summer graduate internships 2022

summer graduate internships 2022


  • 10-month summer internships in the United States and abroad
  • Internships available for undergraduates, graduates, and those with a master’s degree
  • Opportunity to work on real-world problems with impact in the field of your choice.
  • Excellent academic credit opportunities.

summer graduate internships 2022

Summer Graduate Internships 2022

The Summer Graduate Internships for 2022 will be organised from June to August.

This programme offers you the opportunity to gain practical work experience and skills, as well as develop your professional network. You will work at least 20 hours per week for three months over the summer vacation period, either in London or at one of our other UK offices around the country. If you’re applying from abroad, we’ll consider all applications based on merit, but please note that only British/Irish citizens are eligible for this internship programme.

During your internship you’ll have an amazing opportunity to discover what it’s like working at a large international law firm with a wide range of different departments including corporate finance and M&A; litigation; IP & technology; restructuring & insolvency; tax; corporate crime & investigations (CCI); pensions & employee benefits (PEB) as well as our Corporate Financial Services Group which has recently been named “Law Firm of the Year” by The Lawyer magazine on five separate occasions since 2012.”

Jobs in this section

  • Senior Data Scientist, The Data Company
  • Business Analyst Intern, Nielsen
  • Visual Merchandising Specialist, Macy’s
  • Digital Marketing Intern (Digital Acquisition & Cross-Channel Optimization), Nike
  • Customer Service Representative – Summer 2020, Mattress Firm

In this section we have a range of internships that are open now or will be opening soon. Whether you’re looking to work in the digital world or on the retail floor, there’s bound to be something here for you!

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What does a summer graduate internship involve?

In a summer internship, you’ll be working on live projects and business challenges. This could include anything from working on your chosen field of study to shadowing a more senior member of staff and learning about the business outside of your area.

There are many reasons to do a summer internship:

  • It offers you an opportunity to gain experience in a specific area.
  • You can also learn about other areas of the business that you might not have considered before too! In addition, there may be opportunities for cross-functional training or shadowing different roles within the company (and this is often encouraged).
  • There are also structured feedback sessions at regular intervals during the programme so that you know where improvements can be made going forward into future internships/jobs.

What will I learn during a summer graduate internship?

It may depend on the specific internship you take, but generally speaking you can expect to learn a lot of skills that will help you in your career. Your company will usually provide training to help you develop these skills and make the most of your time with them.

Some examples are:

  • General work skills such as teamwork, communication and problem solving. These will be covered in a variety of ways depending on what role it is that you are doing at the company and how long they have been running (e.g., startups vs established businesses).
  • Skills relating to the industry that they operate in (e.g., tech or finance). For example, if there’s a particular project within this industry that needs completing then this may be something which requires learning about first before starting work on it – for example blockchain technology if working for an investment bank which deals with cryptocurrencies!

How to get a summer graduate internship

Summer graduate internships will be available for students who have graduated from a higher education institution or a vocational college or university. You can apply for a summer internship at one of our partner companies once your application is accepted.

When applying to an internship, you need to submit a CV and cover letter along with the online application form (see our website). The assessment day is organized by the student’s university or educational institution on the basis of mutual agreement between them and us. It consists of multiple stages:

  • Interviews with HR managers
  • Presentations given in front of representatives from both parties (the company and your university)
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Application deadlines for summer graduate internships 2022

The application deadlines for summer graduate internships are usually announced in October or November, with interviews taking place in December. For example, if you’re applying to a program that starts in May and ends in August, then you’ll typically have until the end of January (or even March) to apply.

As soon as the deadline is announced, take some time to think about your application strategy and make sure that it works for you: are there any other opportunities you’d like to be considered for? Are there any dates during the application process that won’t work for you? Do your best not only to prepare an excellent written application but also prep yourself mentally so that when interview invitations come through later on in the year, they feel like opportunities rather than stressful tests.

Make yourself stand out in your applications

  • Research the company and its mission
  • Make sure your CV is up to scratch. If you’re applying for a graduate internship, it pays to know what they want from an applicant. For example, if you want to work in marketing but don’t yet have any experience in that field, then consider doing some freelance work or volunteering during your time off after graduation so when they read your application they’ll see that you really want this job and are willing to go above and beyond to get it!
  • Practice interview technique. You should always be prepared with questions ready-to-hand before interviews with potential employers; however, keep in mind that no matter how much time has gone by since your last interview or how many practice runs you’ve had since then (and even if every answer is perfect), there’s no way of telling which questions will be asked until they’re asked—so make sure yours are ready!
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FAQs about summer graduate internships 2022

If you’re looking for summer graduate internships, there are a few things you should know. First: what is the application process? Applications typically have two phases: first an online application and then an in-person interview. Second, when are applications due? In general, most companies begin accepting applications in January or February of each year with deadlines set around March, April and May. This can vary depending on which company you’re applying to though! Third, what are some benefits of summer graduate internships? Some benefits include learning from experienced employees by working alongside them; gaining new skills that will help you succeed in future job interviews; and making connections that could lead to permanent employment after graduation. Fourth, how can I prepare for a summer graduate internship? There’s no one way but here’s some tips based on my own experience as well as those who’ve been through it before me: practice some questions beforehand so

you’re ready during your interview (think “How can we improve our service/product/process?”), make sure your resume reflects what they’re looking for (it doesn’t matter if someone else has done this before!), consider their website if available – read their mission statement or customer reviews while researching competitors’ websites too! Fifthly (but not leastly), what do summer graduate interns do? They may perform tasks related directly toward helping others within the company itself such as data entry or customer service support but many times there may also be projects outside these areas where interns contribute ideas which would eventually benefit all parties involved.”

Learn more about the programme and apply

To apply to this programme:

  • Apply online at the following link:
  • Apply an external site, such as [url].com or [url].com.
  • You can also sign up for email alerts on specific searches that interest you by clicking “Sign Up For Email Alerts” in the sidebar to your left and selecting the graduate jobs search of your choice.

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