Summer Internships For High School Students

Summer Internships For High School Students

Looking for summer internships for high school students? Read on for some great options! Here are some ideas for internships: paid, unpaid, nonprofit, museum, and more. Choose your location based on interest, and don’t forget to include the details of the internship you’d like to complete. Depending on your goals, these opportunities may be just what you need for your high school resume. But don’t worry, you’re not alone! These opportunities are plentiful!


If you’re a high school student, you may have already heard that the application process for a high school internship is different than that of a college student. It’s a good idea to brush up on resume and cover letter writing and run them, with past friends and family members. Then, customize your application materials for each position, highlighting your relevant experience, skills, and background. This way, you’ll ensure that you’re putting yourself in the best possible light.

In addition to college programs, you can look into volunteer and paid summer internships. These programs often involve working for nonprofit organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Habitat for Humanity. Some companies also have summer intern programs, including an after-school program that allows high school students to work for a variety of businesses during the summer. Typically, these summer internships require 20 to 35 hours of work per week. The requirements vary by organization, but most require that you finish school by 2:30 pm.

NSA-Fort Meade is one place where high school students can get paid internships. They can help out with research by working with scientists doing real-world experiments and presenting their findings to peers. The NSA-Fort Meade campus is located in Maryland. The National Science Foundation (NSF) also offers a Vo-Tech program. In addition to these, the National Security Agency (NSA) is another good source for high school students to seek out unpaid summer internships.

While traditional summer jobs and part-time summer jobs can provide valuable workplace experience, internships focus on exploring careers for longer periods of time. High school internships are a great way for students to network, build their resumes, and gain real-world experience. Listed below are 11 awesome summer internships for high school students. Take advantage of them to prepare for your college career. You’ll be glad you did. Just make sure to follow the guidelines.


There are many opportunities to get real-world experience and gain on-the-job training in STEM, business, and social sciences during the summer. Here are some examples of paid summer internships for high schoolers. You can also volunteer at nonprofits or participate in government service. Listed below are some of the top opportunities for high school students. Some are free, and others require a minimal fee. You can learn more about these options and how to find them.

Before searching for paid summer internships for high school students, you need to think about what you hope to accomplish. Whether you’re looking for a paid or volunteer internship, internships are an excellent opportunity to learn about different careers and identify your career goals. Furthermore, they will probably spend at least three months working on the project. In addition to developing skills, high school internships will also provide you with valuable leadership and business knowledge that can be applied to many different career paths.

While many high school students do unpaid summer internships, there are many paid opportunities available. These opportunities offer students valuable hands-on experience in the industry and provide networking opportunities. They also help students develop professional skills that will serve them well in any job setting. Even better, you can begin building your resume as early as 14 years old. The sooner you start looking for an internship, the better. And don’t forget to look for internships that offer paid positions as well as unpaid ones.

Paid summer internships for high school students are becoming increasingly popular. With so many opportunities to apply for, how do you find the best ones? Listed below are some opportunities you can apply to. If you’re in the market for paid summer internships, make sure to check out the Met High School Internship Program! It’s a great opportunity to get real-world experience while working alongside professional art professionals.


For students, nonprofit summer internships are a great way to gain professional experience while giving back to their community. Nonprofit summer internships give high school students the opportunity to gain experience in their chosen field while also giving them a chance to serve their community. Students who complete this program will gain leadership skills and have the opportunity to learn about various types of research in the field, including behavioral science, computer-based database research, and clinical trials.

To apply, students must have a strong interest in nonprofit work. They should have experience using various computer applications, including Microsoft Excel. They should also have excellent writing and oral communication skills. The program is a paid internship, but students will be required to work up to ten hours a week. However, they must be willing to work as interns for at least a semester to receive the certification. Applicants should have excellent communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, and a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel and Google Documents. The ideal candidate will have a BA in a related field. Experience in event planning or event management is a plus, but not a requirement.

There are also internships in arts and culture, such as those with the Adler Planetarium in New York City. While they are not paid, they do provide school credit and community service hours, which is valuable for high school students. Some programs even allow students to start building their resumes as early as fourteen. These programs are a great way for high school students to explore a new career field and gain valuable hands-on experience.


A Museum internship offers a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable hands-on experience and build professional skills. Teen summer interns at the Museum work with specific departments of the Museum, learning about the different aspects of the Museum’s operations. They’ll have the chance to engage with thousands of visitors as they explore scientific fields and develop hands-on skills. Students should be interested in science and have completed a general biology course. The Museum’s internship program also offers paid internships.

The Seattle Art Museum is one museum in the Pacific Northwest that offers multiple internship opportunities. The Teen Arts Group program helps teens develop their creativity, networking skills, and leadership skills. Teens can also take part in museum events as part of their summer program and receive community service credit. The internship program includes training in the poster, graphic design, and editorial design. It will be held online via Zoom, so high school students don’t have to travel.

Interns may also work behind the scenes, developing financial analyses and creating tours. They will learn about museum work from museum professionals and gain a unique perspective on how the institution works. They’ll also have the opportunity to work with a team of peers and mentors. They will have the opportunity to network with peers from diverse backgrounds and be involved in hands-on activities. By participating in this program, high school students can gain invaluable experience and develop skills that will translate to a professional career.

Internships at the Museum provide students with on-the-job training and exposure to careers in science, public programming, and museum education. Interns work closely with Museum staff and learn valuable teaching skills. They may even organize workshops and lectures based on specific exhibits. This internship will impact thousands of visitors. All this is done while balancing the demands of a full-time job. So, don’t wait any longer to apply!

State Archives

If you are a rising high school senior looking for a meaningful summer internship, consider an opportunity at the State Archives. You’ll work closely with staff members and gain experience managing archival collections and developing detailed finding aids. To be considered for this internship, applicants should have strong analytical and writing skills. They should also have experience working with diverse cultural heritage collections. Listed below are some of the specific requirements for high school interns.

The Utah State Archives and Records Service offers three internship opportunities for the fall semester of 2022. Interns must complete an application and interview process to be considered for the position. These internships typically last 10 to 12 weeks and will be scheduled individually based on the applicant’s schedule and availability. If they are accepted, they can also earn college credit. However, high school interns are not accepted for summer 2020. However, applicants can consider applying to the following other internships.

To apply for the Maryland State Archives summer internships, high school students must possess computer skills and be interested in archival collection management. Applicants should also indicate two projects that they are interested in pursuing, including digital preservation. This internship will require some research and writing. If you are interested in a museum internship, you can submit your resume and a short paragraph explaining why you are interested. There are plenty of opportunities for students interested in art, music, history, and technology.

While at the WLA, interns can gain experience in the Digital Archives Program Manager position. This internship will allow them to develop digital image scanning skills by digitizing materials from the Governor’s Papers. As an intern, you will have a chance to work closely with the Governor’s Papers, a collection of over 25 reels of newspapers. In this internship, you will be focusing on proper filename conventions and digital image sorting.

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