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Summer 2022 Architecture Internships

Summer 2022 Architecture Internships

Architects are always looking for students to work on their projects. If you have studied Architecture in college and are considering a career in architecture, here are some places where you can find an internship during the summer of 2022. Below are some of the top firms that are hiring for the summer of 2022. You can also apply for an internship through the architecture department of your university. The best time to look for an internship is during the summer, so start looking now!


If you’re an architecture student, you might be interested in applying for a Summer 2022 Architecture internship. This summer, interns at a firm specializing in cultural heritage projects can work in the field of conservation, planning, and design. These opportunities range from working in one of the most famous historical buildings in the world to planning and designing the next major subway system. You might even get the chance to conduct fieldwork on historic sites. You could learn about local zoning laws and rules that govern projects outside of the city.

During the summer, architecture internships give students the chance to gain experience and develop professional skills necessary for the field. Participants in these internships often take part in project work and brainstorming sessions. They are also given the chance to contribute their creative ideas to the design of a new building. While an architecture internship is typically paid, many of these internships also offer part-time or full-time school-year positions. Listed below are some of the many opportunities available for students to take advantage of during their summer internship.

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If you’re a student who is entering their last year of a professional architectural program, you should apply for a Kirksey Summer Internship. This program is for students who want to work in an architectural firm and who demonstrate enthusiasm, design talent, and work ethic. The firm also offers internships in the Sustainable & Building Performance team. Once you’ve applied for an internship, you’ll be contacted by a Kirksey representative in March 2023. You’ll be given information regarding the firm’s requirements.

As an architecture intern, you will work on multiple projects and at different stages of the design process. You’ll be responsible for conceptual design, as well as the overall completion of projects. In addition to a professional portfolio, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the broader world of architecture. During your internship, you’ll be able to see the tangible results of your hard work. You’ll be required to commute more than 30 minutes to your internship site.

Architects seeking interns

Architects seeking interns for summer 2021 and summer 2022 can find these positions at several different firms. Listed below are the different types of internships available and their requirements. Each internship has a different type of focus and will require certain skills. Check the “requires specific skills” box when applying. Architects seeking interns for summer 2022 are interested in individuals who are critical thinkers, independent, and passionate about architecture.

Interns will work full-time in the studio from May to August, combining their advanced technical skills with their creative nature. They will also be responsible for research and administration, supporting all areas of architectural design, from conceptualization to construction. Interns will work with in-house staff using Revit and InDesign. You will also be required to take on projects that require a high level of computer skills, and be comfortable working with these software programs.

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Architects seeking internships for summer 2022 should be interested in architectural drafting, building models, researching building codes, and preparing drawings. Some internships require commuting more than thirty minutes each way. These positions offer students the opportunity to gain valuable experience, build their portfolio, and network with architects. Architects earn a median annual salary of $79,380. There are many different types of architecture internships, including those that don’t require a summer commitment.

Farmer Morgan LLC is a landscape architecture firm specializing in creating memorable places. Architects at this firm integrate sustainability and tradition into their designs. The team also provides opinions about the probable cost of the projects. The interns will also help develop budgets, design opinions, and project specifications. They will also get valuable hands-on experience. The internship hours vary from eight to twenty hours per week, depending on project deadlines.

Architects looking for interns

Architects looking for interns for the summer of 2022 should take the time to research the positions and the fields in which they specialize. Generally, these positions are open to high school and undergraduate students. Aside from design projects, interns can also assist with architectural functions such as feasibility studies, research, sketching, documenting, and AutoCAD drafting. Moreover, they will be expected to work on other duties as required by the company.

Whether you are looking for an internship in architecture or any other field, an internship is a great way to improve your skills and get ready for your first job after graduation. However, you should take into consideration that commuting is a major issue for most students. Luckily, there are a wide variety of architecture companies looking for interns. A few of the best options are listed below.

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Kirksey is currently recruiting students entering their final year of an architecture or interior design program. Internships are open to U.S. citizens or permanent residents and can be completed during summer breaks. Interested students should apply by the May 20th deadline. Kirksey will contact selected candidates and recommend them for interviews with other architecture firms. The length of the internships will depend on the skills and availability of the student.

Those interested in a career in architecture should shadow a working architect in the summer of 2022. Shadowing a working architect helps to get a feel for the field and determine whether it is the right career for you. Interns should also consider participating in internship programs and college preparatory programs. They can gain valuable experience and learn more about the architectural industry as well as the career outlook.

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