines humanitarian aid and fundraising to bring aid to victims of natural disasters. Their mission is to provide food, medical supplies, and educational materials to those in need. You can volunteer to help out on a specific project or participate in fundraisers or mentorship programs. You can also volunteer to tutor others or raise money for a chapter project. If you would like to volunteer with Embrace Relief, you can find information here.

Embrace Relief is seeking students with a passion for humanitarian aid. You can use your skills to make a difference in the lives of those in need while volunteering with them in New York City. You should know basic computer skills and be a strong computer user. Besides having excellent computer skills, you should also have strong oral and written communication skills. You should also have a positive attitude. And the best part is that you will get to see how far you can go for humanity and the environment.

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LifeSci NYC Internship Program

The LifeSci NYC Internship Program helps college students find internships in the life sciences industry. The internship program provides curriculum support and training to enhance students’ soft skills. Students can choose to intern in life science startups or large pharmaceutical companies. LifeSci NYC also convenes a working group of industry and academic partners to help bridge the gap between student preparation and industry needs. The group is instrumental in shaping academic curricula.

The LifeSci NYC Internship Program is open to undergraduate, graduate, and post-doc researchers. It does not accept high school students. Interns must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States and be currently enrolled in an institution located in New York City. Candidates must also be able to complete the internship as agreed and complete the required training. Once accepted, interns will be given a stipend.

Students who enroll in the program will earn $15 per hour and participate in meaningful educational work related to life sciences. Specific job duties will vary depending on the position and the host company. Interns are expected to work at least 30 hours per week. Typically, students will begin working on May 31 and continue for 10 weeks through August 5, 2022. Interns will work at the work sites of the host companies located within New York City.

To apply, students must be a US citizen or a permanent resident. Applicants must demonstrate maturity and commitment to the program and to the city. They must also be willing to work with the host company’s policies and procedures. LifeSci NYC Internship Program

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