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summer internships 2022 manchester

summer internships 2022 manchester


Manchester, 11 May 2022

University of Manchester

Journalism & Media: Policy & Politics (2.1), International Development (2.1) and Arts & Culture (2.1)

Marketing & Communications: Core Modules in Communication Studies, Management and Business Practice

11 May, 2022

11 May, 2022

Apply by 31 January, 2023.

Duration: 6 weeks over the summer (late May-mid-July). Location: Salford.

University of Manchester

University of Manchester

University of Manchester is one of the leading universities in the UK. Millions of students apply to this great university every year and it offers internships in various fields. Here are some companies that offer internships for summer 2022:

  • Company Name: Apple Inc
  • Role: Software Engineering Intern (Software Engineering)
  • Contact information: or phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX (

Journalism & Media

What is the role of media in society?

The media plays a major role in society. Media covers everything from politics to entertainment news, to science and technology. In some countries it can be said that the media is one of the most powerful institutions in society because it controls what information people have access to: if something happens somewhere but doesn’t make it onto television or into newspapers then many people will never know about it. This means that the coverage given by different types of media can help shape public opinion about certain issues, so if a newspaper reports something one way then this may influence how readers think about that issue.

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What is the role of journalism in democracy?

Journalism helps keep democratic societies accountable by holding politicians and other public figures accountable for their actions through investigative reporting or political commentary (for example think pieces). In addition, when journalists are able to expose corruption within government departments they strengthen trust between citizens and their elected representatives by allowing them greater awareness regarding policy decisions coming out of their own government agencies so they can hold those politicians accountable when necessary too!

Policy & Politics

  • Work for a think tank or NGO.
  • Work for a political party or campaign.
  • Help with policy research or strategy.
  • Work for a public sector organisation, such as a government department or local authority.

If you’re interested in the public sector, this is an especially good opportunity to get involved and make connections with people who are leading the way in their field of work—perhaps even meet someone who could help you find your next role after graduation!

International Development

Finance and consulting are the two most popular fields for summer interns in 2019. Investment banking, project management, public relations, human resources and retail are also great choices. If you want to get into entrepreneurship or marketing roles in particular then our undergraduate programmes provide a good stepping stone towards that goal. For those who want to go into data analysis or creative industries such as technology/app development and media/journalism then we’d recommend considering our Masters programme which offers placements within these areas of expertise.

Internships can be an invaluable experience for any aspiring professional looking to gain professional skills outside their academic field of study; whether you’re looking for work experience or just eager to explore new interests there’s something here for everyone!

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Arts & Culture

Understanding the cultural background of a company is important, as it can help you understand how to work with people from different backgrounds. It is also essential to understand whether a cultural element is part of your role in the company, as well as what it means for work practices and culture. Use this opportunity to ask questions about careers within arts and culture – what does being an intern mean? What do employees do? How do internships differ from other roles?

Marketing & Communications

In this course, you’ll learn how to build a brand and market an organisation or company. You’ll also get the chance to practice these skills by working on projects with real clients.

The course is taught by experts from the marketing industry, who will help you gain practical experience in online and offline marketing, including social media and SEO. You’ll develop your own marketing plan for a real business or organisation, then deliver it for them in conjunction with our expert team.

Business, Economics & Finance

  • Business, Economics & Finance: Accounting, finance and analysis are all crucial skills in today’s workforce. Whether you’re looking for a full-time job or just want to get your foot in the door with an internship, these fields have something for everyone.
  • Marketing: Marketers help companies create campaigns that sell their products or services—it’s one of the most lucrative careers out there!
  • Project Management: Project management is a great career path if you’re interested in working on big projects like building bridges and skyscrapers. People who have this skill set can also work at tech companies like Google where they manage teams of people on large projects (like creating new search algorithms).

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