Summer Internships in Computer Science

Summer Internships in Computer Science

Computer Science is a hot field, but a lack of summer internship opportunities can be an obstacle. Here are a few ways to get into the field this summer. Try Sandia National Laboratories, Code for America, or Id Tech Camp. These programs are aimed at introducing high school students to computer science and cybersecurity. The deadline is April 15th, and there are some specific eligibility requirements. If you’re interested in computer science, however, you should be aware of the deadlines and eligibility requirements.

Sandia National Laboratories

Computer science students looking for a summer internship can apply for a variety of positions at Sandia. The lab is one of the nation’s premier science and engineering research organizations, with teams of scientists and engineers dedicated to cutting-edge work. Internships at CSRI do not require a Department of Energy security clearance. Interested students can learn more about CSRI internship opportunities by visiting their website.

Candidates for research internships should have a 3.5 GPA or higher, and legal immigration status. Qualifications include experience in software development, programming, parallel programming, or knowledge of or interest in mathematical modeling techniques. Applicants with a background in psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, or physics may also be considered. These internships are ideal for motivated students with excellent communication skills. Further, students will gain practical skills while working with experienced professionals in their field.

Code for America

If you’re interested in a summer internship at Code for America, you’re not alone. The organization is seeking interns to assist with its various projects. Interns can participate in events on Capitol Hill, as well as community activities and briefings. To become a part of the program, you need to be a college student. To apply, follow the links below. The deadline for internship applications is June 20.

In addition to writing and editing news stories, interns will be involved in the production of video content for VOA’s English and language services. Interns are encouraged to pitch original story ideas and will be exposed to all aspects of NewsCenter’s operations. Interns may be asked to perform research for other VOA reporters. To qualify for an internship, you should have strong research and writing skills. This internship will help you develop your skills as a journalist.

After completing your application, the organization will conduct a review to determine the candidate’s fit for the program. During the selection process, interns may be required to submit additional application materials or interview potential placements. Once accepted, interns will have to attend a mandatory orientation, comply with a Code of Conduct, and attend mandatory events. Interns will receive a living stipend for three (3) months.

Id Tech Camp

Id Tech Camps are a summer internship program that teaches the latest in computer science to young people. Students can choose to work on video game design, robotics, or web development. Each program has a different focus, and there are many benefits to participating. Campers can make connections with companies that need their expertise in certain areas, and can even attend a professional conference to network with other computer scientists.

Interested students can also take advantage of unpaid internships with VMware, a provider of cloud infrastructure and virtualization. The company offers internships throughout the world, and its Career Development Center hosts workshops and information sessions for aspiring computer scientists. Girls Who Code is a summer internship in computer science for high school girls, offered at several locations throughout the country. The program is best for students in the early stages of their careers.

To apply for CSSI, students must demonstrate an interest in computer science and be willing to attend daily CSSI programming. Candidates must be available by Google Meet each day. Applications from historically underrepresented groups are encouraged. Applicants must submit a current high school transcript and responses to multiple short answer questions (under 200 words). If any of these items are missing, the applicant will not be considered. If you don’t have the required documents, it’s a good idea to send them as soon as you can.

Interested high school students should apply to the Women’s Technology Program. This program introduces females to EECS and ME. Participants are selected based on high school grades, essay submissions, recommendations from science teachers, and standardized test scores. Women with demonstrated talent in math or science are encouraged to apply for this summer internship program. Tuition for the four-week program includes classes, group activities, and food. Scholarships are available for qualified candidates.

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