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sustainable design internships

sustainable design internships

Internship title

Internship Title

The title of your internship should be no longer than four words, and it should accurately describe the type of work you’ll be doing for that company or organization. You can use up to two sentences to explain what you’ll do in greater detail, but keep your content concise by focusing on why this internship is valuable for you and where you see yourself after it’s over. If a company offers a variety of internships (for example, paid internships), make sure they’re listed separately rather than lumped together under one title such as “Internship Opportunities.”

Company name

You can do an internship at one of the following companies:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Zoom
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Tesla

You can also intern at Microsoft, Intel, Oracle and Spotify.


Many companies offer internships at their headquarters or in regional offices, so it’s important to know if you’re applying for an on-site or remote internship.

The location of the company can be a deciding factor for many students. If you’ve never lived in a particular area, it’s helpful to know whether your experience would be better suited for the city or the suburbs. If you have no preference between living in a rural area and living somewhere more urban, that’s just fine too!

On top of this, knowing which city the internship is located will help clarify whether or not there are any other opportunities in that area once your internship ends. For example, if I were interested in working as an architect after college graduation and wanted an architecture firm with very specific values aligned with my own (ie: sustainability), then knowing which cities those firms were located would allow me to research them further before applying for an internship at one of them

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Job type

Internships are typically unpaid, and they can last anywhere from three to six months. Full-time internships are those that require at least 40 hours of work per week (or the equivalent); part-time internships require less than 40 hours a week and may or may not be paid. Temporary and contract positions usually do not include on-the-job training or a formalized onboarding process, as full-time employees would receive, but they offer similar compensation in terms of hourly pay rate and fringe benefits such as health insurance coverage. Summer internships are generally short-term summer jobs that take place during one’s break from school; summer interns might also be referred to as “summer associates” or “summer students.”

Job category

Internships within the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, urban planning and interior design are available for students looking for a career in these areas. Additional internships may be offered in a variety of fields including graphic design and technology.

Any industry with sustainability concerns would benefit from hiring interns who are interested in pursuing a career with that company.

Job description

A sustainable design internship is a great way to learn how to apply sustainable design principles and methods in the real world. While some companies ask for specific skills and experience, others are happy to train you in the necessary skills for their workplace.

If you’re looking for an internship where you can gain hands-on experience with sustainable building materials, materials science, or architecture and construction management, look no further than these five internships! Each of these positions will allow you to work directly with engineers and architects who are dedicated to making buildings more energy efficient through innovative design practices. In addition, they’ll provide training programs that teach students how they can contribute as future professionals in this growing field of expertise.

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How to apply

You may be wondering how to find a sustainable design internship in the first place. The best way is to contact organizations that you are interested in working with and ask them if they have any openings. If they do, ask them if you can come in for an interview to discuss your qualifications and show off some of your work.

What would I tell a student looking for an internship? First off, make sure it’s something that aligns with your interests and goals as well as the organization’s mission (the company or nonprofit). This could include anything from building houses out of repurposed materials or designing products that utilize renewable energy sources. You should also keep in mind what you want out of the experience: do you want more hands-on work experience or just an opportunity to get involved?

Once you’ve found an internship that sounds good, keep these things in mind:

  • Be prepared! Have all of your questions ready before going into an interview so that nothing is left hanging when there could be potential opportunities at stake; don’t forget any details about yourself either—students often forget their resumes at home during interviews which can lead potential employers away from wanting to hire them later down the road!

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