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summer internships fashion

summer internships fashion

For Fashion Designers

Interning at a fashion design firm will give you the opportunity to help with the creative process of designing clothes, shoes, and accessories. You’ll have the chance to learn from top designers as they create new styles and fabrics for their clients. As an intern, you may work directly with fashion models, photographers and other professionals.

In addition to helping with design work on a weekly basis, interns are often expected to build their own portfolio of projects from previous internships or freelance jobs so that they can show future employers what they’ve done in the past year or two. Many fashion companies provide assistance in doing this; others require interns to build their own portfolios independently using online resources such as Behance (

For Fashion Photographers

A fashion photographer is a person who shoots fashion photos. This can be done for print media, advertising campaigns and editorial work. A fashion photographer’s job includes selecting the right model and wardrobe for each shoot, arranging lighting and composition of the pictures, managing other people on set (such as hair stylists or makeup artists), creating an interesting composition with their photography skills, taking care that all legal requirements are met when working with models under 18 years old in some countries, making sure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish and dealing with any last minute changes made by clients or agencies.

A good portfolio is essential for anyone looking for an internship or entry level position in photography regardless of industry area of interest; however it will be helpful if you have experience in fashion photography specifically because this particular industry has very specific needs regarding content quality as well as technical knowledge required by its professionals.

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If you’re interested in becoming a Fashion Photographer then consider acquiring these skills:

  • Creative vision – Being able to come up with unique ideas; producing images that stand out from others’ work because they have not been seen before (or perhaps only rarely seen)
  • Photography skills – The ability to capture the right moment so that viewers’ eyes focus on what matters most within an image rather than getting distracted by things like imperfections like poor lighting conditions etcetera
  • Ability​ ​to​ ​work​ ​with​ ​a​ ​team – Being able to communicate effectively both internally (to other members working under same roof) but also externally (for instance if there’s need). Working well with others helps create synergies which can lead increase efficiency levels

For fashion writers and journalists

Fashion brands are always looking for journalists and writers. As a fashion writer, you will get to cover the latest trends, interview designers and models and attend events. Fashion PR is another option that can be lucrative if you’re willing to work hard at it.

If you want to be a stylist or wardrobe stylist, there are many opportunities in fashion magazines as well as other areas of media such as film and television. You’ll need experience first before getting into this field, but there’s no reason why you can’t build up your portfolio while working on your summer internship!

For Fashion Marketers

As a fashion marketer, you’re in the business of telling a story. You have to cultivate an emotional connection with your customers, and then build that into an emotional attachment. It’s all about creating a lifestyle for customers who want to be part of your brand.

It’s not enough to simply sell clothes anymore; it has to be something more than just an item on the rack or an ad on TV. Fashion marketers need to create experiences for people—whether it’s through social media campaigns or even events such as runway shows.

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This is why so many companies hire marketing interns: they’re there to learn how to connect with consumers through various forms of media and facilitate successful campaigns that benefit both companies and consumers alike!

For Fashion Stylists

As you might expect, a fashion stylist’s job is to style their clients and create looks that reflect their clients’ personalities. They also help the client choose outfits for events and photo shoots. Beyond dressing up clients, fashion stylists sometimes work with photographers to create concepts for the shots they want to take or make sure the lighting matches in photos. Stylists often work alongside other professionals like makeup artists and hair stylists as well, so it’s important for them to be good communicators who can coordinate with others on set.

In addition to styling clients, there are a few other key responsibilities that go along with being a fashion stylist: gathering reference materials (catalogs, magazines), booking appointments with designers/brands/stores/etc., researching trends online or through reading magazines/blogs etc., keeping track of what looks have already been done by following trends over time (so nothing gets repetitive), staying up-to-date on current events so they know what types of outfits would be appropriate at certain occasions (e.g., black tie events vs casual business meetings).

For Social Media Managers

Social media is an important tool for any brand, but it can be especially helpful when you’re trying to market your fashion line. If you want to reach out to customers and influencers who are interested in your clothes, a social media manager will help make that happen.

This person might create video content that gets shared on Facebook or Instagram and tagged at influencers like bloggers, who will then share it themselves with their communities of followers. A good example would be organizing a giveaway where anyone who likes their page can enter—the more people who participate, the more engagement there is (i.e., likes) for each post! These types of contests are great ways to grow an audience because they increase engagement from those already following the brand while simultaneously attracting new followers through word-of-mouth marketing strategies like sharing contests on Instagram Stories or posting them across all platforms simultaneously so everyone sees them at once.”

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For Visual Merchandisers

If you’re interested in working with visual merchandisers, your responsibilities will include:

  • Working with the store’s visual merchandiser. Visual merchandisers develop and execute all of the store’s displays. They also organize and restock merchandise on the sales floor, organize accessories and fixtures, set up seasonal decorating schemes (like window displays), and create floor and window displays that highlight the store’s latest products. You’ll be involved in all these aspects of visual merchandising as an intern—but you may focus on one area more than others depending on what kind of work experience you have before starting at this company.
  • Organizing merchandise for display on the sales floor or in windows. To prepare for opening day, interns should be ready to help put together display units that highlight items from every category of clothing (tops & bottoms; dresses & skirts; etc.). As such, it is important that they know how each section is organized so they can place items appropriately without wasting time looking for them! It’s also good practice for budding professionals looking for retail jobs down the road too!

Some of the best summer internships available to fashion majors.

You’ve done your research and learned all you can about the fashion industry. Now, it’s time to land a summer internship and get your hands dirty!

You’ve heard of internships in journalism, business, law and medicine. But what about fashion? The world of fashion is constantly changing; there are many career opportunities available for those who want to enter the field—and apply their creativity while they’re at it.

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